Official UOW documentation

Academic Transcripts and AHEGS

These two documents are the key official records which show the detail of your studies at UOW. Before you purchase transcripts or AHEGS documents, have a read through of the important information below:

Transcripts and AHEGSOrder Online 

What are they?

  • An academic transcript is an official record of your enrolment and grades (withdrawn subjects will not be shown). Use this to show completed subjects or details of a completed degree. You will automatically receive one transcript when you graduate, and can purchase additional ones if you wish.
  • The Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) includes details of the award, the institution, your academic results, University prizes and a description of the Australian Higher Education System. Available for students who graduated from December 2010 onwards, you will receive one copy upon graduation.

Who can use this purchase form?

  • UOW students who have completed subjects can purchase transcripts
  • UOW students who have graduated from December 2010 onwards can purchase AHEGS. Ineligible students who order AHEGS will receive transcripts in their place.
  • UOW College students studying a Diploma of Engineering use this form to purchase documents. All other UOW College Students cannot use this form and should contact the UOW College.

Before you purchase

  1. If you have changed your name, make sure you update your record with us before purchasing any official documents
  2. Make sure all the marks and grades you want to appear on your transcript have been declared. Your Transcript will show the same subject and grade information as what is visible in your SOLS - Enrolment Record
  3. Please allow an extra 2 weeks processing time for archive retrieval if your enrolment was prior to 1986.
  4. If you have outstanding fees or a withhold on your record for another reason, you will need to sort these out before you can purchase documents

When will you get your documents?

Academic Transcripts and AHEGS documents are sent to you by mail or courier. They contain important security features which mean they cannot be sent as scanned emails.

Approximate time-frames for you to receive your documents after processing are:

  • Standard domestic post - 1 to 3 weeks
  • Express domestic post - 3 to 7 working days
  • Standard international post - 3 to 8 weeks
  • International Courier - 2 to 6 weeks

All delivery time-frames given are approximate. Delivery is managed by local postal / courier services and varies by region and country. UOW cannot accept responsibility documents lost in transit.

If you need your postal address written in non-English characters, you will need to ensure you choose the ‘International Courier’ postage option so that your address can be translated by local courier services.

Special requests

If you have a special request, such as signed and sealed envelopes, please include this in the comments section of the order form and we will do our best to accommodate if we can.

Last reviewed: 6 December, 2017