How do they work?

How Do They Work?

You will typically be invited to a workplace or corporate rooms to participate in a series of activities which may include:

  • Behavioural Simulations
  • Group problem solving exercise
  • Presentation
  • Role Play
  • Case Study
  • Written Exercise
  • Interview
  • Psychometric Testing

During the activities, the assessors are looking for your demonstration of the competencies they have profiled for the role. In many cases, technical skills can be trained, or evidenced by your degree. Behavioural competencies however, are harder to assess in a resume or interview and the assessment centre gives you the opportunity to demonstrate these in a simulated work setting.

Typical competencies assessed in graduate assessment centres include:

  • Clear and active communicator
  • Works collaboratively
  • Takes initiative
  • Applies critical analysis

These will be well defined by the employer in a job profile, with a series of behavioural indicators to define each competency. Throughout the day's activities, the assessors are looking for you to demonstrate these behaviours.