Jobs on Campus (JOC) Hiring Managers

Jobs on Campus (JOC) is a free and efficient recruitment support service aimed to help you fill your casual vacancies with capable, committed and 'application ready' UOW students and recent graduates.

To achieve this, JOC requires students to actively participate in specific Careers Central workshops that will give them the skills and knowledge you're looking for in future hires.

Step 1:

Log into CareerHub for employers and submit your job vacancy. If you don't have an account please register.

Submit the 'add job' form with the details of your job vacancy. When completing the second page of the form, please ensure you select the job type Jobs on Campus.

Step 2:

Your vacancy will be advertised on the JOC JobBoard and via a JOC alert within two business days. Students will then apply for the role.

Step 3:

You will directly receive applications from students.

If you have any questions you are welcome to contact us via or call us on (02) 4221 4809 at any stage of the process.

Upon entering the JOC talent pool, students are given access to casual jobs across campuses by receiving job alerts directly to their UOW account. They are then given the opportunity to apply for jobs using the skills they have learned and developed in each of the workshops, namely:

  • How to write a successful cover letter and resume
  • What are selection criteria and how do you address them?
  • How to ace your job interview
  • Employing students on campus contributes to their graduat employability and development of graduate attributes. 
  • Contributes to student retention and success, enhanced student engagement experience and overall satisfaction. 
  • JOC is a sustainable service that helps to build people capability aligned to UOW’s strategic direction. So, next time you need to fill a casual position, think about employing students from the JOC talent pool. More information on casual staff. 

You are welcome to advertise casual positions that vary in length from a couple of days to weeks to many months. Examples of roles previously advertised through JOC include:

  • Administrative Assistants
  • Research Assistants
  • Communication Officers
  • Project Assistants 
  • Membership Consultants
  • Client Service Representative 
  • Annual Appeal Student Callers
  • Students Relations Coordinator 
  • Hospitality and catering staff
  • In2Uni Mentors
  • Science Space Ambassadors