One of the key drivers for UOWx is to help students increase their employability.

In the process of creating UOWx, we sat down with over 25 employers from a range of industries and posed the question, ‘If everyone has a degree, how do you choose who gets the job?’ They all pointed to the skills and experience students had gained outside of the classroom.

Each employer highlighted the importance of soft skills that are gained through work experience and volunteer opportunities. 

When a student graduates from UOW they will have their co-curricular activities listed on their UOWx Record. Students who have made a significant contribution to their learning will graduate with the UOWx Award. 

A. Recognition Requirements

Activities recognised by UOWx meet the following conditions in relation to student achievement and learning:  

  1. Offer a formal qualification, formal training program or brief training program/induction including ongoing mentoring;
  2. Comply with the Fair Work Act and UOW policy;
  3. Provide the student to opportunity the develop in a minimum number of skill areas:
  • Improve a student's organisational skills;
  • Contribute positively to learning of self or others;
  • Develops effective communication and interpersonal skills;
  • Demonstrates intercultural awareness;
  • Develops a student's problem solving skills; and
  • Develops reflective thinking skills to evaluate and articulate their impact and personal development.
B. Types of co-curricular engagement

UOWx recognises a range of co-curricular activities and groups these into four categories:

1. Leadership/Mentoring Roles

This applies to a student who is recruited into a volunteer, paid or compensated role, that contributes to the delivery of a University or Community based program/project. Roles must develop students in a minimum of four skill areas, as listed above.

2. Program/Project Participant

This applies to a student who voluntarily participates in or completes a University program or project. Student participation must develop students in a minimum of three skill areas, as listed above.

3. Memberships and other Co-Curricular Engagement

A student who is engaged in other ‘one-off’ co-curricular activities including club/society membership. Memberships or ad-hoc engagement must develop students in a minimum of two skill areas, as listed above.

4. Workshop/Conference/Seminar Participant

A student who actively participates in a workshop, conference or seminar that develops their leadership, employability or academic skills. Active participation in a workshop/conference/seminar must develop students in a minimum of three skill areas, as listed above.


C. Learning Streams

Select one of the learning streams below to find out more about a specific activity: 

Learning Stream Description

Community Engagement, Service & Volunteering

Community Engagement, Service and Volunteering involve students giving back to the community by Volunteering and developing skills through these experiences.

Creative Communities & Culture

Creative Communities & Culture activities are about students generating ideas, using their imagination, capturing people’s stories and creating unique content.

Employability & Entrepreneurship

Employability and Entrepreneurship activities involve the development of transferable skills such as communication, problem-solving and organisational skills.


Global-Minded activities involve exploring different cultures, international experiences, connecting with people from around the world and improving cross-cultural communication skills.


Leadership activities involve students taking on a leadership position to develop skills such as the ability to motivate and inspire others; and working in a team to achieve a specific goal.

Mentoring & Educational Engagement

Mentoring and Educational Engagement activities involve sharing a passion for learning, raising aspirations of higher education in young people, engaging others in education and developing facilitation/presentation skills.

Workshops, Conferences and Seminars

The UOWx Record includes a student's active participation in workshops, conferences or seminars that build their academic, leadership or employability skills. Students can be recognised for both internal seminars run by the University of Wollongong and external conference that are offered by community organisations or industry bodies.

Many students will attend the UOWx Interactive Seminars, dynamic skill-development workshops facilitated by leading industry or community guests.