What disability support is available at UOW?

Our team works with you through the registration process to find out the specific support you need and how we can put it in place for you. Each individual is different, as are the support mechanisms we put in place, however here are some of the more common ways we can assist you.

Reasonable adjustments (RA)

A reasonable adjustment (RA) is a mechanism put in place to ensure that students with a medical condition, injury or disability can access and participate in higher education on the same basis as students without. It essentially aims to remove barriers to ensure full participation in learning. 

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Assistive Technology

The Access Room is a specialised computer lab located at the Wollongong campus Library. It contains assistive technology software and hardware for eligible students registered with our service.

Similar services for accessing assistive technology are also available at our other UOW campuses in their computer labs. 

  • Computer software is available to transform text to speech and speech to text.
  • Magnification and screen reader software is also available.

If you are looking to utilise assistive technology at any campus, get in touch with your Disability Liaison Officer (DLO) about how to obtain training in the use of the equipment. They will set this up with the Assistive Technology Support Adviser (in Building 11 or remotely).

Access for hearing impaired

Hearing loops are available in most lecture theatres.

A list of teaching areas with hearing loops can be found here.

Transcription services can be arranged for eligible registered students. Transcription is the production of a typed copy of words spoken in a lecture, tutorial or class.

Mobility parking

At the University of Wollongong, the Roads and Maritime Services Mobility Permit Scheme applies.

Students and staff with an RMS Mobility Permit Scheme Card (RMS MPS) will be able to park without charge in university parking spaces set aside for people with medical conditions, injuries or disabilities.

RMS Mobility Permit Scheme Card holders who need to regularly use the disability parking spaces in the Short-term Parking Station may wish to use an E-tag. These are available through the Disability Services team on presentation of an RMS MPS card. Get in touch to discuss. 

For further information refer to the UOW Parking website.


Mobility scooters are available for temporary use on the Wollongong Campus by eligible registered students. Get in touch to discuss.