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Get Connected

A username and password are prerequisites for you to successfully use the University's eLearning environment. User accounts are issued when you enrol; your user account has an individual username and password. The use of a University user account is governed by various University Policies.

Your password is computer-generated and issued to you at enrolment. Your username will not change for the duration of your enrolment, however your password must be changed at least every 190 days.

How do I manage my Password?

Why are my Username and Password so important?

You need both your username and password to:

  • log into your eLearning Space subjects
  • access Library Online resources and services
  • utilise Student Online Services (SOLS)
  • access your University Webmail.

What is essential for me to Get Connected?

  1. Forward your Webmail to your preferred email account if you are not going to use your University Webmail account;
  2. Log onto SOLS at least once a week.

How do I change my Password?

You can change your password from the University Change Password page, by typing in your old password and replacing it with a new one.

How do I reset my Password?

Your password can be reset by:

  1. Speaking in person to University staff at the Student Resources Centre, Wollongong Campus or the Education Centres, Shoalhaven and Dubai Campuses.
  2. Yourself if you have activated a password reset challenge. The password reset challenge has you nominate a set of questions that you will answer when you need to reset your password.

Webmail or my own email?

The University's email system, known as UOWmail, can be accessed from anywhere in the world using a web browser on a computer connected to the Internet. UOWmail is accessed using your username and password through

Help and Contacts

Phone: +61 2 4221 3775

More Help and Contact Information

Last reviewed: 14 March, 2016


Help is available should you require assistance engaging with any of the UOW eLearning technologies or services.

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How does eLearning@UOW benefit me?

The goal for eLearning@UOW is to support active independent learning as well as collaborative learning communities.

In developing competence as an eLearner you will be developing a number of the Graduate Qualities, including:

  • skills to enable you to become an independent learner
  • the capacity to act responsibly
  • problem-solving skills