PASS/SI Publications

PASS/SI Publications

PASS builds upon the work of social constructivists such as Piaget (1958) and Vygotsky (1978) to establish a peer learning environment. For a detailed educational framework that describes what happens in PASS, see Martin & Arendale (1993). Tinto (1987) places PASS in a First Year Experience (FYE) context and describes it as a way of linking a learning community to a subject, an approach that has a role in increasing student retention. PASS is differentiated from remedial approaches as it targets "high-risk" subjects rather than "high-risk" students, thus avoiding the stigma attached to remedial programs and students' reluctance to self-refer to such programs: "whether through denial, pride, or ignorance, students who need help the most are least likely to request it" (Martin & Arendale 1993).

Theoretical Background

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Journal of Peer Learning

The Journal of Peer Learning (2011), Volume 4, Number 1

The Australasian Journal of Peer Learning (2010), Volume 3, Number 1

The Australasian Journal of Peer Learning (2009), Volume 2, Number 1

The Australasian Journal of Peer Learning (2008), Volume 1, Number 1

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Australian PASS/SI Publications

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