Education verification

Education verification

Are you a third party needing to verify a student's credentials?  If yes, the following student verification options are available to you:

Public graduation roll

The information you need may be available on the University's public graduate roll.  The public graduate roll lists student names, qualifications, awards and dates of graduation.

Official documentation

UOW issues students with official transcripts and/or Australian Higher Education Graduation Statements (AHEGS).  Hard-copy official UOW documentation has multiple security features for authentication purposes, they are:  

  • A hologram bearing proprietary imaging affixed to the lower right corner of documentation.  This applies to documents issued from August 2015.
  • A watermark of the University crest should be visible when the document is held up to the light.  This applies to documentation issued from December 2016.  
  • Two lines of microprint will exist on an official document (under magnification a repeating 'University of Wollongong' should be visible).  This applies to documents from August 2015. 

My eQuals: digital academic documents

UOW is now issuing digital academic documents to students through My eQuals - a third party portal being used by 47 universities across Australia and New Zealand to host and authenticate digital academic documents.  My eQuals also allows students to securely view their documents and share them with third parties, enabling easy and quick access to the certified digital document for education verification purposes. 

There are a number of ways students / graduates can share their My eQuals digital documents with third parties.  They can generate a link to their digital document(s) and send that link to a nominated email address. They can also assign a PIN and/or expiry date to each share. More information about receiving digital documents can be found on the My eQuals webpage, or on the UOW My eQuals FAQ webpage.

Digital official UOW documents have the following security features:

  1. A grey watermark of the University crest, visible on transcripts, AHEGS and UOWx Records/Awards
  2. A security statement, visible on testamurs, transcripts, AHEGS and UOWx Records/Awards
  3. These features apply to digital documents issued via My eQuals from December 2018 onwards.

You can also check a digital document is authentic by looking for the following features:

When viewing the document online:  

Check you are accessing a document in the My eQuals portal – the link will start with

  • The Certified blue banner is present
  • The Certification Information section states it has been certified and digitally signed by UOW
  • The document is “Available” (not revoked)
  • The document viewed online via My eQuals is the original document issued by UOW and can be used for verification purposes. By accessing documents through My eQuals, third parties can be certain of the authenticity of the students’ record.

When viewing the document PDF format:

  • In Adobe Acrobat Reader, certified documents will contain a blue ribbon above the document, which says ‘Certified by the University of Wollongong… all signatures are valid’.
  • Documents that have been tampered with or modified will not feature the blue ribbon or certification statement.
  • It is important to note that the PDF is a copy of the original and should not be relied on for verification purposes. If you receive a PDF copy, you should request to also receive a link to the original certified document hosted online, in the My eQuals portal.

Printed from My eQuals:

UOW cannot verify a digital document's authenticity when printed from My eQuals. Only official hard-copies issued directly by UOW can be verified as authentic.  For all the information you need to know about My eQuals, please refer to the information available here.   

Online enrolment record

An online enrolment record is a free method of verifying enrolment details with third parties. Enrolment confirmations are used by third parties for 'Education Verification' processes. To provide an enrolment record to a third party:

  1. Log into SOLS; and 
  2. Select 'Print Enrolment Record' from the left hand menu (you will need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader).

The record will detail a student number and unique access code (for the third party to use on the University's Enrolment Verification web page. The third party will use the student number and access code to verify a record, but won't be able to access or view any other personal enrolment details. Students are able to generate an online enrolment record, and provide third parties with login details to verify the information on the Enrolment Record Verification page. 

If students are alumni without password access to their account, they can login using their student ID bar-code.

Education verification

If the information is not available from the options above, or you need to request additional student information, to ensure UOW complies with Australian Privacy Laws:

Consent to Release Student Information form 





Last reviewed: 29 November, 2018