Tools to find information

This resource will describe the tools the Library has to help you find information.

Tools to find sources of information


SEARCH is the Library’s search engine, which you can find on the Library’s homepage. It is a Google-like search of most of the Library’s content (online and print). You can use Library search to conduct a broad search.


A-Z databases and A-Z journals guides

The Library has access to an extensive amount of online databases which store resources including journal articles, papers and some books. These databases are listed in the A-Z database guide.

The A-Z journal guide lists the specific journals the Library has subscribed to. You can use the A-Z journal guide to find a specific journals, journal issues and volumes.

UOW theses collection

The Library collects higher degree research theses completed at UOW, as well as some honours theses. They are kept in the institutional repository Research Online.


To make your life a little smoother, the Library collects all the essential readings for your subjects and puts them in one easy to find place for you. You can use Readings to locate the materials your subject coordinator has identified by searching for your subject code.

NOTE: Not all reading lists are included in readings. Check your Subject Outline if you can’t find yours in the system.

Library guides

The Library guides contain a wealth of useful information and resources to help you with research, referencing and citing and academic skills within your field of study. You can use these guides to assist you when beginning your research or to help you easily access hard to reach information.

My Library

The ‘My Library’ function allows you to gain quick access to the resources available through the Library right there in your subject’s Moodle site. You can use ‘My Library’ to access guides, subject readings, catalogues and referencing information and more.

Once you have logged on to Moodle, there are two ways to access MyLibrary.

  • The ‘My Library’ tab in top left-hand corner of the screen

moodle finding information

The My Library block, which allows you to limit your search to your subject area.

library search