Who Can Apply

Who can apply for overseas study?

All students - local, international, undergraduate and postgraduate-may be eligible to study abroad. 

Before preparing your application, you should attend one of our information sessions or visit the Office of Global Student Mobility, to learn what studying abroad involves and how to start planning your overseas adventure.   

All students should check with their Head of School and Head of Students to ensure there are no restrictions on their program of study before applying to go on exchange. 

Further information for:

Undergraduate students

 The majority of exchange applicants are undergraduate students. Students enrolled in single or combined (double-degree) programs may apply to the program. Once again, check with your School for any restrictions before applying. 

Postgraduate (coursework) students 

Exchange opportunities also exist for postgraduate students, however there are fewer host universities able to accept students at this level. Places may therefore be limited. All postgraduate students must have the endorsement of their UOW Faculty (Head of Students and Head of School) to participate in the program. 

Part-time students 

Part-time students must complete the equivalent of one full-time year of study (48 credit points) at the UOW before going on exchange. All students must also study full-time while on exchange. 

Students outside Wollongong 

When applying for Exchange, students attending UOW’s Bateman's Bay, Bega, Shoalhaven, Southern Highlands or Southern Sydney campuses must to travel to the main campus in Wollongong to complete the exchange application process and attend all compulsory information sessions. 

International students 

International students are welcome to apply to the Exchange Program, however: 

  •  You will not normally be permitted to go on exchange to your home country. You must nominate an alternative exchange destination You must substantiate your application to undertake a second international experience; and
  • You must abide by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s (DIBP's) requirements for international students going on exchange. Please note that any periods of study outside Australia, including single subjects or semester programs, will not be considered as having been undertaken within Australia by DIBP if you apply for a visa which requires two academic years' study

Students transferring into UOW from other Universities/Colleges

(receiving credit for previous studies)

If you are transferring into UOW from another University, or articulating into UOW from UOW College, you must complete one full-time session of study (24 credit points) at UOW before submitting an application to study abroad. 

Students taking a spouse and/or children on exchange

If your partner and/or children will be accompanying you overseas, you are encouraged to plan well in advance and discuss your options with the Study Abroad Office as soon as possible.

Students with academic, medical or other special requirements 

Please discuss your requirements with the Study Abroad team. We can advise you on  appropriate exchange destinations and overseas support services that can be provided. All enquiries and advice is managed confidentially.   

Language skills

Most of our students who study abroad don’t speak the language of their host country when they arrive. But it’s not a problem as you can study in English at most destinations. There are programs taught in English at most of our partner universities in non-English-speaking countries. While you’re abroad, you can learn a new language or improve your existing language skills. Study in English as well as learn a new language – it’s a win-win.

Last reviewed: 5 September, 2018