UOWx Overview


UOWx. Be Extraordinary.

UOWx connects you with experiences outside your degree to give you that x-factor when you graduate! UOWx is all about exploring new ideas, gaining experience, expanding your skills and extending yourself outside of your coursework. 

Try new roles and learn new skills by taking on one or more UOWx roles, which range from mentoring to community volunteering. Your involvement in UOWx will go on your official UOWx Record. If you take on five roles and complete the requirements you’ll excel and receive the UOWx Award. 

There are over 50 different types of co-curricular roles offered to UOW students. To make it easier for you to navigate and find a program with a role to suit you, we have categorised these opportunities according to the following areas of interest: 

  • Global: cross-cultural and international opportunities 
  • Community: community engagement, service and volunteering 
  • Employability: careers, professional development and entrepreneurship 
  • Leadership 
  • Creativity: creative communities and culture 
  • Mentoring & Educational Engagement 

The purpose of the UOWx co-curricular framework is to formally recognise the challenges and experiences you have outside of your academic coursework, which contribute to your learning, success and employability. UOWx draws together a range of existing co-curricular programs and roles, validates your involvement and formally recognises those achievements at the end of your course. There are two ways that you can receive recognition: 

  • UOWx Record 
  • UOWx Award 

Students who achieve the UOWx Award will also receive the UOWx Record. The UOWx Record and UOWx Award are intended for use alongside the your academic transcript and resume to highlight your achievements to prospective employers or to postgraduate admissions decision-makers. The first UOWx awards and records will be provided to eligible graduating students upon completion of Spring Session 2016.

Last reviewed: 20 April, 2018