Learning Co-Op

The UOW Learning Co-Op

A collaboration between the Library, Peer Learning, Learning Development, UOW College and Digital Literacies

Located within the Library, the UOW Learning Co-Op brings together a range of academic resources and services to help answer your questions, save you time, build your skills, and improve your chances of success.

6 key services

Peer-supported study area

The Learning Co-Op provides you with a space where you can work on your assignments or exam preparation with trained Peer Leaders on hand to help.

Peer Academic Coaches and Library Rovers are UOW students who can provide advice and guidance on a range of academic issues. These include: unpacking/understanding an assignment question, identifying key readings or resources, understanding and analysing readings, finding your way around Moodle, providing advice on how to approach assignment questions from their experience, making sure you avoid plagiarism, and understand the importance of academic integrity.

If you require a more focused consultation the Peer Leader will be able to direct you to the most appropriate specialist academic service, saving you time and worry.

Academic Writing seminars & resources

The ‘Study Write Present at University’ seminars are free to all students and are designed to help you become a more confident and successful student by explaining academic expectations in relation to studying, writing and speaking in the university context.

Register for the seminars here or access resources online.

Digital Literacy seminars & resources

Manage Use Create provides students with tools to help them become more digitally literate. Our aim is to help students improve their confidence when using various technologies, online platforms, and the internet. We offer self-paced online workshops, face-to-face workshops (during session) and online resources for all UOW students.To learn more visit here or visit our Moodle site.

Assignment writing consultations

Academic Language and Learning lecturers are available for consultations with students. They provide advice on:

·  interpreting complex assignment questions

·  developing a research and writing plan

·  critically analysing source material

·  writing effective assignments

·  selecting and using appropriate referencing styles

·  analysing and producing appropriate disciplinary language.

Appointments can be made through the Peer Leaders in the Learning Co-op, or by calling 4221 3977.

English language consultations

If you are an international student, specialist English language teachers are available to:

·  provide you with feedback on your English language expression in assignments

·  help you develop strategies for improving your comprehension of course material

·  show you how to develop language learning strategies to improve your proficiency in English during your study here at UOW.

Appointments can be made through the Peer Leaders in the Learning Co-op (or by calling 4221 3977).

Research / referencing consultations & resources

Library staff are available for individual or small group consultations to help with:

·  accessing  relevant resources for your assignments

·  exploring specific information needs

·  accessing online resources

·  managing your references and research notes.

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Last reviewed: 17 July, 2017