Help and Contacts

The following guide provides a directory to assist you in various university matters:

eLearning Space

For problems regarding subject content or information, contact the subject co-ordinator or lecturer responsible for your subject, or alternatively contact your tutor.

If you are having technical problems with the eLearning Space, or strange error messages that you can't decipher are being displayed:

  • Complete & submit the eLearning Self Help form.

A number of commonly occurring problems such as logging on, accessing files, downloading and printing are also addressed on the UOW Website at the eLearning Space help page


Phone: +61 2 4221 3548

A comprehensive list of Library Contacts provides information for contacting various service options.

For information about the full range of resources and services, visit the Library website.

For help with research needs, email questions to expert librarians, or any other assistance, please refer to the Library's "Ask us" page.

If you are studying outside Australia additional information on Library services is available from the Library website.

General Course and Study Information

For specific questions regarding your individual subjects, please contact your subject coordinator directly. For more general enquiries about course and study information, the links below provide a useful starting point.

Faculties, Schools and Units

Information for Current Students


For technical problems in accessing eduStream email:

All other eduStream problems should be referred to your tutor or lecturer.


All concerns or issues about videoconference should be referred to your tutor or lecturer.


Last reviewed: 8 February, 2017


Help is available should you require assistance engaging with any of the UOW eLearning technologies or services.

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How does eLearning@UOW benefit me?

The goal for eLearning@UOW is to support active independent learning as well as collaborative learning communities.

In developing competence as an eLearner you will be developing a number of the Graduate Qualities, including:

  • skills to enable you to become an independent learner
  • the capacity to act responsibly
  • problem-solving skills