Academic Consideration

Academic Consideration

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We know that life isn’t perfect and there may be a time when you can’t hand in an assignment on time, or make it to class or an exam. If you find yourself in a situation like this, you may be eligible for Academic Consideration.

Academic Consideration is designed to help students when they are sick, injured, or where a serious, unplanned situation has occurred that has affected their ability to study.

Eligible Circumstances

Academic Consideration applications can be made on medical grounds, compassionate grounds, or for extenuating circumstances. 

What to consider

Prior to submitting an Academic Consideration application, it is recommended that students familiarise themselves with the Student Academic Consideration Policy. A summary of the important notes are provided here:

How does Academic Consideration work?

AC Process 

Don't forget about the support services available on campus; see the Services Supporting Students site to identify a Student Support Advisor, as well as further details on counselling and disability support services.   

View the whole process here.

Last reviewed: 23 May, 2017