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AHEGS frequently asked questions

AHEGS frequently asked questions

What information is on the Graduation Statement (AHEGS)?

The Graduation Statement includes details of the award, the institution, your academic results, University prizes and a description of the Australian Higher Education System.

When can I expect to receive my Graduation Statement?

The Graduation Statement will be included in the folder sent out after graduation, together with your testamur and academic transcript. It will also be issued to you digitally, via My eQuals. Click here to find out more about My eQuals and receiving your official academic documents.

What is My eQuals?

My eQuals is a shared digital platform that allows universities to host and authenticate digital academic documents. Through My eQuals, UOW will digitally issue transcripts, testamurs, AHEGS, as well as UOWx Awards/UOWx Records (where relevant).

My eQuals also provides:

  • students with secure access to their certified digital academic documents, allowing them to share their documents with whomever they choose (employers, other universities), and
  • third parties with access to digital certified academic qualifications for education verification purposes.

You can find out more about My eQuals, including how your personal information will be handled, here.

Can I get a Graduation Statement for an award completed prior to 2010?

As this is a new government initiative, graduates prior to December 2010 are not eligible to receive a Graduation Statement.

I’m graduating from a combined degree program. Will I receive two statements?

Graduates will receive a Graduation Statement for each award they receive. Where graduates have a combined program, they will receive two Graduation Statements.

What is the difference between a Graduation Statement and an Academic Transcript?

An Academic Transcript is an official statement detailing a student's academic record for the period of enrolment at the University. This is available at any time.
The Graduation Statement is a document containing specific information relevant to an individual award and is available only upon graduation of that award. Subsequent copies of the Graduation Statement will contain the same information as the original.

Will my fail/withdrawal results be on my Graduation Statement?

All results recorded against the specified award will be displayed on the Graduation Statement. This includes any fail grades but does not include withdrawals.

How can I request that something be added to or removed from my Graduation Statement?

It is not possible to have any individual achievements added or removed as the Graduation Statement is produced using a specified template which is approved by the University and conforms to the Department of Education and Training AHEGS guidelines.

Why are some of my results missing from the Graduation Statement?

Results undertaken in a previous program at UOW or from another institution will not appear on the Graduation Statement.

What do I do if there is an error on my Graduation Statement?

If you find that there is an error on your graduation statement such as a misprint or missing information, you should seek advice from Student Central about obtaining a replacement. Where a replacement is able to be issued, you will be required to return your original hardcopy statement prior to obtaining a replacement.

I received a University prize after I graduated. Can it be included on my Graduation Statement?

We understand that some prizes are issued after graduation. If this is the case, you may request a free replacement of your Graduation Statement from Student Central once the prize has been issued.

Can I buy additional copies of my Graduation Statement?

Visit the Student Forms & Documents page for information on how to purchase additional copies of your graduation statement, as well as related fees and charges. Copies of the Graduation Statement will not be available until after the award is conferred.