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Jobs off Campus

UOW's Careers Central is offering a new service to employers. We're looking to connect your current casual and part-time job vacancies with our talent pool of job-ready students - without the fees.

Let us supply you with job-ready candidates for your current casual and part-time roles. Our successful 'Jobs on Campus' service has been in operation at UOW for  over a decade, but in light of recent changes to industries, it's more necessary than ever to serve our external communities and provide opportunities for employers and students alike. So we're turning our attention outwards. Our team works with students to ensure their job-preparedness and make sure those with the skills that meet with what you're looking for are given the chance to apply. We then provide you with the applications of students who are professional, keen and possess the requisite skills. We're also offering support through an application management service – fielding questions from candidates, collecting applications and contacting unsuccessful candidates – for time-poor and resource short small to medium businesses. All you’ve got to do is let us know what jobs you have, and we’ll take it from there.

Have a job to submit?

Fill out our quick form. Our team will then get in touch to gather the key details to ensure we can advertise appropriately to our talent pool and provide opportunities for candidates that meet your requirements to apply.

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*This service is open to employers who are seeking to fill immediate casual or short-term vacancies via the Jobs off Campus service. This service is not available to corporate employers and government departments seeking to advertise graduate and professional roles.

*It is also important to us that you consider the high value of diversity and inclusion principles in your hiring of staff. Here at UOW, we have a wonderfully diverse range of students and staff who contribute in many varied ways to making our organisation a better place to study and work. 


We were presented with three extremely capable, intelligent, and articulate candidates. It was incredibly tough to make a final decision, we wished we had three positions on offer! We were very impressed with the candidates that the Jobs off Campus pool gave us access to - thank you so much! Our expectations were exceeded.Institutional Research and Government Reporting Unit
We have had the pleasure of using UOW to recruit two positions for our SME. On both occasions we have been impressed by the quality and depth of candidates. It’s fantastic being able to have the following services taken care of: Advertising, managing applications, submission enquiries and contacting unsuccessful candidates. It reduces a significant time stress relating to finding a new candidate. Will definitely be using UOW again.
Jay Pottenger, EQ Minds 2020 Jobs off Campus

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If you'd prefer to chat to us about your current vacancies or have questions, please get in touch with our team.