How to apply for a short course

How to apply for a short course

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Application deadlines (in order to be considered for an travel grant):

  • 15 April for programs commencing during the UOW Winter session (generally June-Sep). 
  • 15 September for programs commencing during the UOW Summer session (generally Nov-Feb).  

Please note: Limited Travel Grants available per UOW Faculty.

Application Procedure

Interested in undertaking an International Short Course during your semester holidays, but not sure where to go?

Explore our courses and internships on offer and be inspired by the endless opportunities to study and travel in some of the world’s most desirable locations!

There are two steps in applying for a short course:

  1. Complete the application specific to your program:
    - If you wish to apply for a program through one of our partner universities, please contact the Office of Global Student Mobility and we will instruct you on the application process.
    - If you wish to apply for a program through a third party provider (e.g. AIM Overseas, CISAustralia) you will need to apply directly via their application process.
  2. Submit an online application to the Office of Global Student Mobility (OGSM):
    - You will need to complete a ‘Short Course Credit Approval Form’ and get it signed by your faculty. Once signed it needs to be uploaded to your short course application.
    - You also need to upload a copy of your program acceptance from your short course provider

Who Can Apply

All students – local, international, undergraduate and postgraduate – are eligible for a short course program. There are restrictions on OS-Help and credit approval eligibility:

  • Please refer to the OS-Help eligibility to see if you are eligible
    Please keep in mind that you must be receiving credit towards your degree for your short course in order to receive the OS-Help loan. Credit can be in the form of ‘specified’ or ‘unspecified’
  • Credit approval is at the discretion of your faculty. They will require a description of your short course program content along with your credit approval form to determine credit awarded.
    It is possible to undertake a short course program without receiving academic credit, however you will be ineligible for the OS-Help loan. You will still need to submit a credit approval form to your faculty, as there is an option stating ‘I approve the participation in the proposed international program but no credit is approved for this program’.

    Please note
    : do not enrol into the subject you are requesting credit for, unless directed to by your faculty. You will be enrolled into the subject by the Office of Global Student Mobility once you return from your program and it will receive a ‘complete’ grade.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students can undertake a short course program any time before the completion of their degree. Please keep in mind that if you wish to apply for an OS-Help loan, you must have completed 48 credit points before you undertake your program and must have at least 6 credit points to return to at the completion of your program.

  • Law students are advised to confirm with their faculty if short course credit will be granted before applying, as changes came into force from January 2018.

International Students are welcome to apply for a Short Course Program however you must abide by the Department of Home Affairs requirements for international students undertaking study outside Australia. Please note that any periods of study outside Australia, including single subjects or semester programs, will not be considered as having been undertaken within Australia by DIBP if you apply for a visa which requires two academic years’ of study.

Funding Options

Travel Grants are available, and valued at $500, however are limited based on availability within each faculty. To be considered for a travel grant you must submit your online short course application before the below deadlines:

  • 15 April Winter programs (generally June-Sep)
  • 15 September Summer programs (generally Nov-Feb)

OS-Help Loans are available for students undertaking a short course, ensuring they meet the requirements.


Host University/ Third Party Provider Fees: there are fees associated with undertaking your short course and this is generally payable directly to your program provider. Some host university programs provide a discount or fee waiver to UOW students due to our partnership agreement. Short Course fees vary largely between programs, so please read the conditions carefully when selecting a short course program.

UOW Fees (tuition fees): fees differ in relation to the type of program you undertake. Partner university short courses are charged tuition fees at UOW for the subject undertaken overseas. Generally, students receive 6 credit points for a short course program, and therefore are charged for one subject at UOW which can be deferred through HECS if this is your regular tuition payment method. Third party provider programs, such as AIM Overseas or CISAustralia, are not charged UOW tuition fees, but rather pay a program fee directly to the provider.

Insurance ($0): All students are automatically covered by UOW's comprehensive travel insurance policy for the duration of your overseas study period. Please note: this does not include any personal or leisure travel, you will have to arrange your own travel insurance should you wish to stay overseas after the study overseas program ends. Students can chose to take out another policy through AIG or choose their own insurance provider. Information on how to apply for a new policy through AIG will be available on the travel insurance web page

Additional costs include: flights, visas and living expenses, which vary depending on country and program.

UOW Faculty-Led Overseas Program: study tours are run by faculties throughout the year and involve a group of UOW students travelling with academic staff overseas together. In these cases, students enrol directly in a UOW subject, pay subject fees directly to UOW and are guided through the short course application process by their UOW subject coordinator/s.


Last reviewed: 15 February, 2019