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2021 graduation ceremonies

UOW is very pleased to advise we are working to return in-person graduation ceremonies from July 2021. 

Students who are conferred in Autumn Session 2021, as well as graduates who were unable to attend an in-person ceremony in 2020 due to the impacts of COVID-19, will be offered the opportunity to attend an in-person ceremony.  

Ceremonies will include many elements of a traditional graduation, with COVID safe practices in place. 

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You must apply to graduate in order to be conferred for your degree and to receive your official digital and hardcopy documents (whether attending a graduation ceremony or not). Please follow the steps below to apply to graduate:

How to apply

You will be eligible to graduate if you:

  1. have completed all requirements for your degree;
  2. have no outstanding fees or fines owing to the University (see step 2 below); and
  3. do not need to take any supplementary or deferred exams.

Your final eligibility to graduate will be confirmed via the 'Graduation Confirmation and Eligibility' link on SOLS after the finalisation of results (approximately one week before the date of the first ceremony). Refer to the Graduation Key Dates to see when exactly you will be sent the eligibility confirmation.

Higher degree research (HDR) candidates

If you are a HDR student will be eligible to graduate once you satisfy the Thesis Examination Committee’s resolution. You must then submit to the Graduate Research School a digital copy of the final thesis and a Digital Repository Form completed by the candidate and principal supervisor.

Weighted Average Mark calculations (WAM)

Before applying to graduate, you must pay all outstanding fees or fines owing to the University. These must be paid at least three weeks prior to the ceremonies. All outstanding payments will be listed in SOLS. Find out how to pay your debts.

Make sure all of your personal details are up to date in SOLS before you apply to graduate, as these will be listed on your official university documents and at the graduation ceremony. Details you need to check include:

Your name

This is the name that will:

  • be printed on your official university documents
  • appear in the graduation program booklet
  • be announced in your ceremony (if you’re attending one)

If you need to update your name, you may need to provide supporting documentation. Please call Student Central on +61 2 4221 3927 or email to discuss your options.

Your address

The address you nominate in your graduation application is where UOW will send your official academic documents. Additional charges will apply if returned mail needs to be redirected.

Your application to graduate is where you indicate two important things:

  1. That you would like UOW to confer your degree, once your eligibility is confirmed. Conferral is the process of 'officially validating' your degree. Once your degree is conferred, your official hardcopy documents will be mailed to you and your digital documents will be issued to you (via My eQuals). You can also commence using your qualification, title and post-nominals; and
  2. Whether you would like to attend a graduation ceremony (this is optional).

To start your application, log in to SOLS and select ‘Graduation Application’ from the left-hand menu. You will need to apply before the cut-off date. Late applications will not be accepted.

If you’re completing more than one course, you must submit a separate graduation application for each individual course.

Note: a double degree is considered a single course of study for the purpose of completing a graduation application.

Once you’ve submitted your application, notifications about your graduation will be sent via SOLSMail, and listed under the ‘Graduation Confirmation & Eligibility’ section in SOLS. So it’s important to check this account regularly.

Notifications include final eligibility to graduate and confirmation of your course and personal details will be published after the final results are certified for the session.

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