Selecting Your Preferences

How to plan your preferences

NOTE: Students submit one application for either the USA/Canada/Asia/UAE region deadline OR the Europe/UK/Latin America region deadline. Students cannot combine preferences from the two different regions. 

When you apply to the Exchange Program, you will need to identify and rank in order of preference three universities where you would like to go on exchange. Your application will not be considered if you nominate less than three preferences. You will also be required to submit a Study Plan Proposal as part of your online application to show you have researched your preferences. Once you have been placed in one of your host university preference you will need to complete 1 x Credit for Prior Learning – Exchange Form for credit transfer. The Credit for Prior Learning – Exchange Form must be approved by your Head of School and Head of Students before any credit from your exchange can be processed.

You should first consider your own goals for the exchange and any preferences you may have in relation to your destination.

You should then evaluate your language skills. Is the purpose of your exchange to learn another language or would you prefer to take classes taught entirely in English? Classes are taught in English at many of UOW's partner institutions around the world, including non-English speaking destinations like the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden (to name just a few!). Also, students who can demonstrate fluency in another language may be permitted to study academic subjects taught entirely in that language.

The next step is to research UOW's partner universities to identify those that will best suit your academic and personal needs. You should begin this process well in advance of the application deadline, as you may need to thoroughly investigate at least 5-10 universities. For each institution, you should consider:

  • Does the university offer subjects that are appropriate to your UOW degree?
  • Are the subjects you want to take available in the session you plan to be there?

    Students will need to allow for some flexibility with their subject selections. UOW does not have influence over host university timetabling. Host university subject availability can change up to the semester  commencement  and students must be prepared to adapt their study plans accordingly.

  • Will you meet the pre-requisites to take those subjects?
  • What is the reputation of the university?
  • Is the university known for excellence in your particular field of study?
  • What is the size and location of the campus?
  • What is the campus culture like?

Remember that research is the key to making an informed decision about where to go on exchange!

Last reviewed: 15 February, 2019