Student ID card

Student identification card

UOW students receive a Student Identification (ID) Card at the beginning of their first year of enrolment (this usually occurs directly after the enrolment process).  Students should keep their card with them at all times. 

When will you need it?

Students will need to keep their Student ID card close as:

  • Student ID's also double as UOW Library cards (for borrowing resources) and can be used for accessing printing, scanning and copying services
  • Student ID's identify students (especially relevant during examination times); and 
  • it is required when students request UOW staff to access personal student information. 

What if the card is lost?

If a Student ID is lost or damaged, it should be reported to Student Central immediately.  A replacement can be ordered from Student Central at a cost of $20.00.  Students studying at another Campus should present to the relevant frontline service area for their local campus.

Enrolment stickers

If a student requires an enrolment sticker to prove enrolment, please visit either: 

  • Student Central
  • The relevant Faculty frontline area; or 
  • the frontline service area of the relevant Campus. 
Last reviewed: 29 October, 2018