SMS & Email out service

Advertise directly to students

Advertise directly to UOW students by sending targeted information about your organisation's opportunities with our SMS and email service.

Complete the form and we will provide you with a quote within two business days. After acceptance of the quote, the SMS and/or email will be sent to the students on your selected date.

Local software company Easy Agile have found success in using this service and you can too:

"Partnering with UOW Careers Central has been really high impact for Easy Agile and a seamless experience. It has enabled us to connect with a high calibre of local talent to build our talent pipeline and incredible teams."

Easy Agile | 2021

Please note: overseas recruitment agencies are limited to the following:

  • unlimited JobBoard posts
  • 1x email out
  • 1x SMS
  • No social media promotion

SMS Service

Notify students about opportunities with your organisation with an SMS. We know students are always checking their phone so consider utilising our SMS service and make it your SMS they are seeing.

This service is available throughout the year.

Cost: $0.55 incl. GST per message. Limit of 130 characters including spaces.

Email out service

Costs are outlined below to utilise our email out service:

Number of studentsTotal cost
1-50 students $55.00
51-100 students $110.00
101-150 students $165.00
151-200 students $220.00
201-250 students $275.00
251-300 students $330.00
301-350 students $385.00
351-400 students $440.00
401-450 students $495.00
451-500 students $550.00
501-999 students $825.00
Over 1000 students Subject to approval

*Prices are inclusive of GST