Get started checklist

Here you'll find some useful checklists to help you get started on the right foot and make the most of your first session at UOW.

Before orientation

1. Accept your offer and enrol

Have an offer to study at UOW? Let us know that you're coming. Find out how to enrol in your course.

2. Know when your Orientation is on

Your Orientation will normally be held the week before session starts. See Orientation dates and times.

3. Find out when class enrolments open

As you get closer to the start of the session, you may need to enrol in classes for each of your subjects. These classes could be called tutorials, seminars, practicals, workshops, computer labs or studios. The date and time class enrolment open is specific to each subject, but is usually just before or during orientation week. Learn more.

4. Log in to SOLS

Student Online Services (SOLS) is a vital online tool that you will use to self-manage your enrolment. Use the username and password that you created when you enrolled to access SOLS. It's also one of the key ways the University will communicate with you through 'SOLSMail' messages. It’s a good idea to check your SOLSMail regularly.

5. Set up your UOWmail account

Your UOWmail account ( is the primary way you'll communicate with the University by email. It’s important to check your UOWmail regularly so you don’t miss out on any important information. Set up your UOWmail account on your phone so you can easily access your emails and receive notifications. With UOWMail you can also download the entire Microsoft Office suite for free on up to five personal devices and store heaps of your data on OneDrive.

Login to UOWmail

6. Download the MyUOW app

MyUOW keeps you up to date with what's happening at UOW. It also gives you easy mobile access to your SOLS and UOWmail accounts. Download for free on the Apple Store or Google Play.

7. Stay safe and make the most of uni life

UOW provides a range of resources to stay safe and make the most of your time as a student. Take a few minutes to:

During Orientation Week

1. Attend your welcome session

As part of your orientation to UOW, your faculty or school may an information session to welcome you to UOW and provide important information on your course. This is a great opportunity to meet your classmates and ask any questions you have about starting your studies. Find out more.

2. Choose your class times

Remember, you may have to enrol in classes for each of your subjects. Make sure you are at a computer at the exact time enrolments open to increase your chances of securing your preferred class times. Learn more about enrolling in classes.

3. Sign up to UniLife

UniLife members get discounts on coffee, food and merchandise, plus exclusive access to events, competitions and freebies. Sign up now

4. Join a club

With over 120 student clubs and societies at UOW, you're bound to find your people.

5. Get connected on socials

Join our UOW student community on socials by following these channels:

6. Note down important dates

There are some key session dates you should be aware of, like when classes are on, when fees are due, and when exams are running.

7. Get set up to learn online

Some of your classes may be available online, so make sure you're set up and ready to go. Learn more about getting set up learn online.

8. Reach out for support if you need it

Our full range of academic and personal services and support are available online. Access live study support, accessibility units, graduate options, careers counsellors, and many more!

After orientation

1. Coming on campus

Visit our Studying in 2022 website for all the information you need about coming on campus, using our facilities and following social distancing practices.

2. Complete CareerSmart & StartSmart

These are compulsory modules that you must complete within your first session. They provide key skills and information to begin navigating your University career and preparing for your professional future.

3. Get to know the Library

You'll be spending a lot of time here during your studies. Learn more about the resources, study spaces and expert services available at the UOW Library.

4. Textbooks

Your set textbooks will be listed in your subject outline. Your lecturer will tell you which books you need to refer to regularly. All textbooks can be borrowed from the UOW Library and are also available to purchase from the UniShop on campus or online.

5. Save UOW Security numbers to your phone

Emergencies: 4221 4900
General enquiries: 4221 4555
Location: Building 72, UOW Wollongong campus
Download the SafeZone App

6. Get involved outside the classroom

There's much more to life at UOW than going to class. Explore opportunities and make new friends by getting involved in the many activities and programs on offer.