Domestic postgraduates

Domestic postgraduate fees

Will you be enrolling as a: 

In the first instance, students should familiarise themselves with Student Contribution Bands (and how to calculate Fees).  A student contribution is a fee that Commonwealth Supported Students (see below) are required to pay, i.e.: the remainder of the Fee not covered by the Commonwealth.    

Full-fee Paying Place (FFPP)

In a full-fee paying place, the Australian Government does not contribute towards your cost of studies; you need to pay the full tuition fee for each subject in the course.

Course costs are calculated per credit point, based on your course of study, and listed on the Course Finder.

Payment options:

Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP)

A Commonwealth supported place is a tertiary education place where the Australian Government subsidises your tuition fees by up to 75%.

Your student contribution amount (the remainder that you have to cover) is the only amount that you will see on your UOW Fee Statements. 

Eligibility for a Commonwealth Supported Place

Payment options:

Higher Degree Research (HDR)

When to pay (Pay by the census date)

Full-fee paying place (FFPP) or Commonwealth supported place (CSP) students

Higher Degree Research (HDR) students

HDR students need only to pay Services and Amenities Fee. (Defer SAF through a SA-HELP loan)


Late or non-payment


Student fee refunds for domestic students are administered under the legislative guidelines of the Higher Education Support Act and the University of Wollongong Fees Policy.

Find out more about your eligibility for a refund.

Understanding your Fee Statement

Your Fee Statement shows a breakdown of all charges and payments involving your tuition fees (except for any fees which have been deferred to HELP Loan).

Check your fees online

  1. To check your fees online (updated every 24 hours), log onto SOLS.
  2. Select 'Fee Statement' from left hand menu.
  3. The simple view that appears will only show any outstanding balances you have.

Understanding your Commonwealth Assistance Notice (CAN)

What is CAN?

The Commonwealth Assistance Notice Statement is a summary of payments and deferrals made by a student who is receiving any form of Commonwealth Assistance (such as a Commonwealth Supported Place).

Where to find your CAN

  • You can access your CAN on SOLS 28 days after the census date for each study period.

More about CAN

Have a problem with your CAN? (Issues, errors, need help?) 

  • If there are any issues with your fee or CAN statement, you must dispute the errors in writing to our Fees Team.
  • Contact Student Central for information.

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Last reviewed: 12 September, 2018