Disability students

Career Support for Students with Disability

In the right job, people with disability can perform equally as well as other employees. But finding work can be daunting for first-time job seekers with disability.

This page provides you with information and resources you need regarding your job search, as well the many support services available to you.

  1. Finding employment with a disability
  2. Funding and incentives
  3. Additional Resources

Finding Employment with a Disability

Disclosure: A Personal Decision

Disclosure of disability presents a number of challenges and choices for people with a disability, particularly those participating in education and employment. Disclosure: It's A Personal Decision and Practical Steps to be Open with an Employer are resources which provides substantial information about options and pathways that people with disabilities can use in disclosing their disability in post-secondary education and employment environments. 

Do you want careers support?

Careers Central provides personalised career development support to students with disability. Assistance is offered in:

  • helping you clarify your career direction
  • accessing workplace learning opportunities
  • Information about disclosure
  • Targeted employability support through the USEP program
  • career information and resources

Further details

Disability employment services

Disability Employment Service providers provide additional support and ongoing assistance from your initial job search right through to support within your workplace. All services are free of charge.

Disability Employment Services has two parts:

  1. Disability Management Service is for job seekers with disability and/or injuries that need help finding a job.
  2. Employment Support Service helps people with permanent disability and who need regular, ongoing support to keep a job.

JobAccess is the national hub for workplace and employment information for people with disability, employers and service providers. Use the JobAccess provider search to find a disability employment service provider near you.

Australian Network on Disability (AND)

The Australian Network on Disability (AND) is a non-profit organisation that focuses on the inclusion of people with disability in the workforce. They also provide internship and mentoring programs for university students in the workplace.

Stepping Into...

A paid internship program from AND - designed specifically for university students with disability.

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Pace Mentoring

PACE is AND's vibrant and dynamic mentoring program developed to assist member organisations to engage with students and job seekers with disability.

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Employment support on campus

UOW is the first University in NSW to participate in the USEP project. This project provides graduate employment support for university students with disability.

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Funding and incentives

Department of Human Services

The Australian Government Department of Human services can provide financial support and help to people with disability. This includes:

  • Mobility allowance
  • Sickness allowance
  • Pensioner education supplement
  • Child support

Here you can also find information employer incentives such as wage subsidies and the supported wage system.

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Employment Assistance Fund (EAF)

The EAF gives financial help to people with disability and employers to buy work-related modifications and services.

The EAF is available to people with disability that are about to start a job or currently working, as well as people who need help to find and prepare for a job.

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Additional Resources

  • Education to Employment
    A fantastic resource detailing an array of information where you can find facts, tips and advice to support a successful move from tertiary education to graduate employment.
  • Applying for Jobs
    Careers Central provides extensive information and resources on how to search and apply for jobs.
  • Disability Services
    Disability Services also provides adjustment advice and support for current and prospective students with a disability or health condition.
    Pre-planning Toolkit for people with disability entering Higher Education or Vocational Education and Training