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Academic Writing and Study Workshop Program 

Spring Session 2013

All classes at 12.30-1.30pm in 11.210 (Level 3 above Unishop)

1 – Effective study strategies (1 hour)     Week 1 – Tuesday, 30 July

Studying at university involves preparing research, reading, writing, and getting assessments completed by due dates. We offer some ways to help organise yourself and your work.

2–Reading strategies (2 x 1 hour)     Weeks 2 & 3 – Thursdays, 8 August & 15 August

Studying for a degree involves a lot of reading. Learn how to identify essential information and to take useful notes. We give some useful tips on how to look for relevant articles, organise your reading and begin to develop some analytical skills.

3 – Using evidence and avoiding plagiarism (1 hour)   Week 3 – Monday, 12 August

Which referencing style do you have to use? When should you use direct or indirect quotations? Where is it appropriate to summarise or paraphrase? What is plagiarism? How can you avoid it? This workshop provides answers to these questions and will help you develop and practise strategies to effectively use referencing in academic writing.

4 – Presenting in class (2 x 1 hour)     Weeks 4 & 5 – Tuesdays, 20 August & 27 August

Many subjects expect you to present your knowledge by talking in a class. Learn some ways of making the task easier; reduce your nerves; and organise the talk to get the best marks you can. You’ll have the opportunity to practise speaking in front of others.

5 – Report writing (2 x 1 hour)     Weeks 2 & 3 – Wednesdays, 7 August & 14 August

Reports are the second most used form of assignment. We will examine the writing style, structure and referencing techniques of academic reports and case studies. We focus on developing a logical and critical argument in the structure of the report.

6– Essay writing: process and product (2 x 1 hour)   Weeks 2 & 3 – Tuesdays, 6 August & 13 August

These workshops aim to introduce you to the basic principles of academic essay writing. They begin with a focus on the process of writing, from analysing the question, conducting the research, and organising your ideas to producing a well-argued and well-referenced essay.

7 – Developing a critical argument (2 x 1 hour)   Weeks 4 & 5 – Thursdays, 22 August & 29 August

This workshop is for students with some experience of essay writing who would like to develop their skills further. We look at ways to use research to strengthen your argument and provide a focused and critical response to the essay question.

8 – Exam preparation (1 hour)   Week 10 – Wednesday, 9 October

Exams are often difficult. Learn how to prepare for them and what to do on the day to reduce your stress.

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