Manage your enrolment

Managing your enrolment

If you have questions regarding your degree, or subjects, the information below may be of assistance. 

If the enquiry is regarding the subject selections and the like, remember to refer to the Course Handbook or contact the relevant Faculty for assistance.  Faculty contacts are as follows:  

  1. Business
  2. Engineering, Information and Sciences
  3. Law, Humanities and the Arts
  4. Science, Medicine and Health
  5. Social Sciences 

Search Icon Subject database

Find out subjects on offer, and information about subjects.  Simply search by a subject code, or browse Faculties and Schools.

Add Icon Enrolling in subjects

This information is for current students enrolling in new subjects, and for those having enrolment issues in SOLS.  .

Remove Icon Withdrawing from subjects

Find out how to withdraw from subjects you are currently enrolled in.  

Crossroads Icon Changing a course or campus

Everything you need to know about changing a course or Campus of study.  

Temporary Icon Provisional enrolment

Do you have a 'provisional' enrolment (in SOLS) for a subject?

Certificate Icon Subject credits and exemptions

Do you have prior study or learning which may count towards your current degree?

Hourglass Icon Full-time and part-time study

Would you like to clarify full-time and part-time study load options?

Majors Icon Majors and minors

Everything you need to know about adding a major or minor to your degree.

Take a Break Icon Taking a break from study

Everything you need to know about taking a leave of absence from your degree.

Cross Institutional Icon Cross-Institutional study options

Would you like to study subjects at another University to count towards your degree at UOW?.

Satisfactory Progress Icon Course progress

Do you know what course progress is? Are you on track with your course requirements? Find out here.

Calendar Icon Timetables

Everything you need to know to plan your timetable, i.e., lectures, tutorials, practicals etc.  

Bridge Icon  Bridging courses

Do you want to refresh on on certain subjects, i.e., Chemistry, Physics, or Biology before you start your degree? Find out about our bridging course options here.  

Leaving Icon Leaving UOW

Are you thinking of discontinuing your studies?  Read here for helpful information.