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What can I expect from a consultation?

Assignment writing:

  •  Help interpreting complex assignment questions
  •  Developing a research and writing plan
  •  Advice on writing effective assignments
  •  Help with analysing and producing disciplinary language
  •  Selecting and using appropriate referencing styles

English language:

  •  Feedback on your English language expression in assignments
  •  Help developing strategies for improving your comprehension of course material
  •  Help developing language learning strategies to improve your proficiency in English

Library (available for postgraduate, PhD and honours students):

  •  Exploring specific information needs
  •  Accessing relevant resources for your assessments
  •  Managing your references

Mathematics and statistics:

  •  Help revising topics or studying new ones
  •  Assistance in working through exercise sheets
  •  Improving problem solving and revision skills
  •  Individual or small group consultations for students
  •  Specialist statistics lecturer