Graduation & Beyond

Information about Graduating

April 2017 Graduation Ceremonies - Composition of Ceremonies

April's ceremonies will be students graduating from the Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts, Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health, and Faculty of Social Sciences. A list of which degrees will be presented at each ceremony will be available here in March 2017.

Wollongong April 2017 Composition of Ceremonies

Shoalhaven May 2017 Composition of Ceremonies

Changing your attendance in SOLS

To avoid paying the Graduation fee if you are not attending Graduation, you can change your status to not attending in SOLS. This must be done by March 26. Here is how, step by step.

  1. Go into SOLS
  2. Click on Graduation, then Graduation Application
  3. Click on the box Review
  4. Click on the box Change Attendance
  5. In Part A, click on the box relevant to you (I wish to attend / or I do not wish to attend
  6. Click continue

Note: students are not able to change their ceremony to another time in the year, unless under exceptional circumstances (work, holidays etc are not considered exceptional circumstances).



Graduation is held four times a year: April, July, November and December. Faculties of Business and Engineering and Information Sciences are held in both July and December. Faculties of Law, Humanities and the Arts, Science, Medicine and Health and Social Sciences are held in April and November.  

Click here to find out what happens on the day of your ceremony.