Students with a disability or health condition

Reasonable adjustments for exams

If you have a disability or a health condition that may disadvantage you in your assessment tasks, you can apply to have your exams adjusted to take your disability or health condition into account. Adjustments can be made to final exams and to faculty exams during session.

How to apply

If you require adjustments you will need to complete the online registration form and meet with Disability Services to discuss your needs and the services available to you. Make sure to apply at least 4 weeks prior to the exam period.

End of session exams

Once a Reasonable Adjustment (RA) document has been created, Disability Services will advise the Exam Team of the adjustments that need to be made to your exams. Please do not leave your application to the last minute, the exams team needs time to put your arrangements in place for final exams. You should apply at least 4 weeks prior to the exam period. If you apply for an RA late, you will need to sit your exam in the deferred exam period instead.

Final exam timetable

The Exam Team will release your personal exam timetable on SOLS. Please see the Exam Key Dates for the publication dates of these timetables. You should contact the Exam Team if there are issues with your exam timetable.

Confirmation from exam team

When your exam timetable is released, you will receive an email to your UOWmail account, from the Exam Team confirming the arrangements that will be put in place for your exams. If you notice any errors with the arrangements you should contact the Exam Team.


If you know that you will be unable to sit your exam we would appreciate it if you could notify the Exam Team as soon as possible.

If you are ill on the day of the exam you can apply for Academic Consideration. If you have a chance to let the Exam Team know that you will not be able to sit your exam as scheduled, it would be greatly appreciated.

Temporary illness or temporary disability

If you have a temporary illness or disability, for example if you break your wrist and need a computer to type your exam, you can still contact Disability Services so that arrangements can be put in place for your exams.

Supplementary and deferred exams

If you already had an RA in place for the final exams, this will carry over to supplementary or deferred exams. If you had not yet registered with Disability Services, or if your RA needs to be updated, you will need to register at least two weeks before exams commence.

Faculty exams

For any exams that are run by the faculty, you will need to contact your subject coordinator to ensure they are aware of your reasonable adjustments.

Exam FAQs

See a list of frequently asked questions about exams in 2021.