Education Verifications

Education Verifications

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Are you a third party needing to verify a student's credentials?

The following verification options are available:

1. Public Graduation Roll

The information you need may be available on the public graduate roll, which lists names, qualifications, awards and dates of graduation.

2. Official Documentation

UOW issues students with official Academic Transcripts and Australian Higher Education Statements. These documents have multiple security features which include:

  • A hologram bearing proprietary imaging affixed to the lower right corner (for documents issued from August 2015 onwards)
  • A watermark of the University crest should be visible when the document is held up to the light (for documents issued from December 2016 onwards)
  • Two lines of microprint exist on the document; under magnification a repeating 'University of Wollongong' should be visible (for documents from August 2015 onwards)

3. Online Enrolment Record Profile

Students are able to generate an online enrolment record (click for instructions) and provide third parties with login details to verify on the Enrolment Record Verification page. 

If students are alumni without password access to their account, they can login using their student ID barcode.

4. Education Verification

If the information is not listed here, or if you need additional information, please email and include:

  • A consent form from the student, with 3 pieces of identifying information (such as name, date of birth, degree studied) and their signature - giving permission for UOW to release information to your organisation. If you do not have a standard consent form, please use the UOW consent to release information form. This is to ensure UOW complies with Australian Privacy Laws.
  • Details to locate the student such as their full name, date of birth, and if possible their student number


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Last reviewed: 9 May, 2017