Global Communicators

Each Global Communicators session is run by two student leaders. Here you will find information about each of our Global Communicators team members.


Hello everyone! My name is Arvind, you can also call me Dexter.

I am a first-year international student from Sri Lanka studying Bachelors’ of Computer Science. I enjoy watching movies, sports as well as participate, especially soccer and cricket, and love travelling and explore new places. I also enjoy having long conversation about science, food, hobbies and different traditions.

I have attended GCP since my first semester, and the experience has been incredible. I have met wonderful people from around the world and they have shared a lot of valuable insights about their country and culture.

GCP is a wonderful place to make new friends from the world, experience a diverse culture and help you come out of your comfort zone to share your unique stories to the GCP family. I look forward to seeing you and swapping stories. 


Aylin Hi Everyone! My name is Aylin and I am in my 2nd year of a Bachelor of Medical and Health Sciences Advanced (Honours). I attended GCP in my first year at UOW and found it to be an incredibly rewarding experience.

I have always known that I want to travel the world, it is GCP however that revealed to me why I wanted to travel and where to: I want to travel to gain valuable experiences about the world, people, food, foreign customs and traditions and in terms of where, I would love to travel everywhere!

In addition, GCP has allowed me to appreciate the unique diversity of different cultures and has given me the wonderful opportunity to make some incredible friends, and I am truly excited to make some more. If you have an hour to spare whilst on campus, please pop in to one of the fun sessions to hear about people’s experiences, make awesome friends and to travel to many parts of the world through our conversations.


Hi everyone! My name is Diah and I’m in my second year studying a degree in Bachelor of Commerce (majoring in Marketing and Public Relations). I guess you can say that I’m two sides of a coin! My mother is Australian and my father is from Bali, Indonesia.
Attending an International school in Bali gave me the privilege to meet so many individuals from different countries! I love to travel and love to try new experiences from different cultures (I especially love trying spicy foods)! :)

I discovered and began attending GCP at the beginning of this year. It’s been terrific to have met people from different corners of the world. If you’re new to UOW or have been here for a while please feel free to pop in and say hi! GCP is a great opportunity to take a break from uni and make some new friends!

I can’t wait to meet everyone and to share some of my experiences as well as hear about yours!


Hi everyone! My name is Jade and I am in my third year of a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours). I love the beach and going for hikes in new places.

I have always loved travelling and have done the majority of my travel in North America. I love learning about new cultures and other people’s experiences so becoming a GCP facilitator seemed like the perfect fit for me. I am also involved in the PASS program and have really enjoyed the connections I have made with other students and am looking forward to making these connections in GCP as well.

Can’t wait to see you involved in GCP!


Jessy Hello! My name is Jessy and I am second-year student studying Bachelors of Pre-medicine here at the main Wollongong campus. I am originally Lebanese, born in Australia, and raised in an international community overseas (Dubai and Qatar). When returning to Australia for my studies last year, the transition wasn’t easy, and it made me feel home-sick. However, GCP has helped transform Wollongong into my new home, make memories, and find life-long friends! Can’t wait to meet you and hope to see you soon!


Hey everyone! My name is Kirra (Kiz for short) and I’m in my second year at UOW studying a Bachelor of International Studies, majoring in Global Sustainable Development. I absolutely love learning about other countries and cultures whether it be related to food, geography, history, environment or just everyday life.

GCP is the perfect place to do this; it’s educational, enjoyable and a great way to improve upon your confidence and social skills. But most of all… it’s so much fun and you get to meet and become friends with many wonderful people! We would love for everyone to come and share their hobbies and interests whilst discovering interesting and unique things about each other. Please feel free to join us at GCP as we de-stress and do loads of laughing.


Gday everyone, I’m Nate.
As my mates like to joke sometimes, if you’re at UOW you probably know me already, but if you don’t let me fill you in. I’m a local guy, I’ve lived in Australia my whole life and I love to share my experiences with all people and hear what they have to say.

I’m currently studying Electrical Engineering and love to be creative, and make things. I discovered GCP a while ago and have been going ever since, the program is excellent at allowing you to experience other cultures in a warm and inviting way. It’d be great if you all pop in and say hello, make some new friends and join in on what’s the great community we have here.


Hi guys! My name is Quynh-Nhu and I’m studying a Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Economics and Finance. My family is from Vietnam, and I have had the opportunity to travel to Vietnam and many other countries. I really enjoy travelling and getting to learn about and experience so many different cultures!

I have attended GCP since my first semester, and have loved meeting new people from all around the world! It’s been an extremely rewarding experience getting to interact with people from such diverse backgrounds and I definitely recommend attending! Hope to see you soon :-)


Hey everyone! My name is Saad and I am currently studying a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours), majoring in Mechanical.

I have been attending the Global Communicators Program since my first session here at UOW and have absolutely loved every second of it. Being an international student, I know just how tough it is to settle into university life. GCP has eased that transition, allowing me to meet people from all around the world and learn from their cultures and experiences. Not to mention, enhancing my English language and communication skills. I have made some great friends and memories and cannot wait to make some more!

I definitely recommend attending and hope to see you soon!


Hi everyone!

So you’re probably already wondering where my name comes from. To answer that question, it is from Laos. My mother was born in Laos, while my father was born in England.

I am studying a Bachelor of Commerce with a double major in Marketing and Management. I will also graduate with a minor in International Studies, since I was lucky enough to study abroad for one semester in Thailand. I have also travelled to Laos, England, the USA and of course bits of Australia, but I do hope to travel much more once I finish my studies.

Becoming a GCP facilitator seemed to be the perfect opportunity for me, I have always loved learning about various cultures and everyone’s different experiences. I’m looking forward to meeting you in my sessions and just having a blast learning about all of your experiences!


Harry Anything outdoors gets me excited... I wish to experience all sides of nature, those of which I enjoy day to day includes surfing waves at our beaches, climbing rock walls, camping in the bush, and occasionally snowboarding slopes in the mountains. I love hearing your travel stories so please share them with me at GCP!

GCP has allowed me to befriend students who I might otherwise not have the chance to meet. These conversations are an unparalleled opportunity to dive into the cultures you will experience as a global citizen.


Serajul Hello everyone! my name is Serajul, I am from Bangladesh and I am currently studying in the second year of a Bachelor in Information Technology, majoring in Network design and management in the South Western Sydney campus.

I love making connections and meeting new people, making music and learning about different cultures and novelties, I consider myself as laid back and easy going person always up for a good laugh, I discovered GCP during my second semester, after coming to Australia I was having a hard time making friends but GCP really helped me out of my shell, I think it will be a wonderful experience for anyone willing to be a part of it. Can’t wait to meet all you wonderful souls and share the bliss of friendship! One my most favourite quotes to have in mind.

 “Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.” - Rumi


Amy Hey guys! My name is Amy and I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours). I am originally from Canberra but I moved to Wollongong to attend UOW. I know what it’s like to be in a new place and know little to no people, GCP is an awesome tool that can ease that transition and I wish I had known about it when I first moved here!

I have a passion for people, I love talking, and learning about others, serving and assisting others in any way I can. Although I love exploring, I’ve yet to depart Australia. This year I’m lucky enough to be heading to Singapore with university. Through my experience at GCP I’ve been able to meet some amazing people, learn about different cultures and traditions, and have a heap of fun!

I can’t wait to see all your smiling faces in GCP!