GWP 902: Professional Workplace Practice


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GWP 902 is an embedded* Work Integrated Learning (WIL) subject for students in a suite of Science, Medicine and Health Masters Degrees. 

This subject prepares students for the future world of work through a series of interactive and practical lectures, tutorials and group activities focused on developing key employability skills required to be a successful member of the scientific workforce. 

Students will refine their professional communication skills and understanding of Australian workplace requirements and apply these in job seeking contexts and recruitment processes.

They will also engage in a group Work Integrated Learning experience where they will work to solve real world problems presented by industry hosts. Students will develop an understanding of Australian workplace culture including building and strengthening the attributes required to work collaboratively, ethically and effectively.

The subject will support students in making informed career decisions and manage their transitions into the world of work.


What you will learn

This subject has been designed to help international Science students gain the knowledge and the confidence to find work in Australia. Topics include:

  • Managing your career in a rapidly changing world of work
  • Creative job searching in Australia – knowing where the jobs are and how to apply for them
  • Recognising your strengths and marketing yourself for success
  • Ways to enhance your employability skills
  • Analysing a job advertisement and responding to selection criteria
  • Writing an effective resume and cover letter (in the Science industry)
  • Developing your interview skills and answering commonly asked questions
  • Understanding Australian workplace culture and expectations
  • Expanding your professional networks to enhance employability


GWP 902 is a core subject in the following degrees:

  • Masters of Global Science and Management
  • Master of Medical technology
  • Master of Conservation biology
  • Master of Medicinal chemistry
  • Master of Medical biotechnology

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