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UOWx Record 

Sample UOWx Record

Awarded at graduation, the UOWx Record is a transcript of your co-curricular involvement. This formal endorsement from the university showcases the knowledge, skills and networks you have developed as an aspiring professional.

UOWx recognises a range of co-curricular activities and groups these into the following categories:

1. Leadership/Mentoring Roles
This applies to a student who is recruited into a volunteer, paid or compensated role, that contributes to the delivery of a University or Community based program/project. Students must complete a minimum of 20 hours (15 for Regional/Metro Campuses) within a calendar year to have this added to the record.

2. Program/Project Participant
This applies to a student who voluntarily participates in or completes a University program or project. Students must complete a minimum of 10 hours within a calendar year to have this added to the record.

3. Memberships and other Co-Curricular Engagement
A student who is engaged in other ‘one-off’ co-curricular activities including club/society membership.

In addition to these activities, students can receive recognition for their active participation in a workshop, conference or seminar that develops their leadership, employability or academic skills. Workshops must be a minimum of 2 hours in length.

How do I receive the UOWx Record?

Step 1 - Get involved!
You can find over 170 activities on the Gain Experience section of our website. 

Step 2 - Check your inbox
Once you’re engaged in a co-curricular activity, you will be contacted by the UOWx team regarding the recognition process.

Step 3 - Log your hours OR check your record.

A. For some co-curricular activities, UOWx will be able to obtain the detail of your involvement directly from the program/activity coordinator. You can just check your record via Moodle throughout the year.

B. For other activities, you will need to log your involvement directly on Moodle.

LOG MY HOURSMoodle Login 

Community Volunteering

External Recognition

If you have engaged in co-curricular activities outside the university, you may be able to add this to your UOWx Record.

This may include your active participation in a workshop, conference or seminar that is offered by an external organisation or your volunteer work with a community organisation.

For more information and on how to apply for recognition, please click on the below button:

Community Volunteering 

External Workshop, Seminar or Conference  


Need Help?

Follow our online step by step tutorial!   


Further Assistance

Receiving the UOWx Record outside graduation
After it has been confirmed that you have completed your course (you have been conferred) you can contact UOW Student Central to receive a copy of your UOWx Record for a fee. Please note that you will receive your UOWx Record with your official graduation documents, however this process can be followed if you require additional copies. 

If you would like a copy of your UOWx Record prior to completing your course, you can download an interim record from Moodle.

Error Resolution Process
If there is a mistake on your UOWx Record, you can request to have your record reviewed and if it determined that the University has made the fault, your UOWx Record will be reproduced. Please complete the Review of Online Claims form. 

Last reviewed: 15 June, 2018