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Online Enrolment Help

At UOW we're here to make your enrolment as easy as possible so we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions for students completing their enrolment through the Online Enrolment system.

Important Enrolment Information

I’m having problems accessing the system

Don’t panic. You may need to confirm one of the three additional information categories below before you can start your enrolment:

  • Student type on admissions does not match - we just need to confirm you are a Domestic student. To do so, please email a certified copy of your passport or birth certificated to
  • Not a valid offer/ conditional offer - if you have studied at another University, we will require a certified copy of your academic transcript. This document can be emailed to for verification.
  • I don’t know my student number - if you applied to UOW directly, your student number will be referenced in your offer letter. If you applied via the University Admissions Centre (UAC), your student number is sent via email (within a week or so after receiving your offer from UAC) to your preferred email account. Please note, even if you receive multiple offers, your student number will stay the same. If you are still unsure, you are welcome to contact Future Students on (02) 4221 3218.

How do I login for the first time?

The first time you login you will need to use your UOW Student number and date of birth. Your UOW Student number is referenced in your offer letter and/or your offer to enrol email. Please make sure you have this information handy before commencing your enrolment.

When should I enrol?

We suggest that you start the enrolment process as soon as possible after receiving your offer letter and/or your offer to enrol email You can start your enrolment 60 days before any session commences.

Can I use my mobile to enrol?

Yes, our enrolment screens are mobile-friendly. However, the system has been optimised for tablets, laptops and desktops, so your experience will be more user-friendly if you use a device with a larger screen.

Why do some screens have a tick?

Each time you complete a screen the system will display a tick on the navigation panel. If you still have things to do the system will display a warning sign. Make sure that each screen has a tick as the system will not allow you to continue while a warning sign is displayed. With the exception of the photo upload screen, you will need to complete all pages in the enrolment system before you are enrolled as UOW student.

I've completed my enrolment process but I want to log back in

Once you have received your email enrolment summary, you won’t be able to log back into the system. Don’t worry though, you can change all the details (including subjects and billing type) through your SOLS account which is activated one hour after completing the enrolment process.

NOTE: If you have received a subsequent offer at UOW, you can re-enter the system and enrol in your new course.

Why do I need to enter recovery information?

Recovery information is important if you need to reset your password at any given time. Make sure you enter an email address that you have personal access to during your time at UOW.

NOTE: This should NOT be an agent or high school email address. An appropriate example is a @hotmail or @gmail email account.

Enrolment language help

At UOW you'll hear a lot of jargon. We’ve listed some of the more common enrolment terminologies that you will encounter:

SOLS: SOLS is UOW's online student administration system. It is the main tool UOW uses to update students on important information (concerning courses etc.). You will use SOLS a lot during your time at UOW, please keep your SOLS information recorded. Find out more about SOLS.

UOWmail: UOWmail is your unique UOW email account. Not only is this account for life, but best of all it entitles you up to five downloads of the entire Microsoft Office suite. Find out more about UOWmail.

Moodle: is our online learning platform. You can Moodle through your SOLS account.

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Personal details

What do I do if my personal details are incorrect?

If ANY of your details are incorrect it is important that you do NOT confirm your details. You will need to contact Student Central who can help you change your personal information.

My visa details aren't showing up on the personal details screen - is this a problem?

Our enrolment system will not always display your visa information so don’t worry if you see ‘Not Applicable’ for your visa details.

Do I have to provide an emergency contact, and if so, who should they be?

Yes. It is important that you provide UOW with someone to contact in the unlikely case that there is an emergency on campus.

Your emergency contact can be anyone you trust to respond to a personal situation. A common example of an emergency contact is a family member or close friends.

What is the difference between Current Session Address and Permanent Home Address?

Upon enrolment you will have to provide UOW with two addresses:

1. One for where you will be living during each semester (current session address); and
2. One for your home address so we can contact you out of session, or when your course finishes.

Don’t worry if the two addresses are the same, you’ll be able to copy them across at the click of a button. If your details change at any time, you’ll be able to update your address through SOLS ‘personal details’.

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Selecting an offer

What do I do if I don’t have any offers?

If you don’t have any offers, you can contact Student Central who will help you.

I have multiple offers, what do I do?

You will need to select the offer for the degree that you want to enrol in. When you have done this, the enrolment system will automatically update showing you as having an activated enrolment for this offer.

I’ve been given an offer through UOW’s Early Admission Program but I want to accept my main round offer, what do I do?

You will be able access the enrolment system even if you have previously completed the enrolment process for your early entry offer. To do this, select your new offer, withdraw from your previous subjects and enrol in your new subjects.

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Subject and course enrolment

Why do I have default subjects?

If your course has core subjects, UOW has pre-populated them in the enrolment system so all you have to do is click the ‘Add’ button, it’s that simple.

What subjects do I have to enrol in?

To find what subjects you will need to enrol in you will need to refer to either the  First Year Enrolment Guide for your course, or the course handbook relevant to your continued studies.  

NOTE: For 100, 200, 300 and 400 level subjects, refer to first, second, third and fourth year subjects respectively. Normally, in your first year at University, you will only need to enrol in 100-level subjects (for e.g., ACCY111 refers to the subject ‘Accounting Fundamentals in Society’ which is a first year subject).

How many subjects am I supposed to enrol in?

As a domestic student, you will have the option of enrolling into as many subjects as you like.

To complete your course within the timeframe (i.e., three (3) years) you should be enrolling into four (4) subjects per session. If you are enrolled in less than three (3) subjects* you will be considered a part time student.

*please note law students must be enrolled in 4 subjects per session for their first year.

When I try and enrol it says, ‘Course constraint’. What do I do?

If you encounter a course constraint message you may be trying to add subjects that do not correspond to your degree. You’ll need to let us know by contacting Student Central who will help you to continue your enrolment.

I’m having problems entering my subject codes, what do I do?

You will need to double check the subject code you are trying to enter is correct, for example make sure there isn’t a space between the letters and numbers (ACCY111).

If you are still having problems, contact Student Central who will help you.

 I have credit for prior (CPL) learning – what subjects can I enrol into?

You will need to liaise with your Faculty Office who can help you with subject selection. The Faculty offices can be contacted via:

  1. Business:

  2. Engineering and information Sciences:

  3. Law Humanities and the Arts:

  4. Science Medicine and Health:

  5. Social Sciences:

 I only enrolled in one subject, where can I add the rest?

If you completed the online enrolment process with only one subject, you are able to change/add/withdraw subjects through your SOLS account.

Do I have to enrol in the following session’s subjects all together?

If you are not sure what subjects you will be taking in the following session, i.e. Spring after Autumn session, you are not required to enrol during that session. You have plenty of time to enrol before each session commences.

What if I have more than one course offer?

If you have an offer for more than one course you will need to make sure you only have a completed enrolment for your course preference, i.e. if you change your mind after you have finished an enrolment, you will need to withdraw from the existing course and return to enrol in your chosen course.

NOTE: it is your responsibility to withdraw from courses you will NOT be studying before appropriate Census dates to ensure you do not incur a debt for those subjects.

How do I select a minor/major?

Some courses allow you to select minors/majors as part of the enrolment and some courses do not. However, don’t worry if you’re unable to change it at the time of enrolment, you can always change it through SOLS at a later date.

For more information on minors/majors, visit the Manage Your Enrolment webpage.

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When are Fees due?

Students will not incur any fee liability until the relevant sessions Census date. The Census date changes from session to session so it is important to know the Census date.

You can find out the relevant census date by checking the Key Dates page.

Can I change my preferred payment option?

Yes, you can change your payment option (billing) through SOLS. Log onto SOLS to:

1. Select HELP-Loan Option from the FEES menu
2. Click 'Maintain' on your default billing type and follow the prompts which follow
3. If you wish to defer your fees, you will need to provide your tax file number during these steps
4. It is important to make sure you read all the information and indicate your agreement before clicking to continue; and
5. Submit your new billing preference.

When you have finished these steps, double check that your billing type and Tax File Number permissions are correct.

NOTE: Remember this must be done before the relevant session Census date.

What are HECS-Help and SA Help?

HECS-Help is an Australian Government Scheme that allows ‘eligible’ domestic students to defer fees. SA-Help is a loan which covers the compulsory Student Services and Amenities Fee.

NOTE: HELP-Loans and SA-Help are only available to Australian Citizens or Permanent Humanitarian Visa Holders. Whatever payment option you decide on, remember to finalise options and payments by the relevant census date which is the last date to withdraw without financial penalty (Key Dates).

If you don't settle payment options by the relevant Census date, you may be at risk of having your enrolment cancelled.

What if I don’t have a TFN yet – can I still enrol?

Yes, you can definitely enrol in your course without a tax file number (TFN). A TFN is only required if you are an eligible student using the HECS-HELP billing option. To progress your enrolment, you need to select ‘upfront’ as your billing option (for now as this does not ask for a TFN) and will need to change it to HECS-HELP (through your SOLS account) after you have received your TFN.

NOTE: Once you have received your TFN, remember to change your billing option to HECS-HELP through SOLS. You will have only have until the Census date of the session you are enrolling in.

I’m paying upfront; do I have to read and understand all payment options?

Yes. Even if you are paying your fees upfront, you will still need to read and acknowledge all forms on the SOLS ‘Help Loan Option’ tab. This will ensure you have read and understood all payment options, and can select the ‘full upfront payment’ as your billing option at the end.

Where can I get more information about fees?

UOW fees will depend on your student type. Please refer to our comprehensive Fees and Assistance webpage outlining the fees and charges you may incur while studying at UOW.

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What is the survey and why do I have to do it?

The enrolment survey is an Australian Government mandated questionnaire that informs institutional decision making and reporting. It is important that you answer questions honestly, as your responses will contribute to planning for support services.

What happens if I don’t know the answer to some of the questions?

If you do not know the answer, simply leave the question blank.

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Photo upload

What will the photo be used for?

The photo that you upload will be used for your UOW Student ID Card.

Do I have to upload a photo?

Uploading a photo will save you time when you go to collect your Student ID. However, if you are unable to upload a photo simply skip the step. You can always get a photo taken by UOW Staff at a later date.

What are the requirements for the photo?

There are requirements for your photo to meet before it is accepted. You can find a full list of requirements online.

NOTE: The system will allow photos which do not meet the requirements; however, if your photo doesn’t meet our standards, a new photo will have to be taken which will result in some delays.

I don’t like my photo, can I change it?

Yes, you can at any time before you finalise your enrolment on the system. Once you’ve received your email summary, your photo will be finalised in the system.

My photo won’t upload, what do I do?

Double check the file format, we’d suggest converting the image into a JPEG or a PNG before attempting to upload again. Remember, this step is not compulsory so you do not have to upload a photo to complete your enrolment.

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How will I know that I have completed my enrolment properly?

Your enrolment will be complete once you have emailed yourself an enrolment summary. This is done on the final screen.

What does this screen show?

The summary screen is the final screen in the enrolment system. It is a record of all the data which you have entered to date. If there are any mistakes, you should change it before sending your enrolment summary to your email.

Do I have to email myself the summary and what email will it go to?

Yes, you do have to email the summary to yourself as this will act to finalise your enrolment. This will be emailed to the recovery email which you entered on the personal detail page.

Once you have done this you will be locked out of the enrolment system and any changes will need to be made through the SOLS.

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Need more help?

Contact us at Student Central.

Last reviewed: 5 May, 2017