The Student Advisory Council

Women's Representative - seeking expressions of interest

The UOW Student Advisory Committee (SAC) is seeking expressions of interest from current students for the positions of Women's Representative.

Students who are successful in holding this position will be in the position up to 31 December 2019.

Applications close 30 April 2019.

For more information and how to apply, click here.

About SAC

The Student Advisory Council (SAC) was formed in May 2018 to provide the University of Wollongong greater ability to hear and respond to the wider student voice. The SAC terms of reference are as follows:

The SAC will:

  1. Advise, consult and make recommendations to the University on matters affecting the academic and social wellbeing of students, including:
    • The effectiveness and comprehensiveness of student service delivery;
    • Teaching and learning matters of concern to students;
    • Policies and procedures affecting students;
    • Campus life and activities; and
    • The potential uses of SSAF funds that align with the student lifecycle and priority support categories as permitted under the legislation.
  2. Provide an occasion for student representatives to be proactive and engage with one another to formulate common and group-specific student issues for presentation to the University.
  3. Provide an occasion for University representatives to respond to issues raised by student representatives or issues requiring student consultation.

The SAC discussed a large variety of topics in 2018 and the following is a brief description of key 2018 agenda points.

Safe and Respectful Communities (SARC) – Representatives have received SARC first responder training and have provided feedback and recommendations on the UOW SARC action plan. The SAC continues to support the efforts of the University in this initiative.

100th Armistice Day Commemorations – The SAC acknowledged the sacrifice made by so many others in World War One and unreservedly supported a representative initiative to send SAC members to take part in commemorations at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra and locally in Wollongong. A UOW media release was also created in support of the event.

Digital Literacies – Representatives have worked with UOW Library to provide user feedback and support on the “Manage, Use, Create” program which is a series of self-paced Moodle modules and resources designed to improve the proficiency of student’s digital capability.

Student Services Amenities Fees (SSAF) Working Group – The SAC SSAF Working Group reviewed the student SSAF survey results and project submissions for SSAF monies, this is integral in student consultation process for SSAF. The SAC provided recommendations on all SSAF funded projects for 2019 to meet SSAF legislated requirements.

Students as Partners (SaP) Working Group – A SaP Working Group has formed to develop a Student Partnership Agreement with the University. Working group participants have had the ability to create the wording, direction and scope of the agreement which will impact all aspects of student involvement within UOW.

Other areas of feedback and discussion have been UOW Wifi capability, accommodation services fees, Unilife membership prices, UOW support services and representative engagement.

To contact one of your representatives or to ask a question, call 4221 4201 or email In your email, please include your preferred contact details, the course you are completing and the representative area you would like contact from. Alternatively, if you have feedback about UOW, please visit Feedback at UOW to lodge your enquiry.

Student Advisory Council Logo  Student Services Amenities Fees Logo

Representative Listing

Campus representatives

  • Sydney Business School: Cagdas Caliskan
  • Southern Sydney: Katherine O'Sullivan
  • South Western Sydney: Andrew Che
  • Southern Highlands: Laszlo La Marque
  • Shoalhaven: Rebecca Taylor
  • Batemans Bay: Samantha Miney
  • Bega: Tasman Fitzer
  • Innovation Campus: Ningyan CHENG

University wide representatives

  • LGBTIQ Representative: Lucas Peers-Catt
  • Woman’s Representative: Susan O’Brien
  • UOW Pulse Representative: Bailey Bond
  • Student Residencies: Aibek Niyetkaliyev
  • Disabilities Representative: Tom Carroll
  • Mature Aged Student Representative – SAC Chair: Ranjith Raj
  • Woolyungah Indigenous Centre: Boston Edwards
  • Woolyungah Indigenous Centre: Kaitlen Wellington
  • Clubs and Society Representatives: Olivia Poate and Mahesika Nanayakkara

Faculty representatives


  • Undergraduate Representative: Anh Nguyen
  • Postgraduate Representative: Shah Junaid Islam
  • International Representative: Jamie Le

Engineering and Information Services

  • Undergraduate Representative: Nathaniel Smith
  • Postgraduate Representative: Cheng Deng
  • International Representative: Vacant

Law Humanities and the Arts

  • Undergraduate Representative (SAC Deputy Chair): Samantha Sharpe
  • Postgraduate Representative: Emma Bellino
  • International Representative (SAC Secretary): Mahasheta Malagi

Science Medicine and Health

  • Undergraduate Representative: Bryce Humphries
  • Postgraduate Representative (SAC Chair): Ranjith Raj
  • International Representative: Anju Rijal

Social Sciences

  • Undergraduate Representative: Rochelle Nash
  • Postgraduate Representative: Corinne Green
  • International Representative: Michael Siega

Academic Senate representatives

  • Jacob Morath
  • Samantha Sharpe
  • Grace Welsby
  • Aiden Gilbert
  • Aibek Niyetkaliyev (Postgraduate)
  • Sandeep Satapathy (Postgraduate) 

Student Associations representatives

  • WUSA Representative: Chloe Rafferty
  • WUPA Representative: Yuxi Ruan

University Council representative

  • Yuxi Ruan
  • Mia Watson

Meeting Minutes

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Last reviewed: 15 April, 2019