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Festival of STEM & Entrepreneurship 

Festival of STEM

What will I do?

As an Festival Liaison Officer, you would be required for the festival week during 19-23 Feb 2018 located on the Innovation Campus as a one off event. This vital role allows you to work with a group (50 students per group, plus 2 teachers) of Year 7&8 students during the festival day. You will be assisting your allocated school group to ensure that they are following their tailored festival program and are in the right location at the right time, and help answer questions during the day. You will be responsible as an additional supervisor during the two activity sessions to help the students to follow instructions and be challenged to achieve the STEM and entrepreneurial based activities. These activities are delivered by UOW staff and students.

How will I benefit?

By undertaking this role you will:

  • Develop professionally and personally by expanding your problem solving skills
  • Build on leadership skills
  • Strengthen your communication skills
  • Gain the opportunity to work along side STEM Professionals

How do I apply?

To apply, please contact the Festival Project Officer, Melanie Hart on or phone 42213277.

Applications close Sunday 31st December 2017. 

Are there any special requirements for this role?

We are looking for students who have a passion for education, science, technology, engineering and maths, who would be good role models for high school students. 

For further information:

For more information, please visit the Festival of STEM & Entrepreneurship website

Where? When? Time commitment Type Stream

Innovation Campus

Summer break

19-23rd February 2018

Students must be able to commit to being onsite at the Innovation Campus from 9:00am-2:00pm during the festival week. A total of 20hrs of volunteer experience.

Volunteers will also need to complete 1 hour of training taking place on Friday 16th February, 2018. 


Mentoring and Educational Engagement


Last reviewed: 1 December, 2017