Official UOW documentation

Official documentation

There are many options for official documentation to suit student needs. Students will need to have any outstanding fees paid, and returned any loaned equipment before official documentation can be generated.

Students wishing for their documentation to be collected by a Third Party should ensure an Authorisation form is completed in SOLS.  To do this, log-in and select Forms from the left hand menu.  The following official documentation is available:

  1. Academic Transcripts
  2. AHEGS
  3. Testamur (Graduation Certificate)
  4. Completion Letter
  5. Enrolment Confirmation
  6. Course Details
  7. Remaining Subjects
  8. Study Hours
  9. International Graduation Guest Invite Letter  
  10. Course Fees & Living Costs
  11. HECS / FEE Help Statements
  12. Jury Duty
  13. HDR Enrolment Status Letter 
  14. HDR Thesis Under Examination Letter
  15. HDR Scholarship Status Letter 
  16. Certifying and Attesting 

1 - Academic Transcript

Academic Transcripts Order Online 

An academic transcript is an official record of a students enrolment and grade (withdrawn subjects will not be shown). Use this to show completed subjects or details of a completed degree.  

You will receive one copy of your academic transcript upon graduation. Use the online Transcript Order form to purchase additional copies, or visit Student Central


AHEGS Order Online 

The Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) includes details of the award, the institution, your academic results, University prizes and a description of the Australian Higher Education System. Available for students who graduated from December 2010 onwards, you will receive one copy upon graduation. Use the online AHEGS order form purchase additional copies or visit Student Central.

3 - Testamurs

Replacement Testamur Form 

Students receive an official testamur when they graduate.  The testamur details the name of the qualification and the major.  As the testamur is a unique, legal document, students only have one official copy. 

If the testamur is lost or damaged, students can apply to purchase a replacement using the Replacement Testamur Form. 

4 - Completion Letters

Apply in SOLS 

There are two types of completion letters - Coursework and HDR. Before applying in SOLS - Student Forms, make sure your results have been released in SOLS. 

Coursework Completion Letter example

HDR Student Completion Letter example

5 - Enrolment Confirmation

Enrolment Confirmation Create in SOLS 

The enrolment record verification is a free way for you to verify your enrolment details with a third party (such as Centrelink or an international government).

To do this:

1: Log onto SOLS and select 'Print Enrolment Record' from the left hand menu. You will need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

2: The record will have your student number and unique access code for the third party to use on the Enrolment Record Verification page. They can use the student number and access code to verify your record from this website. They won't be able to access any of your other personal details.

Important Note:
If your results are withheld after printout, the third party will not be able to verify your record.

Enrolment Status Letter Apply in SOLS 

This letter will show your full name, the name of your course, and your current enrolment status (part time or full time). 

Enrolment Status Letter example

6 - Course Details Letter

Apply in SOLS 

This letter will show your full name, your degree, commencement date, the normal time it takes to complete your degree, and that the degree is delivered in English.

Course Details Letter example

7 - Remaining Subjects to be Completed Letter

Apply in SOLS 

For undergraduates in their final year or postgraduates in their final session who require a list of the subjects they have to complete to finish their degree.

Remaining Subjects to be Completed Letter example

8 - Study Hours Letter

Apply in SOLS 

This letter is used to show how many hours per week a student is expected to spend studying.

Study Hours Letter example

9 - International Graduation Guest Invite Letter

Apply in SOLS 

This letter is used for students who would like to invite an international guest to attend their graduation ceremony in Australia. Their guest can use this letter as proof of their reason for travel, for visa purposes. This letter isn't for requesting guest tickets. These are issued on the day of graduation and you do not need to submit a request before the day (ticket numbers are limited per student).

10 - Course Fees & Living Costs Letter

Apply in SOLS 

For students who require a letter detailing the tuition fee and estimated living costs for a session or year.

Course Fees and Living Costs Letter example

Course Fees and Living Costs Letter (Sponsored Students) example

11 - HECS / FEE HELP Statement

Print from SOLS

For students using HECS or FEE HELP, this document will show how much has been deferred to HELP, how much you have paid up-front, and any discounts you have received. To access this document, simply log onto SOLS and select 'CAN Statement' from the left hand menu.

HELP Loan Status Letter

If you are planning to study at another University (as a cross institutional student), you may need to provide a HELP Status Letter to the other University to show you are eligible for HECS or FEE HELP.  To request a HELP Status Letter, simply contact the fees team at

12 - Jury Duty Letter

Apply in SOLS 

For students who have been called for jury duty, and would like to request exemption for study reasons.

13 - HDR Enrolment Status Letter

Apply in SOLS 

HDR students (domestic only) who wish to receive a confirmation letter to prove their change of enrolment status can apply through SOLS, under 'Student Forms'.

14 - HDR Thesis Under Examination Letter

Apply in SOLS 

For HDR Students who would like a letter detailing their name, degree, thesis title, and examination progress.

15 - HDR Scholarship Status Letter

Apply in SOLS 

For HDR Students would like a letter detailing their name, degree, thesis title, and scholarship dates. Students will need to apply via SOLS under 'Student Forms'.

16 - Certification and Attesting

Justice of the peace (JP) Certified Copies

Student Central (Wollongong Campus, Building 17) offers general JP Certification and statutory declaration services on the second Friday of each month.

Please be advised that, for certification of copies of documents:

  • You are required to provide your own copies of originals to be certified. We are not able to offer copying.
  • Copies can only be certified if the original is also available to be viewed

Outside of these dates, JP staff are available for UOW statutory declarations only (for academic consideration or testamur replacements).

Alternatively, find a JP in your local community by searching your post code on Lawlink's Scheduled JP Services Page, or the Lawlink's JP Register.

DFAT (Department of Foreign Affairs & Trading) Attestations

  • If you require your UOW Testamur legalised by DFAT, you can contact DFAT to arrange sending the original document to them. DFAT are able to use UOW's online graduation roll to verify the authenticity of the document.
  • If you require academic transcripts or AHEGS documents legalised by DFAT, you can purchase these from UOW and ask that they be attested and then sent directly to DFAT. You will need to contact DFAT to arrange having the documents forwarded on to you. Documents can be attested at either Student Central or the Sydney Business School, UOW. It is best to call ahead to ensure an authorised officer will be available.
  • For UOW College documents, contact the UOW College directly. 
Last reviewed: 27 August, 2018