A videoconference is a conversation between people at different locations. Videoconferences use technology to exchange pictures and sounds of the participants at each location.


How do Videoconferences operate?

There are two types of videoconference, a point-to-point videoconference and a multipoint conference.


How do I use Videoconference?

A videoconference is a two-way discussion rather than a one-way presentation; your involvement in a videoconference is most successful when you:

  • actively engage and participate in the videoconference conversation;
  • prepare for the videoconference so that you are able to contribute to the conversation, ask questions and make comments; and
  • are mindful of the fact that the other participant/s may be distant and that their contexts may not necessarily be the same as yours. It is important that you clearly explain your comments and ideas.


Help and Contacts

All concerns or issues about videoconference should be referred to your tutor or lecturer.

More Help and Contact Information

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How does eLearning@UOW benefit me?

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