Planning a Program of Study

Planning your study overseas program

The following document explains how to prepare Credit for Prior Learning for an International Exchange application.

You will be enrolled in a full-time program of study at your host university. You can choose to complete subjects to fulfil the requirements of your major and/or electives. Almost all fields can be studied while on exchange. One of the advantages of the program is being able to broaden your degree by taking subjects that may not be available, are more specialised or more advanced than those offered at UOW.

You will receive credit  towards your degree for subjects completed at your host university. For this to happen, you must have your proposed subject selections and the transfer of credit approved by your UOW Faculty (Head of School and Head of Students).

You will receive credit towards your UOW degree in one of two ways:

  1. 'Specified credit' is given when a subject offered by the host university is substantially the same as a subject offered by the University of Wollongong.

    For example, there is a psychology subject at the host university that is substantially the same as 'PSYC231: Personality' at the University of Wollongong. You would receive credit towards your UOW degree for PSYC231 (6 credit points) after successfully completing the equivalent subject at the host university.

  2. 'Unspecified credit' is given when a subject offered by the host university does not correspond with any subjects offered by the University of Wollongong, but is still relevant to your UOW degree. Unspecified credit is granted at a particular level (e.g. 100, 200, 300 level etc) for a certain number of credit points (e.g. 6 credit points, 8 credit points etc).

    For example, you may receive '6 credit points of unspecified credit at 200-level' towards your UOW degree for successfully completing a relevant subject at the host university.

To prepare a program of study:

  1. Write down the subjects you would need to complete if you were remaining in Wollongong - these may include core and/or elective subjects.
  2. Look for equivalent subjects at the host university. You will find subject descriptions and academic information in the host university's course handbook (this may also be known as a course catalogue). An updated version of this will be available on the host university's website. A printed copy may also be available in the Exchange Library.
  3. Prepare a short-list of potential subjects at the host university and record these on your Study Plan Proposal within your online application.
  4. Your tentative study plan should reflect a full-time workload at the host university. You should also list additional subjects in case there are any late changes to the subjects on offer. Always have more subjects approved than you think you will need! (Please note you will be charged for 24 credit points for each semester of exchange. The maximum credit points that can be transferred for your semester exchange is 32 credit points)
  5. Submit your online application with your Study Plan Proposal. Your Faculty approve this online. Once you have been accepted into the International Exchange Program and nominated to your host university, you will need to speak to your Faculty Central Office for final approval. They will then provide you with advice about your subject selections, and determine how the credit for your exchange studies will be transferred to your UOW degree. Their signatures are required on your completed Credit for Prior Learning - Exchange Form to indicate approval of your subjects. Please note: your Faculty Central Office is the first point of contact when seeking approval for any forms.


Last reviewed: 5 September, 2018