Student Stories: Studying with a disability

UOW Disability Services: How can we support you?

In the following video some UOW students with a disability explain the various ways that Disability Services have supported them through their studies.

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Vision Impairment

Meet a UOW student with Vision Impairment and hear her describe the support she receives to complete her PHD in Biological Sciences and the reasons she put her hand up.

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Hearing Impairment

Meet a UOW student with hearing Impairment and hear him describe the support he received during his studies, including participating in an Internship Program.

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Mental Health Condition

Meet a UOW student with a mental health condition and hear her describe the assistance she gained from the support services and the reasons why she recommends other students to put their hands up.

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Stephanie's Story

Stephanie Town Read Stephanie's story about studying at UOW with a hearing impairment

Stephanie Town

Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)

Severe sensorineural hearing loss

"When you come to any place with a disability, there are number of conditions that depend on how you will react. My personality and its constant companion of a severe hearing impairment sent me straight to the Disability Services at UOW. They are simply amazing. My Liaison Officer and I sat down and talked about how my disability has been perceived (as if it is nonexistent) and how I feel about it (as if it is another arm) as well as what is going to be done about it (reasonable adjustments). We agreed upon the use of an FM system, the hearing induction loop and a Reasonable Adjustment document. My chosen adjustments are clearly communicated to my lecturers and tutors and include written exam instructions, a non-crowded exam room and – my favourite – the ability to kick people out of the front seat with my flashy, laminated ‘I have a disability!’ card.

As such, my hearing issue has not been a massive problem (thank you hearing induction loop!) - aside from the fact that it is different from ‘normal’. However I know that if I ever have a problem, I can rock up to the Disability Services, blabber it to them and – hey, presto! – the answer will be mine".