GWP900: International Workplace Practice

GWP900: International Workplace Practice is a subject designed by UOW Careers Central to meet the employment aspirations of international students to work in Australia. Students complete practical assessment tasks to prepare them for the Australian workplace; with students achieving a distinction average (75% or higher) becoming eligible for an unpaid internship.

Disciplines include: Finance | Accounting | Corporate Treasury and Investing | Economics | Human Resource Management | International Business | Project Management | Marketing | Supply Chain Management |

How to get involved?

We are seeking industry hosts to partner with us and provide students with unpaid internship opportunities. 

View a short sample of an internship brief

Criteria: Unpaid internships must relate to the student’s area of study

Length of internship: Minimum 48 hours - Maximum of 140 hours

Internship dates: December 2023 to February 2024

Insurance: Covered for the duration of the internship (subject to approval)

Benefits to your organisation

  • Potential solutions to your business challenge from different perspectives
  • An opportunity to give back to students, increase their opportunities to gain employment & support the local economy
  • An injection of new thinking and fresh ideas that promote creativity and encourage innovation
  • Professional development opportunities for existing staff to gain experience in mentoring, supervision and leadership

How to host a student

If you are interested in hosting a student through GWP 900, please contact Rebecca via the methods below.

Rebecca Forbes
Business Development Lead

Phone: 02 4221 5090