Academic Consideration

Student Academic Consideration

The Student Academic Consideration Policy enables students to request academic consideration for the evaluation of assessable components of a subject in a fair, reasonable and consistent manner. 

Students are responsible for making reasonable efforts to minimise the impacts of medical, compassionate or extenuating circumstances on their academic performance. They are responsible for liaising with their Subject Coordinator when they become aware of an impact on their studies.

Student Academic Consideration will only be considered for illness, injury, other serious cause or extenuating circumstance which:

  • significantly impact a student's ability to meet the requirements of a subject teaching/learning and/or assessment task (as defined in the relevant subject outline) 
  • are beyond the students control, not due to their action or inaction, and 
  • are supported by documentary evidence outlined in Section 9 of the Student Academic Consideration Policy (the Policy). 


Prior to submitting an Academic Consideration application, students must familiarise themselves with the Policy and supporting Summary Guidelines for Students.  A summary of important information is as follows: 

Further assistance

Students who are unsure whether their circumstance qualifies are encouraged to:

Last reviewed: 20 September, 2018