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Nominate your teacher for an award    (24/05/19)  [View]




Global Communicators Program    (10/04/19)  [View]

OCTAL Award nominations now open    (08/04/19)  [View]


IT Scheduled Maintenance this weekend    (25/03/19)  [View]

Student Leadership Opportunity    (21/03/19)  [View]

Moodle Outage Friday 15 March    (16/03/19)  [View]

Clubs Day Wed 13 March    (13/03/19)  [View]

UOW Graduate Careers Expo 2019    (12/03/19)  [View]

Take care and travel safely to campus    (11/03/19)  [View]

Local road closures    (11/03/19)  [View]

Casual Jobs on Campus Student Callers    (11/03/19)  [View]


2019 parking operations    (03/03/19)  [View]

Apply now for the Student Advisory Board    (28/01/19)  [View]

Urgent IT Maintenance this weekend    (07/01/19)  [View]

Volunteer with UniLife    (17/12/18)  [View]


Moodle Scheduled Outage Complete    (14/12/18)  [View]

Moodle Outage this weekend    (10/12/18)  [View]

IT Disaster Recovery Exercise 1 December    (02/12/18)  [View]

IT Notification Malicious Emails Alert    (30/11/18)  [View]

2019 In2Uni Mentor Applications Now Open    (21/11/18)  [View]

Changes to P5 and P4 carparks    (16/11/18)  [View]

FREE Public Lecture 14 Nov    (14/11/18)  [View]

Clubs and Volunteering Awards Finalists    (18/10/18)  [View]

IT Scheduled Maintenance this Weekend    (15/10/18)  [View]

Its Oktoberfest time again    (07/10/18)  [View]

UniLife Survey - What do you want    (05/10/18)  [View]

New location for UOW Security Team    (26/09/18)  [View]

UniLife Moonlit Markets    (18/09/18)  [View]

Nominate for UniClubs and Sport Awards    (16/09/18)  [View]

2018 IPRI Future Student Open Day    (12/09/18)  [View]

Free Swimming Lessons for Adults    (11/09/18)  [View]

UOW Pitch X    (05/09/18)  [View]

Leisa Goddard Scholarship    (31/08/18)  [View]

Student Experience Survey 2018    (30/08/18)  [View]

Student Experience Survey 2018    (31/08/18)  [View]

Change how you approach health    (22/08/18)  [View]

Student email accounts compromised    (22/08/18)  [View]

SSE International Bootcamp to China    (21/08/18)  [View]

2018 Allan Sefton Memorial Lecture    (17/08/18)  [View]

UOW PACs now online    (14/08/18)  [View]

UOW Pulse Board:Student Nominations Open    (13/08/18)  [View]

Ring Road Disruptions 8 to 10 August    (11/08/18)  [View]

Upcoming road closures    (08/08/18)  [View]

iAccelerate 4IMPACT Conference    (07/08/18)  [View]

UOW Pesticides Notification Plan    (07/08/18)  [View]

GCP Spring timetable is now released    (30/07/18)  [View]

P7 carpark closes for Molecular Horizons    (24/07/18)  [View]

iAccelerate Pitch Final    (18/07/18)  [View]

Artists wanted for Live Art Week    (20/06/18)  [View]

UOW Draft Pesticide Notification Plan    (20/06/18)  [View]

UOW Draft Pesticide Notification Plan    (21/06/18)  [View]

Represent UOW at UniSport Snow Games    (11/06/18)  [View]

free Teaching Assessment    (07/06/18)  [View]

Student Focus Group - Free Lunch    (06/06/18)  [View]

Avoiding Scams    (28/05/18)  [View]

Volunteer in the Community    (24/05/18)  [View]

2018 Nursing Expo 17 May    (19/05/18)  [View]

The Student Voice in Evaluation Surveys    (18/05/18)  [View]

The Student Voice in Evaluation Surveys    (14/05/18)  [View]

UniActive 90s Fitness Party    (10/05/18)  [View]

Amenities Upgrades    (07/05/18)  [View]

UOW Environmental Management Plan    (07/05/18)  [View]

Travel scholarships available    (04/05/18)  [View]

ABC Media Residency Program    (26/04/18)  [View]

Free online course on Childhood Obesity    (17/04/18)  [View]

UniSport Nationals - represent UOW    (07/04/18)  [View]

UOW After Hours Crisis Support Line    (02/04/18)  [View]

Casual jobs on campus - Student Callers    (27/03/18)  [View]

Draft Voluntary Planning Agreement    (23/03/18)  [View]

IMTS Computer Labs now open 24-7    (13/03/18)  [View]

Manage Use Create - Digital Study Skills    (13/03/18)  [View]

PASS begins in week 2    (11/03/18)  [View]

Change the world with AIME mentoring    (09/03/18)  [View]

Donate Blood on Campus    (10/03/18)  [View]

Manage Use Great - Digital Study Skills    (12/03/18)  [View]

Musicians to play at graduation    (14/03/18)  [View]

2018 NSW Creative Achievement Awards    (16/03/18)  [View]

Get the Goods - UniLife Member 2018    (12/03/18)  [View]

Library Ground Floor is Open    (11/03/18)  [View]

Casual jobs on campus - Student Callers    (20/03/18)  [View]

New Library Loans Policy    (31/03/18)  [View]

Library Ground Floor Refurbishment    (31/02/18)  [View]

Cyber Security Scholarship Program    (01/03/18)  [View]

Get the Goods - UniLife Member 2018    (31/03/18)  [View]

UOW After Hours Crisis Support Line    (31/03/18)  [View]

Lecture Capture System Upgrade    (05/02/18)  [View]

SOLS Outage - Mond 29th Jan 5-530pm    (30/01/18)  [View]

Public Lecture: Nobel Prize Winner    (29/01/18)  [View]

SOLS Outage - Mond 29th Jan 5-530pm    (30/01/18)  [View]

SOLS OUTAGE    (30/01/18)  [View]

PG Nursing Live Chat 23 January    (24/01/18)  [View]

Indigenous Graduation Stoles Review    (31/12/17)  [View]

SMAH grad jobs and part time jobs    (31/12/17)  [View]

EdStart Grant balances expiring    (20/12/17)  [View]

SMAH Learning and Teaching Forum    (11/12/17)  [View]

Outage to Student Systems Sat 2nd Dec    (03/12/17)  [View]

Moodle Upgrade 29-30 November    (30/11/17)  [View]

Scholarship for research Honours Degrees    (26/11/17)  [View]

Scientific Chemistry Scholarship    (19/11/17)  [View]

Complete the UniLife Survey to WIN    (15/11/17)  [View]

Scholarship Opportunity    (29/10/17)  [View]

SOLS Maintenance Outage    (26/10/17)  [View]

Student Representation Review    (11/10/17)  [View]

Scholarship Opportunity    (09/10/17)  [View]

Scholarship Opportunity    (08/10/17)  [View]

Zest Care Information Session 10 October    (07/10/17)  [View]

Studying Nursing at Wollongong    (22/09/17)  [View]

Posting the law - Emerging Narratives     (16/09/17)  [View]

Faces and Places Photography Comp    (16/09/17)  [View]

Interested in Primary Health Nursing    (14/09/17)  [View]

2017 UOW Coffee for a Cause is here    (07/09/17)  [View]

Exercise Science Nutrition and Dietetics    (31/08/17)  [View]

Environmental Management Plan Review    (21/08/17)  [View]

Advancement of Women in Law Firms    (18/08/17)  [View]

Allan Sefton Lecture 18 August    (15/08/17)  [View]

Digital and online support    (10/08/17)  [View]

SOLS OUTAGE    (10/08/17)  [View]

Microsoft is coming    (09/08/17)  [View]

Allan Sefton Lecture    (08/08/17)  [View]

Austmine WiSTEM METS Pathway Program    (07/08/17)  [View]

Win money by improving your health    (01/08/17)  [View]

STEM Careers Expo and Industry Panel    (01/08/17)  [View]

UOW Tree Planting for National Tree Day     (30/07/17)  [View]

Caring for the Incarcerated Exhibition    (28/07/17)  [View]

Study abroad in upstate New York    (07/07/17)  [View]

Good Luck at the University Games    (06/07/17)  [View]

Examination Rules and Procedures Review    (27/06/17)  [View]

UOW vs WSU Sports Clash    (03/06/17)  [View]

Endnote drop in Q and A Workshop    (25/05/17)  [View]

Compulsory programs for new students    (17/05/17)  [View]

Study abroad in upstate New York    (17/05/17)  [View]

Seeking Digital Learning Developer    (15/05/17)  [View]

Monster Fitness Class Fundraiser    (13/05/17)  [View]

GKC Shuttle Bus - Running late     (10/05/17)  [View]

SMAH Scholarship on offer    (05/05/17)  [View]

Master of International Studies Session    (03/05/17)  [View]

Industrial Foundations    (03/05/17)  [View]

New All Gender Toilet Facilities    (31/04/17)  [View]

Get paid to be a student caller    (01/05/17)  [View]

New Milky Way Breastfeeding App    (27/04/17)  [View]

Connections and Recollections Event    (26/04/17)  [View]

Mining Exhibition at UOW Library    (17/04/17)  [View]

Uni Games Team Trials    (15/04/17)  [View]

LIRC Seminar Presented by Steven Howe    (12/04/17)  [View]

New Botanic Garden Opening Hours    (07/04/17)  [View]

Represent UOW at Uni Games    (04/04/17)  [View]

Certificate III in Pathology Discount    (02/04/17)  [View]

Student callers wanted for paid work    (27/03/17)  [View]

LIRC Seminar By Dr Steven Howe    (20/03/17)  [View]

Student Advisory Committee Nominations    (20/03/17)  [View]

PASS Begins This Week    (10/03/17)  [View]

Motorcycle Parking Interruption    (26/02/17)  [View]

In2Uni now hiring for 2017 student team    (23/11/17)  [View]

Donate to Goodwill Hunting    (30/01/17)  [View]

University Scholars Leadership Symposium    (30/01/17)  [View]

SOLS Maintanence Outage    (26/01/17)  [View]

UOW CSIRO PhD 3D Printing Scholarships     (31/12/16)  [View]

Cert III Pathology from 240 dollars     (22/12/16)  [View]

Site Outage 21 December    (22/12/16)  [View]

Discounted Certificate III in Pathology    (14/12/16)  [View]

SMAH Learning and Teaching Forum 7 Dec    (07/12/16)  [View]

Moodle Outage 25 and 26 Nov    (27/10/17)  [View]

Parking fee increase 1 January 2017    (29/11/16)  [View]

OUT THERE: 2016 Graduate Exhibition    (27/11/16)  [View]

Student leadership opportunity    (26/11/16)  [View]

SOLS Outage Wed 23rd Nov 5 to 630pm    (24/11/16)  [View]

LIRC Seminar presented by Dr Linda Steel    (09/11/16)  [View]

Smoke Free Video Competition     (07/11/16)  [View]

Summer Session    (07/11/16)  [View]

URAC is Hiring    (07/11/16)  [View]

Global Challenges Travel Scholarship     (31/10/16)  [View]

SOLS Outage - Thurs 27th Oct 5-6pm    (28/10/16)  [View]

LIRC Seminar by Dr Linda Steel    (28/10/16)  [View]

18 x 3000 Dollar Grants for 40K Globe     (24/10/16)  [View]

SMAH Student Careers Conference 20 Oct    (21/10/16)  [View]

SOLS Outage - Maintenance Upgrade    (28/10/16)  [View]

Spring Season of Theatre and Performance    (20/10/16)  [View]

Unleash your Potential - Project Everest    (18/10/16)  [View]

Utopia After the Crash    (12/10/16)  [View]

Subjects and Objects of Property    (11/10/16)  [View]

HDR Travel Scholarship Video Challenge    (11/10/16)  [View]

URAC Customer Feedback Survey    (11/10/16)  [View]

Global Climate Change Week: Oct 10-16    (11/10/16)  [View]

25 x 3000 dollar scholarships for 40K    (11/10/16)  [View]

Research Volunteers    (08/10/16)  [View]

Bulli Pass Closure – 4 Oct to 5 Dec 2016    (04/10/16)  [View]

Student Leadership Opportunity    (03/10/16)  [View]

2000 Dollar travel prize up for grabs    (27/09/16)  [View]

LIRC Seminar: Disability and Rural Men    (23/09/16)  [View]

S4S Conference - SMAH Sponsored Places    (23/09/16)  [View]

FREE Yoga for International Students    (27/09/16)  [View]

Ring Road Closure - 18 Sept 2016    (18/09/16)  [View]

Apply now - 40k Globe Summer Internship    (17/09/16)  [View]

Available casual positions on campus    (11/09/16)  [View]

Graduation Musician Auditions    (07/09/16)  [View]

E-textbook survey by UOW and UNSW    (31/08/16)  [View]

Calling all musicians    (31/08/16)  [View]

Business Career Pathways Panels    (31/08/16)  [View]

Wollongong Campus Master Plan released    (31/08/16)  [View]

Information Session Cert 3 in Pathology    (31/08/16)  [View]

Bert Halpern Lecture Friday 26 August    (31/08/16)  [View]

Monster Fitness Class Fundraiser at URAC    (25/08/16)  [View]

Career Pathways Panels – Business     (31/08/16)  [View]

Career Pathways Panels – Business     (30/08/17)  [View]

GWP 900 registration close date extended    (23/08/16)  [View]

Facebook on campus    (23/08/16)  [View]

A survey on e-textbooks by UOW and UNSW    (22/08/16)  [View]

Be a life saver - donate blood    (19/08/16)  [View]

Access to SOLS Fees and CAN Statements    (18/08/16)  [View]

Discover the Chinese Job Market    (16/08/16)  [View]

Complete a survey on e-textbooks to win    (15/08/16)  [View]

Public Lecture on Human Rights    (11/08/16)  [View]

UOW STEM Careers Expo and Industry Panel    (11/08/16)  [View]

First-in-Family Research Project    (09/08/16)  [View]

Write an essay to win    (08/08/16)  [View]

Environmental Management Plan Review    (08/08/16)  [View]

UOW New You Challenge - WIN cash prizes    (08/08/16)  [View]

SHARP Barn Dance Friday 5 August    (05/08/16)  [View]

DTSC Guest Lecture: A Brain for Life    (03/08/16)  [View]

GCP Spring Semester begins Week 2    (03/08/16)  [View]

PASS begins in week 2    (12/08/16)  [View]

Opal Changes    (01/08/16)  [View]

Proposed motorway interchange on M1    (01/08/16)  [View]

Digital Study Skills Seminars    (01/08/16)  [View]

Add an internship to your degree    (22/07/16)  [View]

Find Your Career Path with CRL 100    (20/07/16)  [View]

IT Outage This Weekend 16 July 6pm    (17/07/16)  [View]

UOW Pitch 2016    (15/07/16)  [View]

UniCentre Special General Meeting    (14/07/16)  [View]

Find Your Career Path with CRL 100    (08/07/16)  [View]

Proposed motorway interchange on display    (04/07/16)  [View]

Draft Wollongong Campus Masterplan    (03/07/16)  [View]

Safe Partying Tips    (31/06/16)  [View]

Changes to P3 Carpark    (30/06/16)  [View]

Certificate III in Pathology Promotion    (30/06/16)  [View]

Campus Watch    (27/06/16)  [View]

IT Maintenance This weekend 25 June 9am    (27/06/16)  [View]

Opportunity to study and travel    (14/06/16)  [View]

Global Climate Change Week    (08/06/16)  [View]

UOW PITCH    (30/05/16)  [View]

GCP End of Autumn Semester BBQ    (25/05/16)  [View]

Solar Decathlon Proposal Workshop    (25/05/16)  [View]

City to Surf 2016 - University Team    (19/05/16)  [View]

Win a 20 Dollar Coles Voucher    (19/05/16)  [View]

UOW Pitch    (16/05/16)  [View]

IT Outage Saturday 14 May    (16/05/16)  [View]

2016 Census Field Officers    (14/05/16)  [View]

Path closure near Kooloobong    (12/05/16)  [View]

LIRC Seminar Administrative Justice     (11/05/16)  [View]

UniCentre AGM Notification 12 May 2016    (06/05/16)  [View]

LIRC Seminar and HDR Seminar    (05/05/16)  [View]

SOLS Outage-Tues 3rd May 5pm    (04/05/16)  [View]

SOLS Outage-Tues 3rd May 5pm    (04/05/16)  [View]

SOLS Outage-Tues 3rd May 5pm    (03/05/16)  [View]

Nursing Careers Expo and Industry Panel    (03/05/16)  [View]

Recess week shuttle bus services    (01/05/16)  [View]

In2Uni Fundraising Event    (28/04/16)  [View]

Become more career ready with UniVative    (26/04/16)  [View]

Report incidents to UOW Security    (26/04/16)  [View]

2016 UOW Education Careers Expo    (12/04/16)  [View]

NRMA Meeting Point    (12/04/16)  [View]

UOWmail Microsoft Issues    (08/04/16)  [View]

Emerging Nutrition and Dietetics Ideas    (07/04/16)  [View]

School of Law LIRC Public Lecture    (06/04/16)  [View]

IT Scheduled Maintenance 2-3 April    (04/04/16)  [View]

Internet Network Changes for 2016    (31/03/16)  [View]

ALIVE Faculty Sponsored Places    (29/03/16)  [View]

Bike safety    (22/03/16)  [View]

Can you reset your password online    (18/03/16)  [View]

Lost and found property    (15/03/16)  [View]

Student Ambassadors Required    (15/03/16)  [View]

PASS begins in week 2    (11/03/16)  [View]

Global Communicators Program    (08/03/16)  [View]

University Games Team Trials    (07/03/16)  [View]

Safety Escorts After Dark    (07/03/16)  [View]

Travel Grants for Postgrad Students    (04/03/16)  [View]

Improvements to UOW Internet Services    (18/03/16)  [View]

Be a Life Saver and Give Blood on Campus    (02/03/16)  [View]

Digital Literacy Workshops    (29/02/16)  [View]

Two New Policies Open For Consultation    (29/02/16)  [View]

Inspiration Evening 2016    (29/02/16)  [View]

Download SafeZone    (29/02/16)  [View]

Out of Lectures and into the Boardroom    (29/02/16)  [View]

Opportunity to Teach English in Spain    (24/02/16)  [View]

Free Level 1 Sports Trainer Course    (22/02/16)  [View]

IT Maintenance This weekend 20 Feb 6pm    (22/02/16)  [View]

Honours Scholarship Available    (18/02/16)  [View]

SOLS Outage - Tues 16th Feb 5-530pm    (17/02/16)  [View]

PASS Begins In Week 2    (15/02/16)  [View]

Graduate Careers Expo 15 March 2016    (15/02/16)  [View]

Extended Library Opening Hours    (31/01/16)  [View]

CRLP Info Session Thurs 28 Jan    (28/01/16)  [View]

Australian Indigenous Women Scholarship    (15/01/16)  [View]

IELTS Testing 3 Times A Month In 2016    (21/01/15)  [View]

Is your UOW password up to date    (29/12/15)  [View]

IT Outage Saturday 19 December    (21/12/15)  [View]

Digital Literacy Workshops in Summer    (16/12/15)  [View]

Certificate III in Pathology Promotion    (14/12/15)  [View]

IT Maintenance 12 December from 6pm    (14/12/15)  [View]

Join the iUnivative Challenge    (31/11/15)  [View]

Library Summer Refurbishment    (30/11/15)  [View]

SOLS Outage - Monday 23rd Nov 5-545pm    (24/11/15)  [View]

Council Summary    (11/11/15)  [View]

Update to Release of Results Dates    (03/11/15)  [View]

Full IT Outage this Saturday 31 October    (02/11/15)  [View]

HDR Travel Scholarship Video Challenge    (31/10/15)  [View]

Donate Blood on Campus    (30/10/15)  [View]

In2Uni Mentor Applications Now Open    (29/10/15)  [View]

Donate Blood on Campu    (30/10/15)  [View]

IT Outage 24 October from Midnight    (26/10/15)  [View]

People Powering Change Wed 21 Oct    (23/10/15)  [View]

Cyber Security Seminar    (22/10/15)  [View]

Artist Talk for UOW Students    (22/10/15)  [View]

Global Climate Change Week at UOW    (21/10/15)  [View]

Students Sought For Innovation Sessions    (18/10/15)  [View]

Musician Auditions For Graduation    (16/10/15)  [View]

Take the URAC survey with chance to WIN    (15/10/15)  [View]

In2Uni Mentor Recruitment    (14/10/15)  [View]

Professor Alan Owen Lecture 2015    (14/10/15)  [View]


HDR Travel Scholarship Video Challenge    (06/10/15)  [View]

Humanities Careers Conference 2015    (05/10/15)  [View]

Greenwood Education Information Session    (05/10/15)  [View]


Pedestrian Bridge Closure 28 September    (02/10/15)  [View]

2015 SBRC Open Day     (02/10/15)  [View]

Chance To Win 2000 Dollars For An Essay    (30/09/15)  [View]

UniCentre Board Elections 19 Oct 2015    (28/09/15)  [View]

Teach in the UK Education Info Sessions    (24/09/15)  [View]

SMAH Professional Development Courses    (17/09/15)  [View]

Bachelor of Social Sciences Info Event    (16/09/15)  [View]

Skills Based Workshops for EIS Students    (15/09/15)  [View]

S4S Conference SMAH Sponsored Places    (14/09/15)  [View]

Nursing Scholarship    (14/09/15)  [View]

IT Scheduled Maintenance 12 Sep from 6pm    (14/09/15)  [View]

Changes to Path on Northfields Ave    (12/09/15)  [View]

Monster Class Is Back    (12/09/15)  [View]

Graduate Researcher Careers Conference    (10/09/15)  [View]

URAC Refurbishment Project    (07/09/15)  [View]

UniCentre Student Director Elections    (06/09/15)  [View]

Inspiration Evening 4 September    (04/09/15)  [View]

Nominate your Teacher for an Award    (04/09/15)  [View]

Creative Arts Industry Panel Sessions    (01/09/15)  [View]

Are you protected against cyber crime    (28/08/15)  [View]

Can you reset your password online    (28/08/15)  [View]

Ring Road Lane Closures 27 and 28 August    (28/08/15)  [View]

Earth and Environmental Sciences Panel    (27/08/15)  [View]

IT Scheduled Maintenance 22 Aug from 6pm    (24/08/15)  [View]

Q and A Earth and Environmental Science     (23/08/15)  [View]

Donate Blood on Campus and Save Lives    (21/08/15)  [View]

New Features on MYUOW App    (20/08/15)  [View]

SOLS Outage - 5-530pm Tues 18th Aug 2015    (19/08/15)  [View]

Prizes on offer for Dementia Essay Comp    (18/08/15)  [View]

2015 Student Experience Survey    (18/08/15)  [View]

Nominate your Teacher for an Award    (14/08/15)  [View]

Wireless Outage Issues    (14/08/15)  [View]

Wireless Outage Issues    (15/08/15)  [View]

Library Catalogue Outage 10-11 Aug    (12/08/15)  [View]

SOLS to Moodle Login    (10/08/15)  [View]

SOLS Transition Period Ends Tues 4th Aug    (04/08/15)  [View]

Win Prizes with UOW New You Challenge    (02/08/15)  [View]

URAC Team Training Pass    (02/08/15)  [View]

PASS begins in Week 2    (02/08/15)  [View]

GCP Commences Week 2    (31/07/15)  [View]

Boom and Bust in the Bronze Age    (30/07/15)  [View]

GCP Commences Week 2    (03/07/15)  [View]

Study in Europe and UK in Autumn 2016    (31/07/15)  [View]

Get Involved and Win Prizes    (27/07/15)  [View]

Download SafeZone Today    (27/07/15)  [View]

Nominate your Teacher for an Award    (27/07/15)  [View]

Come Plant a Tree for National Tree Day    (24/07/15)  [View]

Help Run The Psychology Society    (24/07/15)  [View]

Graduating Students Update Your Details     (21/07/15)  [View]

SOLS Outage - TODAY 6-615pm    (17/07/15)  [View]

SOLS Outage - Thurs 16 July 5-530pm    (17/07/15)  [View]

Reach Support Group Seeking Participants    (14/07/15)  [View]

Urgent IT Maintenance 11-12 July    (12/07/15)  [View]

IS YOUR PASSWORD UP TO DATE    (10/07/15)  [View]

Student Internet Quota Reset    (10/07/15)  [View]

Unique Mentoring Opportunity    (10/07/15)  [View]

IT Scheduled Maintenance 4 July 6am-6pm    (05/07/15)  [View]

Social Club Student Merit Prize    (30/06/15)  [View]

Northfields Ave Bus Interchange Reopens    (29/06/15)  [View]

SMAH Faculty Careers Consultant    (24/06/15)  [View]

UniVative Woolyungah Deadline Extended    (24/06/15)  [View]

University of Colorado Guest Speakers    (24/06/15)  [View]

Graduation Changes Update    (19/06/15)  [View]

Nursing Graduate Career Workshops    (19/06/15)  [View]

UniVative Woolyungah Applications Open    (18/06/15)  [View]

UOW Golf Day 2015    (15/06/15)  [View]

Kids Uni Bus Stop    (09/06/15)  [View]

UniVative Woolyungah Launch and Lunch    (09/06/15)  [View]

UWS vs UOW Sports Clash    (05/06/15)  [View]


SMAH New Holland Scholarship    (03/06/15)  [View]

UOW Alumni Campus Chapter Scholarship    (02/06/15)  [View]

Donate Blood to Help Save Lives    (29/05/15)  [View]

Master of Teaching Information Session    (28/05/15)  [View]

Archaeological Science Seminar    (28/05/15)  [View]

WiFi Support Booth in Building 41 Today    (28/05/15)  [View]

Changes To Graduation From Nov 2015    (27/05/15)  [View]

Southern Sydney Campus Network Outage    (27/05/15)  [View]

Southern Sydney Network Restored    (23/05/15)  [View]

Loftus Campus Network Outage    (23/05/15)  [View]

CRLP200 Internship Subject Info Session     (22/05/15)  [View]

UOW Nursing Careers Expo    (21/05/15)  [View]

UOW Used Books Supporting Students    (19/05/15)  [View]

Depression Research    (19/05/15)  [View]

Invite to Andrew Leigh MP Presentation    (18/05/15)  [View]

July Graduation Applications LAST WEEK     (17/05/15)  [View]

Musicians Sought For Graduation    (15/05/15)  [View]

Network restored to Bega and BatemansBay    (13/05/15)  [View]

Network outage at Bega and Batemans Bay    (13/05/15)  [View]

Turn Your Ideas Into Reality    (11/05/15)  [View]

Mitsui Educational Foundation Study Tour    (11/05/15)  [View]

July Graduation LAST WEEKS TO APPLY    (17/05/15)  [View]

UOW Wifi Hotspot Helpdesk is still open    (08/05/15)  [View]

Privacy Awareness Week    (08/05/15)  [View]

Education Careers Expo     (07/05/15)  [View]

Share Your Transport Thoughts And Win    (06/05/15)  [View]

Major Cash Prizes For UOW Pitch 2015    (05/05/15)  [View]

Get Ready For The UniVative Challenge    (03/05/15)  [View]

UniCentre Annual General Meeting    (03/05/15)  [View]

Student Caller Positions Available    (01/05/15)  [View]

Summer 2015 Japan Study Tour    (30/04/15)  [View]

Innovation Works Prototype Competition    (30/04/15)  [View]

Three new SMAH Research Clusters    (30/04/15)  [View]

Allan Sefton Memorial Lecture 1 May    (28/04/15)  [View]

July Graduation APPLY NOW    (26/04/15)  [View]

eLearning Support Outage 26 April    (26/04/15)  [View]

40K Globe Grants and Academic Credit    (26/04/15)  [View]

Wifi Hotspot Helpdesk on Campus    (24/04/15)  [View]

Allan Sefton Memorial Lecture 1 May    (22/04/15)  [View]

Power Outages and Network Issues    (22/04/15)  [View]

Urgent IT Maintenance Friday 17th April    (18/04/15)  [View]

UWS vs UOW Sports Clash    (17/04/15)  [View]

ICT Employer On Campus    (16/04/15)  [View]

Emergency Contact Required in SOLS    (15/04/15)  [View]

National Campus Band and DJ Comp    (15/04/15)  [View]

Learning Platform Support Portal Outage    (13/04/15)  [View]

IT Scheduled Maintenance 11 and 12 April    (12/04/15)  [View]

Updated iC Shuttle Timetable    (14/04/15)  [View]

GCP Aboriginal Bushtucker Sessions Wk 6    (16/04/15)  [View]

UOW Team For City To Surf Aug 2015    (11/04/15)  [View]

Join The Discovery Space Volunteer Team    (10/04/15)  [View]

40K Globe July Program     (07/04/15)  [View]

Employer Tibra On Campus 2nd April     (02/04/15)  [View]

Wifi Services Outage Resolved    (01/04/15)  [View]

Wireless Outage Issues    (29/03/15)  [View]

SOLS Outage - Thurs 26th March 5-530pm    (27/03/15)  [View]

Depression Research     (26/03/15)  [View]

Meet Employers on Campus 24 and 26 Mar    (26/03/15)  [View]

2015 Alumni Awards Nominations Now Open    (31/03/14)  [View]

2015 Alumni Awards Now Open    (31/03/15)  [View]

SOLS Outage - Thurs 26th March 5-530pm    (27/03/15)  [View]

IT Scheduled Maintenance 21-22 March    (23/03/15)  [View]

Uni Games Trials    (16/03/15)  [View]

Jean Clarke Scholarship for Women    (16/03/15)  [View]

Guest Talk On The Topic Of Homo Sapiens    (16/03/15)  [View]

SMAH Graduate Jobs Now Open    (13/03/15)  [View]

PASS Begins In Week 2    (12/03/15)  [View]

Global Communicators Timetable Released    (11/03/15)  [View]

Garden Party 2015    (12/03/15)  [View]

Traffic Congestion For Start Of Session    (09/03/15)  [View]

New iC Shuttle Links To Accommodation    (09/03/15)  [View]

Northfields Ave Bus Interchange Closed    (06/03/15)  [View]

Local Road Closures In March    (04/03/15)  [View]

Donate blood on campus    (02/03/15)  [View]

New and improved transport services    (03/03/15)  [View]

Download SafeZone today    (01/03/15)  [View]

Get a bike to get to uni    (27/02/15)  [View]

SMAH central closed 23 February    (24/02/15)  [View]

Building 17 Student Labs Renovation    (21/02/15)  [View]

Changes to SOLSMail    (20/02/15)  [View]

SMAH Central CLOSED 18 Feb    (19/02/15)  [View]

SMAH student survey    (26/02/14)  [View]

SOLS Fees Menu items Unavailable Sunday    (16/02/15)  [View]

Archaeological seminar on Feb 12    (13/02/15)  [View]

Hear from Archaeologist Dr Erich Fisher    (12/02/15)  [View]

In2Uni Mentor Applications Now Open    (11/02/15)  [View]

Changes To Bus Stop Locations    (10/02/15)  [View]

Mentor Applications Now Open    (03/02/15)  [View]

IT Scheduled Maintenance 24 January    (25/01/15)  [View]

Student Internet Quota Reset    (23/01/15)  [View]

SMAH Subject Code Changes In 2015    (22/01/15)  [View]

Employers Now Recruiting For Grad Jobs    (20/01/15)  [View]

Concession Opal Card    (15/01/15)  [View]

UOW Alumni Bookshop    (31/12/14)  [View]

SMAH Faculty Career Consultant    (31/12/14)  [View]

Changes To Some SMAH Subject Codes    (31/12/14)  [View]

IT Scheduled Maintenance 20 December    (21/12/14)  [View]

Northfields Ave Bus Terminus Upgrade    (15/12/14)  [View]

Leading Archaeology Expert Seminar    (11/12/14)  [View]

Essay Competition with EUR 20K prize    (10/12/14)  [View]

SMAH Job Applications and Careers Advice    (10/12/14)  [View]

SOLS Outage - Tues 9th Dec 5-6pm    (10/12/14)  [View]

IT Scheduled Maintenance 6-7 December    (07/12/14)  [View]

Moodle Unavailable 27 November    (27/11/14)  [View]

Jean Clarke Scholarship for Women    (20/11/14)  [View]

Attention App Developers    (13/11/14)  [View]

Alumni Bookshop Is Moving    (10/11/14)  [View]

Safety Escorts After Dark    (10/11/14)  [View]

Bike Safety    (10/11/14)  [View]

Security Telephones    (30/10/14)  [View]

Check Your Fee Statement    (22/10/14)  [View]

SOLS Outage - Tues 21 Oct 5pm    (22/10/14)  [View]

Gift Card for Focus Group Participation    (22/10/14)  [View]

SOLS Outage - Tues 21 Oct 5pm    (22/10/14)  [View]

URAC Survey WIN an iPad Mini    (20/10/14)  [View]

Keep Safe During Party Season    (20/10/14)  [View]

Alumni Bookshop Update    (20/10/14)  [View]

IT Printing Maintenance 18 Oct    (19/10/14)  [View]

December Graduation APPLY NOW    (17/10/14)  [View]

In2Uni Fundraising Trivia Night    (17/10/14)  [View]

Fittest Student Grand Final     (15/10/14)  [View]

Careers for Engineers    (15/10/14)  [View]

Talented Musicians Required    (15/10/14)  [View]

Vehicle and Car Park Security    (13/10/14)  [View]

Security Office Location    (13/10/14)  [View]

IT Scheduled Maintenance 11-12 October    (12/10/14)  [View]

Student Experience Questionnaire    (10/10/14)  [View]

Get Sponsored to Study    (10/10/14)  [View]

Brush up on your Digital Literacy    (06/10/14)  [View]

Library Focus Groups    (02/10/14)  [View]

IMTS: Wireless Services Restored    (02/10/14)  [View]

IMTS: Wireless Outage Update    (02/10/14)  [View]

Safety Escorts After Dark    (30/09/14)  [View]

Remote Campus Power Outage    (28/09/14)  [View]

Free Networking Workshop    (26/09/14)  [View]

December Graduation APPLY NOW    (23/09/14)  [View]

Online Digital Literacy Workshops    (22/09/14)  [View]

Reporting Incidents to Security    (22/09/14)  [View]

S4S Conference Faculty Sponsored Places    (22/09/14)  [View]

Birds Swooping On Campus    (18/09/14)  [View]

Teach in the UK    (16/09/14)  [View]

UniCentre Board Declaration of Poll    (15/09/14)  [View]

IT Scheduled Maintenance 13-14 September    (14/09/14)  [View]

Protect Your USB    (12/09/14)  [View]

SMAH Career Readiness Student Conference    (12/09/14)  [View]

Ride to Uni Day 2014    (11/09/14)  [View]

Search For UOWs Fittest Student     (07/09/14)  [View]

NRMA Meeting Points    (07/09/14)  [View]

NSW Roads Hackathon Info Session    (07/09/14)  [View]

Bert Halpern Lecture 5 Sep    (05/09/14)  [View]

Nominate Your Teacher for an Award    (05/09/14)  [View]

UniCentre Board of Directors Elections    (05/09/14)  [View]

40K Globe Internship Program    (03/09/14)  [View]

Freedom trail extended to end of 2014    (21/09/14)  [View]

First Aid on Campus    (01/09/14)  [View]

Aurora Native Title Internship Program    (25/08/14)  [View]

Protecting Property Against Theft    (24/08/14)  [View]

Monster Fitness Class Fundraiser    (23/08/14)  [View]

Donate Blood on Campus     (22/08/14)  [View]

UOW Security Are Moving    (20/08/14)  [View]

Bike Safety    (19/08/14)  [View]

Get Help Managing Your Money    (18/08/14)  [View]

FREE Software Workshop Intro to iMovie    (15/08/14)  [View]

Student Leadership Opportunity    (15/08/14)  [View]

WordPress Excel and Prezi Workshops    (11/08/14)  [View]

Global Communicators timetable released    (11/08/14)  [View]

Lost and Found Property    (11/08/14)  [View]

Engineering Cocktial Party    (08/08/14)  [View]

UOW Cuts and You    (07/08/14)  [View]

Engineering Week Q and A Session    (06/08/14)  [View]

UniCentre Board of Directors Elections    (04/08/14)  [View]

Warning Traffic Ahead    (04/08/14)  [View]

Making Cycling and Walking Easier    (04/08/14)  [View]

P2 Ticket Parking After 4pm    (04/08/14)  [View]

PASS Begins In Week 2    (03/08/14)  [View]

Paid Mentor Positions    (01/08/14)  [View]

Disabled Parking Bays Penalty Notices    (30/07/14)  [View]

SafeZone App    (29/07/14)  [View]

P2 Pay and Display Parking after 4pm    (28/07/14)  [View]

2000 Dollar Bill Wheeler Award    (28/07/14)  [View]

Digital Skills Workshops Weeks 1 and 2    (27/07/14)  [View]

Free Workshops At The Good Life Series    (10/08/14)  [View]

Engineering Scholarships    (28/07/14)  [View]

New Reach Support Group    (25/07/14)  [View]

IT Scheduled Maintenance 19-20 July    (21/07/14)  [View]

SOLS Outage 9am to midday Sat 12th July    (13/07/14)  [View]

SOLS Outage 9am to midday Sat 12th July    (12/07/14)  [View]

UniMovies Are UOWs Best Kept Secret    (10/07/14)  [View]

FREE Resume Review    (09/07/14)  [View]

Student Internet Quota Reset    (08/07/14)  [View]

Nominate your Teacher for an Award    (31/06/14)  [View]

Botanic Garden Parking Fines    (31/06/14)  [View]

IT Scheduled Maintenance 28-29 June    (29/06/14)  [View]

Power Interruption BLDG 2 Sat 28 June    (28/06/14)  [View]

Update your Password Security Profile    (27/06/14)  [View]

Major Trackwork During Exam Period    (26/06/14)  [View]

UOWmail issues    (25/06/14)  [View]

UOWmail experiencing issues    (26/06/14)  [View]

IT Scheduled Maintenance 28-29 June    (30/06/14)  [View]

Last Chance to Share in 40K    (22/06/14)  [View]

UOW Wellbeing Survey With Chance To Win    (14/06/14)  [View]

NRMA Meeting Points    (12/06/14)  [View]

The Trial Invitation    (07/06/14)  [View]

UOW Golf Day 2014    (06/06/14)  [View]

ITS Update: Moodle Performance Issue    (04/06/14)  [View]

Env Advisory Committee Student Rep    (04/06/14)  [View]

Motorcycle Security    (02/06/14)  [View]

City to Surf Uni Team 10 August    (26/05/14)  [View]

Protecting Property Against Theft    (26/05/14)  [View]

Campus Watch    (22/05/14)  [View]

2014 Nursing Careers Expo    (21/05/14)  [View]

40K in Cash Prizes for Students    (20/05/14)  [View]

UniCentre Annual General Meeting    (19/05/14)  [View]

LAST DAYS to apply to graduate in July    (19/05/14)  [View]

IT Scheduled Maintenance 17-18th May    (18/05/14)  [View]

UOW Power Interruption Sat17th May    (17/05/14)  [View]

SafeZone    (19/05/14)  [View]

Last week to apply to graduate in July    (18/05/14)  [View]

Musicians For Graduation Required    (16/05/14)  [View]

UOW Pitch 2014 Major Cash Prizes    (16/05/14)  [View]

Knitting 101 Hosted by UOW Wellbeing    (15/05/14)  [View]

JENESYS Invitation    (12/05/14)  [View]

2014 Education Careers Expo    (12/05/14)  [View]

APPLY TO GRADUATE BY FRIDAY 16 MAY    (18/05/14)  [View]

Check In SafeZone After Hours    (12/05/14)  [View]

MS Office now FREE with UOWmail    (09/05/14)  [View]

Essential Employment and Training Visit     (08/05/14)  [View]

Balcony Gardening    (07/05/14)  [View]

Master of Teaching Information Session    (06/05/14)  [View]

Tibra Capital Information Evening    (06/05/14)  [View]

World of Work Seminar Series    (06/05/14)  [View]

New Shuttle and Parking Apps    (05/05/14)  [View]

IT Scheduled Maintenance 3 and 4 May     (04/05/14)  [View]

Safety Escorts After Dark    (04/05/14)  [View]

Allan Sefton Memorial Lecture 2 May    (31/04/14)  [View]

GRADUATION - Apply now for July 2014    (30/04/14)  [View]

Alumni Bookshop Open Over Break    (25/04/14)  [View]

Bloomberg Insight Day    (18/04/14)  [View]

Good Life Series: Getting a Casual Job    (01/05/14)  [View]

Penalties For Improper Use Of Carpooling    (14/04/14)  [View]

Train Timetable Change    (11/04/14)  [View]

Contemporary Topics in Computing Drop-In    (08/04/14)  [View]

Totally 90s Fluoro Fitness Party    (08/04/14)  [View]

Lucy Mentoring Program    (08/04/14)  [View]

UOW Pitch is back in 2014    (07/04/14)  [View]

IT Scheduled Maintenance 5-6th April    (07/04/14)  [View]

IT Scheduled Maintenance 22-23 Feb    (07/04/14)  [View]

ALIVE Leadership Program    (02/04/14)  [View]

Wk 5 Drop In Avoiding Data Disaster    (02/03/14)  [View]

Engineering Career Workshop Series    (26/03/14)  [View]

Global Careers in Japan Workshop    (24/03/14)  [View]

Student Rep Forum Nominations Open    (21/03/14)  [View]

Represent UOW at Uni Games    (20/03/14)  [View]

Microsoft Tech Talk    (20/03/14)  [View]

Access to Moodle during SOLS outage here    (19/03/14)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Tues 18 March 5-6pm    (19/03/14)  [View]

Alternate Link to Moodle    (19/03/14)  [View]

Take care on the freeway    (17/03/14)  [View]

Queuing for the Gong Shuttle    (17/03/14)  [View]

Global Communicators Program    (14/03/14)  [View]

Wellbeing Survey and Chance To Win Prize    (14/03/14)  [View]

SOLS UnavailableTues 18 March 5-6pm    (19/03/14)  [View]

City to Surf 2014 Uni Team     (12/03/14)  [View]

UOW Shuttle App now for iOS and Android    (11/03/14)  [View]

Employer Information Sessions    (11/03/14)  [View]

Adult Learn to Swim Program    (11/03/14)  [View]

Free Digital Workshops    (10/03/14)  [View]

Rainforest To Harbourside Tour    (14/03/14)  [View]

Graduate Careers Expo 2014    (06/03/14)  [View]

Traffic and Parking - Start of Session    (06/03/14)  [View]

Shuttle Services on Full Timetable    (06/03/14)  [View]

Campbelltown 887 Express Bus    (06/03/14)  [View]

Postgraduate Mature Age Welcome Event    (06/03/14)  [View]

PASS Begins In Week 2    (03/03/14)  [View]

Careers Central is now using CareerHub    (03/03/14)  [View]

Film extras needed Friday 21 March    (30/02/14)  [View]

IT Scheduled Maintenance 22-23 Feb    (24/02/14)  [View]

Cultural Transition Workshops    (21/02/14)  [View]

UOW Used Books Opening Hours    (15/02/14)  [View]

In2Uni Mentors Recruiting NOW    (14/02/14)  [View]

ITS Scheduled Maintenance    (26/01/14)  [View]

P3 and P8 Carparks Re-surfacing Jan 2014    (24/01/14)  [View]

CSE 2014 Student Leader Apps Now Open    (24/01/14)  [View]

Student Internet Quota Reset    (17/01/14)  [View]

On-Campus Casual Employment 2014    (17/01/14)  [View]

Freeway Bridge Closure 16 and 17 Jan    (17/01/14)  [View]

P3 and P8 Carparks Re-surfacing Jan 2014    (31/12/13)  [View]

UOW Used Books Opening Hours    (31/12/13)  [View]

Study Indonesian In 2014    (23/12/13)  [View]

ITS Scheduled Maintenance    (22/12/13)  [View]

Graduands stay in touch    (21/12/13)  [View]

ITS Update: Student Print Maintenance    (19/12/13)  [View]

Wollongong Giving Tree Appeal    (15/12/13)  [View]

CSE 2014 Student Leader Apps Now Open    (14/12/13)  [View]

Win one of 10 Unishop Vouchers    (09/12/13)  [View]

Win one of 10 250 Unishop vouchers    (09/12/13)  [View]

CSE 2014 Student Leader Apps Now Open    (31/11/13)  [View]

Free Tickets To 3D Printing Event    (26/11/13)  [View]

Global Communicators Program Summer Sess    (25/11/13)  [View]

Job Opportunities In China    (25/11/13)  [View]

Wollongong Giving Tree Appeal    (22/11/13)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Thurs 21 Nov from 515pm    (22/11/13)  [View]

2013 Graduate Exhibition    (21/11/13)  [View]

Wartime Nursing Talk    (20/11/13)  [View]

2014 Annual Appeal Student Callers    (18/11/13)  [View]

Free Workshops On Digital Skills    (14/11/13)  [View]

2013 Graduate Exhibition    (20/11/13)  [View]

Talk: War Nursing in Australian History    (13/11/13)  [View]

Invitation To Participate In Study    (11/11/13)  [View]

Saturday Timetable - North Gong Shuttle    (11/11/13)  [View]

Library Extended Opening Hours    (17/11/13)  [View]

CSE 2014 Student Leader Apps Now Open    (07/11/13)  [View]

Traffic Disruptions - URAC Mon 4 Nov    (05/11/13)  [View]

Traffic Disruptions - URAC Mon 4 Nov    (04/11/13)  [View]

Traffic disruptions outside URAC     (04/11/13)  [View]

Library Extended Opening Hours    (01/11/13)  [View]

UOWmail upgrade completed    (31/10/13)  [View]

Updates to North Gong Shuttle Timetable     (30/10/13)  [View]

IPRI Summer Scholarships    (28/10/13)  [View]

Lost Property    (25/10/13)  [View]

South Coast Tour: Saturday 26 October     (25/10/13)  [View]

New Train Timetable    (23/10/13)  [View]

Win UOWs most prestigious prize    (20/10/13)  [View]

Graduation applications close 18 October    (19/10/13)  [View]

Global Communicators Program     (18/10/13)  [View]

Anti-Poverty Day    (18/10/13)  [View]

Pop Up Trivia Night    (17/10/13)  [View]

Ride to Uni Day Wed 16th October    (16/10/13)  [View]

Apply for December Graduation by 18 Oct    (13/10/13)  [View]

Scheduled IT Maintenance 12th October    (13/10/13)  [View]

Nutrition book launch 9 October     (09/10/13)  [View]

Trip to Canberra Floriade 5th Oct    (05/10/13)  [View]

S4S Leadership Conference    (31/09/13)  [View]

Musicians Wanted for Graduation    (30/09/13)  [View]

Scheduled IT Maintenance 28th September    (29/09/13)  [View]

Tax Time Message for Students     (27/09/13)  [View]

Short Course Information Session    (27/09/13)  [View]

A World of Work Seminar Series     (29/09/13)  [View]

December Graduation APPLY NOW    (20/09/13)  [View]

Coffee for a Cause 2013    (20/09/13)  [View]

The Americas Information Session    (20/09/13)  [View]

Help for the Homesick    (20/09/13)  [View]

iAccelerate Entrepreneur Meeting    (17/09/13)  [View]

Discover the Gong - Nan Tien Temple    (19/09/13)  [View]

Remix Academic Integrity Competition    (01/10/13)  [View]

A World of Work Seminar Series     (19/09/13)  [View]

Ride for Change - Join TeamUOW    (20/09/13)  [View]

A World of Work Seminar Series    (24/09/13)  [View]

Conference Taking Care of Business    (19/09/13)  [View]

Campus Watch Alert     (13/09/13)  [View]

Conversations with Thom Woodroofe    (12/09/13)  [View]

Accenture Information Session    (11/09/13)  [View]

The Amazing Green Race is on soon    (11/09/13)  [View]

A Conversation with Thom Woodroofe’     (12/09/13)  [View]

Ring Road Closure Friday 6 Sep    (07/09/13)  [View]

Laugh While You Learn:    (05/09/13)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Wed 4th Sept 5 to 6pm    (05/09/13)  [View]

Discover the Gong Tours     (05/09/13)  [View]

Defence Force Information Session    (04/09/13)  [View]

GCP Aboriginal bush tucker campus tour    (31/08/13)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Wed 4th Sept 5-6pm    (05/09/13)  [View]

Voting Now Open for UniCentre Elections     (30/08/13)  [View]

Take UniCentre Survey to WIN a trip    (31/08/13)  [View]

UniCentre Board Election Nomination List    (30/08/13)  [View]

UOW Pitch Applications Closing Soon    (21/08/13)  [View]

Discover the Gong Barefoot Bowls    (20/08/13)  [View]

UOW Fittest Student Competition    (19/08/13)  [View]

Monster Fitness Class    (25/07/13)  [View]

UOW Pitch    (20/08/13)  [View]

Global Communicators Program    (18/08/13)  [View]

Welcome to Wollongong    (17/08/13)  [View]

Stage 2 of the UOWmail upgrade is coming    (14/08/13)  [View]

UniCentre Board Elections     (16/08/13)  [View]

Global Communicators Program    (10/08/13)  [View]

UniCentre Elections     (10/08/13)  [View]

Gallery Exhibitions    (09/08/13)  [View]

Illawarra Fly and Fitzroy Falls Tour    (09/08/13)  [View]

SPRING CAREERS FAIR     (09/08/13)  [View]

PASS begins in week 2    (06/08/13)  [View]

Important Transport Infomation    (10/08/13)  [View]

Nominate Your Teacher For An Award    (07/08/13)  [View]

Discover the Gong - The Welcome Tour    (03/08/13)  [View]

Did you know Creative Arts electives are    (02/08/13)  [View]

UOWmail on Office 365 has arrived    (31/07/13)  [View]

Re-Engineering the Engineer    (30/07/13)  [View]


International Student Barometer Survey    (22/07/13)  [View]

Major IT Outage 13-14 July 2013    (15/07/13)  [View]

Library open during internet outage    (15/07/13)  [View]

Nominate Your Teacher for an Award    (07/09/13)  [View]

Library News: End of Session Information    (10/07/13)  [View]

UOWMAIL Upgrade to Office365 in progress    (09/07/13)  [View]

ITS Notification: Equella Maintenance    (05/07/13)  [View]

UOWmail upgrade to Microsoft Office365    (04/07/13)  [View]

Self-Service Password Tools Launched    (30/06/13)  [View]

Scheduled IT Maintenance 29th June    (30/06/13)  [View]

Last Chance - Community Volunteering    (19/06/13)  [View]

Big STUVAC Study Sessions    (14/06/13)  [View]

Uni is going GREEN in Week 13    (08/06/13)  [View]

Free Breakfast - Wednesday 5 June    (06/06/13)  [View]

Time for tea: 230pm Tuesday 4 June    (05/06/13)  [View]

Time for tea: 230pmTuesday 4 June    (05/06/13)  [View]

Last Chance to Register - City to Surf     (29/05/13)  [View]

Healing sounds: Crystal singing bowls    (28/05/13)  [View]

HEALTH SCIENCES FAIR: 23 May    (24/05/13)  [View]

UniCentre Annual General Meeting: 22 May    (23/05/13)  [View]

FREE WORKSHOP: Keep calm and carry on    (23/05/13)  [View]

ITS Event Cyber Security and You    (22/05/13)  [View]

Wollongong Bike Plan Survey    (21/05/13)  [View]

SAFEZONE Mobile App    (18/05/13)  [View]

APPLY TO GRADUATE by 17 May    (18/05/13)  [View]

HEALTH SCIENCES FAIR    (16/05/13)  [View]

APPLY NOW to graduate in July    (17/05/13)  [View]

1000 Dollars up for grabs in Art Prize    (15/05/13)  [View]

Temporary Closure: Engineering Precinct    (15/05/13)  [View]

ATO video competition now open    (13/05/13)  [View]

7:10am Uni Express Campbelltown Bus 887    (09/05/13)  [View]

Free on Wednesday lunchtime    (09/05/13)  [View]

Health Sciences Fair - 23 May    (08/05/13)  [View]

Aboriginal Bush Tucker and Medicine WALK    (04/05/13)  [View]

South Coast Dolphin Watching Tour: 4 May    (04/05/13)  [View]

Creating new student spaces - Thursday    (03/05/13)  [View]

Aussie Slang workshop WEDNESDAY    (02/05/13)  [View]

Campbelltown express bus trial continues    (29/04/13)  [View]

IT Scheduled Maintenance April 26    (27/04/13)  [View]

Feedback Month: Win 100 dollar voucher    (26/04/13)  [View]

The house that UOW built - ON DISPLAY    (25/04/13)  [View]

2013 Education Careers Fair     (20/04/13)  [View]

Casual Employment for students    (19/04/13)  [View]

RAW ARTS FESTIVAL: Looking for Artists    (19/04/13)  [View]

City to Surf 2013 - University team    (18/04/13)  [View]

Exhibition by Garry Jones 4 to 24 April    (17/04/13)  [View]

Scheduled IT Maintenance 13 April    (14/04/13)  [View]

The Blue Mountains Tour - 13 April    (13/04/13)  [View]

Vote TODAY for Faculty Student Reps    (12/04/13)  [View]

Uni in the Brewery    (11/04/13)  [View]

710AM Uni Express Campbelltown Bus    (13/04/13)  [View]

Love vegies: Food Swap on TUESDAY    (10/04/13)  [View]

UOW 2013 International Exchange Fair    (12/04/13)  [View]

ELEVATE Leadership Opportunity    (06/04/13)  [View]

New Campbelltown EXPRESS Bus    (06/04/13)  [View]

City to Surf 2013 - University team    (30/03/13)  [View]

WIN 500: tell us what Alumni means    (29/03/13)  [View]

How ALIVE are you    (29/03/13)  [View]

Appetite study: Volunteers Needed    (28/03/13)  [View]

iConnect Induction Seminar    (27/03/13)  [View]

Scheduled IT Maintenance 23-24 March    (25/03/13)  [View]

Uni in the Brewery - 20 March    (21/03/13)  [View]

How are the buses going    (21/03/13)  [View]

Rainforest to Harbour Side Tour    (18/03/13)  [View]

PASS begins in week 2    (16/03/13)  [View]

Grow fruit and vegies: Food Swap    (15/03/13)  [View]

iConnect Cultural Awareness Workshop    (15/03/13)  [View]

Traffic and parking - start of session    (15/03/13)  [View]

PLAY FREE SPORT starts 11 March    (12/03/13)  [View]

GetSmart with the UOW Library    (08/03/13)  [View]

Autumn Careers Fair: 19 March    (20/02/13)  [View]

Find a place to live Apply at UOWLiving    (04/03/13)  [View]

Explore ideas about studying overseas    (04/03/13)  [View]

FREE HOUSEHOLD GOODS: 1-2 March    (02/03/13)  [View]

Free food and cooking demo at O-week    (28/02/13)  [View]



Scheduled IT Maintenance 16th February    (17/02/13)  [View]

In2Uni Mentor Employment Opportunity    (09/02/13)  [View]

Food Buy or Swap TODAY 1:00pm    (09/02/13)  [View]

Connect: Food Swap - 8 February    (09/02/13)  [View]

Play Free Sport - Wednesdays in February    (27/02/13)  [View]

Careers Central New Initiatives for 2013    (23/02/13)  [View]

ITS Notification: Scheduled Maintenance    (27/01/13)  [View]


Leadership Opportunities Available Now    (18/01/13)  [View]

ITS Notification: Scheduled Maintenance    (13/01/13)  [View]

ITS: UOW internet quota has been reset    (11/01/13)  [View]

Student casual positions available    (18/01/13)  [View]

Annual-Autumn 2013 Timetables Available    (31/12/12)  [View]

Christmas Cards and Gift Tags for sale    (24/12/12)  [View]

Nominate your Teacher for An Award    (21/12/12)  [View]

Summer Global Communicators Program    (21/12/12)  [View]

Centrelink Changes for Overseas Travel    (20/12/12)  [View]

Scheduled IT Maintenance 15 Dec 2012    (16/12/12)  [View]

About Supplementary Assessments    (03/12/12)  [View]

Scheduled IT Maintenance 1 December 2012    (02/12/12)  [View]

Radical Beer    (30/11/12)  [View]

Avoid having your results withheld    (23/11/12)  [View]

Annual-Autumn 2013 Class Timetables    (20/11/12)  [View]

Community day of action    (19/11/12)  [View]

Scheduled IT Maintenance 17 October    (18/11/12)  [View]

Parking fees and shuttle bus improvement    (17/11/12)  [View]

UOW is creating a larger Library for you    (15/11/12)  [View]

Have you been spotted    (12/11/12)  [View]

Library Extended Hours and Past Exams    (11/11/12)  [View]

Mount Keira Road closure from 7th Nov    (08/11/12)  [View]

Donate Blood 22-25 October at UOW    (26/11/12)  [View]

STUVAC Study Space in Building 11    (03/11/12)  [View]

LAST WEEK TO APPLY TO GRADUATE    (21/10/12)  [View]

WIN the most Prestigious Prize at UOW    (20/10/12)  [View]

Uni in the Brewery: Child Obesity    (18/10/12)  [View]

Ride to Uni day TOMORROW    (18/10/12)  [View]

Only 1 week to go til Ride to Uni day    (18/10/12)  [View]

Real students : Real stories    (16/10/12)  [View]

Scheduled IT Maintenance 13 October    (14/10/12)  [View]

Good Life: Buying a car    (13/10/12)  [View]

Refill - it is that simple    (12/10/12)  [View]

Good Life: Stay Active -Duck Pond Lawn    (10/10/12)  [View]

Emotional Intelligence Training - 13 Oct    (07/10/12)  [View]

Low CostTrip- Canberra Floriade Tour    (07/10/12)  [View]

Good Life: Getting a Grad Job    (06/10/12)  [View]

No water in Bldg 40 and 24 6-9am 5 Oct    (06/10/12)  [View]

Free Indigenous culture seminar    (04/10/12)  [View]

Join the Wollongong Campus Water Tour    (04/10/12)  [View]

1 Dollar BBQ at McKinnon Lawn Wednesday    (04/10/12)  [View]

Scheduled IT Maintenance 29-30 September    (31/09/12)  [View]

Talented Musicians needed    (30/09/12)  [View]

Submit your photo and WIN    (28/09/12)  [View]

Capture the front cover and WIN    (28/09/12)  [View]

Register for Ride to Uni day to WIN    (22/09/12)  [View]

Play Free Sport on Fridays    (22/09/12)  [View]

Good Life: Living on a shoestring    (22/09/12)  [View]

Hurry - Free Chocolate in the Library    (22/09/12)  [View]

2012 S4S National Leadership Conference    (21/09/12)  [View]

UOW Beach Bootcamp    (20/09/12)  [View]

iConnect Certificate information session    (19/09/12)  [View]

Get creative: WIN a Travel Voucher    (18/09/12)  [View]

Media and Climate Justice Workshop    (17/09/12)  [View]

REMINDER - LAW CONFERENCE    (16/09/12)  [View]

Free Lunch for reviewing a website    (15/09/12)  [View]


December Graduation - APPLY NOW    (19/10/12)  [View]

Summer Session with Creative Arts    (14/09/12)  [View]

Good Life: Finding a casual job    (05/09/12)  [View]

OCTAL Nominations Close this Friday    (08/09/12)  [View]

South Coast and Dolphin Watching Tour    (07/09/12)  [View]

Coffee For A Cause - Thursday    (07/09/12)  [View]

Free and fun: Play Free Sport    (12/09/12)  [View]

UOW Cares - Coffee Crew    (07/09/12)  [View]

Coffee For A Cause    (08/09/12)  [View]

Good Life: Aussie Culture and Language    (05/09/12)  [View]


Transport comp: last 2 days to WIN iPad2    (02/09/12)  [View]

Scheduled IT Maintenance 1-2 September    (02/09/12)  [View]

Scheduled IT Maintenance 7-8 July    (02/09/12)  [View]

Developing your elevator pitch workshop    (31/08/12)  [View]

Tell us what you think to WIN    (31/08/12)  [View]

Transport comp - last week to WIN iPad2    (01/09/12)  [View]

MPhil and BCA-Hons Info Session    (30/08/12)  [View]

PhD and Summer Scholarships    (28/08/12)  [View]

Good Life: Presenting with Confidence    (29/08/12)  [View]

Post Grad Accommodation Available    (22/08/12)  [View]

SOLS unavailable 5-6pm today    (22/08/12)  [View]

Access eLearning during SOLS outage    (22/08/12)  [View]

SOLS unavailable Tues 21st Aug 5-6pm    (22/08/12)  [View]

Free Film Screening    (21/08/12)  [View]

Good Life- Navigating Centrelink    (18/08/12)  [View]

Sustainable Transport Comp- WIN an iPad2    (17/08/12)  [View]

Developing your Elevator Pitch Workshop    (15/08/12)  [View]

UOWmail security information update    (31/08/12)  [View]

GOOD LIFE SERIES- Renting in the Gong    (11/08/12)  [View]

UOWmail security information update    (31/08/12)  [View]

UOW Spring Careers Fair    (10/08/12)  [View]

FREE printing and copying credit    (10/08/12)  [View]

PASS begins in week 2    (05/08/12)  [View]

Resume Rescue for Law Students    (03/08/12)  [View]

PASS begins in week 2    (05/07/12)  [View]

GOOD LIFE SERIES - EAT CHEAP    (03/08/12)  [View]

Call Out for AIME Mentors    (31/07/12)  [View]

Nominate Your Teacher for an Award    (30/07/12)  [View]


GOOD LIFE- Renting in the Gong    (11/08/12)  [View]

Internet Quota increased to 3GB    (04/07/12)  [View]

Centrelink mobile app TRIAL Monday only    (24/07/12)  [View]

Showcase your talent and culture    (21/07/12)  [View]

Accommodation available for Spring    (21/07/12)  [View]

Train timetable changes from 18 June    (18/07/12)  [View]

All About Supplementary Assessments    (17/07/12)  [View]

cheduled IT Maintenance 14 July    (15/07/12)  [View]

Campus Watch: Theft from motor vehicles    (12/07/12)  [View]

Scheduled IT Maintenance 7-8 July    (09/07/12)  [View]

Scheduled IT Maintenance 4-5 July    (06/07/12)  [View]

Not sure what your grades mean    (17/07/12)  [View]

Student Life website - input needed    (17/06/12)  [View]

Free Wifi in Wollongong CBD - Survey    (15/06/12)  [View]

Have your say on the UOW Fees Policy    (12/06/12)  [View]

Get involved with IMPACT at UOW    (07/06/12)  [View]

Scheduled IT Maintenance 2-3 June    (04/06/12)  [View]

Accommodation for Spring Session    (01/06/12)  [View]

Attn Cyclists Meeting 1230pm Thur 31 May    (01/06/12)  [View]

Attention Entrepreneurs    (01/06/12)  [View]

Community Engagement Grants Scheme    (31/05/12)  [View]

2012 HBS Careers Fair    (30/05/12)  [View]

Corporate Sponsored PhD in Leadership     (29/05/12)  [View]

Pending Move of ITS to Building 39    (27/05/12)  [View]

Walk for Reconciliation at UOW    (31/05/12)  [View]

WIN an iPad3 - ending soon    (24/05/12)  [View]

International Affairs Meeting    (24/05/12)  [View]

Attention Bike Riders    (22/05/12)  [View]

Reminder for Campbelltown commuters    (17/05/12)  [View]

Reminder for Campbelltown commuters    (16/05/12)  [View]

Urgent SOLS Maintenance    (16/05/12)  [View]

eLearning Direct Link    (15/05/12)  [View]

IMPORTANT INFO: Cambpelltown commuters    (15/05/12)  [View]

Anna Rose Book Launch at UOW 15th May    (15/05/12)  [View]

Anna Rose Talk at UOW 15th May 2012    (15/05/12)  [View]

Scheduled IT Maintenance 12-13 May    (13/05/12)  [View]

Apply to Graduate by THIS FRIDAY    (11/05/12)  [View]


Win an iPad3 or Travel Voucher    (10/05/12)  [View]

July Graduation - APPLY NOW    (11/05/12)  [View]

International Exchange Fair    (07/05/12)  [View]

2012 Study Tour of Japan    (04/05/12)  [View]

WE CARPOOL BECAUSE    (30/04/12)  [View]

EDUCATION CAREERS FAIR    (30/04/12)  [View]

Scheduled IT Maintenance 28-29 April    (29/04/12)  [View]

Scheduled IT Maintenance 28-29 April    (30/04/12)  [View]

New Student Services and Amenities    (27/04/12)  [View]

Work as an Intern on Capitol Hill    (27/04/12)  [View]

Brand Language talk- Today at 4PM    (18/04/12)  [View]

Blackboard Vista Issues: resolved    (17/04/12)  [View]

Blackboard Vista Issues    (17/04/12)  [View]

Scheduled IT Maintenance 14-15 April    (16/04/12)  [View]

Elearning - Using Firefox Web Browser    (27/03/12)  [View]

1 month volunteer opportunity in INDIA    (09/04/12)  [View]

Campbelltown commuters: Please read    (09/04/12)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Saturday 7 April    (09/04/12)  [View]

English Conversation Groups    (05/04/12)  [View]

DRAFT 2012 Spring Timetable Release    (05/04/12)  [View]

Good Life: Living on 50 dollars per week    (03/04/12)  [View]

EARTH HOUR CONCERT AT UOW    (31/03/12)  [View]

Finding a casual job    (30/03/12)  [View]

Clean Energy Forum    (29/03/12)  [View]

Sustainable Transport Brekky - 28 March    (28/03/12)  [View]

Environmental leadership opportunity    (30/03/12)  [View]

2012 Autumn Careers Fair     (27/03/12)  [View]

Graduate program questions answered    (22/03/12)  [View]

Wellbeing Expo: Be good to yourself    (21/03/12)  [View]

Bollywood in Wollongong Festival Launch    (21/03/12)  [View]

Scheduled IT Maintenance 17-18 March    (19/03/12)  [View]

Event: Welcome to Wollongong    (16/03/12)  [View]

Volunteering opportunities overseas    (16/03/12)  [View]

Event: Networking After 5    (16/03/12)  [View]

Event: Networking After 5    (13/03/12)  [View]

Event: Networking After 5    (12/03/12)  [View]

Balancing study and family: Yes we can    (10/03/12)  [View]

Certificate in Global Workplace Practice    (09/03/12)  [View]


Minor changes to NG shuttle timetable    (09/03/12)  [View]

Student life is great but can be tough    (10/03/12)  [View]

Scheduled IT Maintenance 3-4 Mar    (05/03/12)  [View]

New interactive campus map    (02/03/12)  [View]

Student Wallplanner Now Available    (02/03/12)  [View]

Travelling from the Campbelltown area    (29/02/12)  [View]

UOW Website Rebrand Launch    (28/02/12)  [View]

Full Shuttle Services Resume 20 Feb    (27/02/12)  [View]

Tutorials SOLS Direct link    (24/02/12)  [View]

Tutorials SOLS Direct Link    (17/02/12)  [View]

In2Uni Mentor Employment Opportunity    (13/02/12)  [View]

Scheduled IT Maintenance 11-12 February    (13/02/12)  [View]

CGWP program    (09/02/12)  [View]

Scheduled IT Maintenance 11-12 Feb    (13/02/12)  [View]

UOW Website Update    (03/02/12)  [View]

Be on the Environment Advisory Committee    (31/01/12)  [View]

SOLS Interruptions 28 - 29 January    (30/01/12)  [View]

Attention International Students    (24/01/12)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Saturday 14 January    (15/01/12)  [View]

Northfields Ave Pedestrian Access    (06/01/12)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Saturday 10th December     (11/12/11)  [View]

Increase your employability over Summer    (07/12/11)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Saturday 3rd December    (04/12/11)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Saturday 3rd December    (04/12/11)  [View]

SOLS unavailable Wed 30th Nov 5-7pm    (01/12/11)  [View]

AHM on campus 30 Nov     (01/12/11)  [View]

AHM on campus 30 Nov    (01/12/11)  [View]

Free cycling and road safety training    (26/11/11)  [View]

2012 Annual and Autumn Session Timetable    (20/11/11)  [View]

Robert Hope Memorial Prize closing soon    (19/11/11)  [View]

Essay Prizes and Scholarships    (18/11/11)  [View]

Trackwork on South Coast Line    (18/11/11)  [View]

Health Survey - Chance to Win    (12/11/11)  [View]

Free coffee on us UOW 60th Anniversary    (10/11/11)  [View]

Apply for UOWs most prestigious prize    (06/11/11)  [View]

Free Legal Advice drop in session - Wed    (03/11/11)  [View]

Free coffee on us – UOW 60th Anniversary    (12/11/11)  [View]

Grad Applications close THIS FRIDAY    (15/10/11)  [View]

UOW Shoalhaven Graduation- December 2011    (14/10/11)  [View]

Trackwork Monday 10 to Friday 14 October    (14/10/11)  [View]

APPLY to graduate ONLY ONE WEEK LEFT    (15/10/11)  [View]

Ride to Uni day - one week to go    (12/10/11)  [View]

Student Elections 2011    (11/10/11)  [View]

Ride to Uni day - October 12    (12/10/11)  [View]

Upcoming Trackwork - Safety Issue    (08/10/11)  [View]

APPLY to graduate ONLY 1 WEEK LEFT    (15/10/11)  [View]

APPLY to graduate ONLY 2 WEEKS LEFT     (14/10/11)  [View]

Police on campus    (06/10/11)  [View]

External Maintenance Works to B-17    (08/10/11)  [View]

Career Ahead registrations closing soon    (08/10/11)  [View]

December Graduation APPLY NOW    (14/10/11)  [View]

Talented musicians required    (30/09/11)  [View]

Google Search Comes to UOW    (26/09/11)  [View]

S4S National Leadership Conference    (24/09/11)  [View]

Career Ahead Speed Interviewing 20 Oct    (24/09/11)  [View]

R U OK    (21/09/11)  [View]

Design the cover for 2012 student diary    (14/09/11)  [View]

Summer Session Timetable released    (10/09/11)  [View]

Support UOW in Relay for Life 2011    (10/09/11)  [View]

Coffee For A Cause    (10/09/11)  [View]

UniCentre Board of Directors Elections    (04/09/11)  [View]

Summer Session Timetable    (30/08/11)  [View]

Win your textbooks for 2012    (29/08/11)  [View]

Summer Session Timetable    (24/08/11)  [View]

Trackwork and service interruption     (20/08/11)  [View]

December Graduation – APPLY NOW    (14/10/11)  [View]

Student UOWMail now restored    (19/08/11)  [View]

Fault with student UOWmail     (20/08/11)  [View]

Information Session for Mining Engineers    (18/08/11)  [View]

All Canada Day - Monday 15th August 2011    (16/08/11)  [View]

New technology at UOW - have your say    (12/08/11)  [View]

International students - Census    (11/08/11)  [View]

Spring Careers Fair 2011    (08/08/11)  [View]

PASS begins in week 2    (08/08/11)  [View]

S4S Conference Sponsorships 2011    (08/08/11)  [View]

UniCentre Board of Directors Nominations    (07/08/11)  [View]

Cyclists- register and go in draw to win    (06/08/11)  [View]

Ernst and Young Information Session    (02/08/11)  [View]

Chance to Win- Health Survey    (28/07/11)  [View]

Looking for a casual Job on Campus    (24/07/11)  [View]

Changes to Bus Stops on Northfields Ave    (24/07/11)  [View]

Global Communicators wanted    (21/07/11)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Saturday 16th July    (17/07/12)  [View]

Supplementary Exam timetable out now    (18/07/11)  [View]

URAC Adult Swimming Courses     (12/07/11)  [View]

Autumn session results are now in SOLS    (10/07/11)  [View]

Completion Letter Requests    (10/07/11)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Saturday 9th July    (10/07/11)  [View]

No AHM on campus today 6 July 2011    (07/07/11)  [View]

Exam results released 5 July    (06/07/11)  [View]

Enhance your career prospects    (04/07/11)  [View]

No AHM on campus today 29th June 2011    (30/06/11)  [View]

Please complete a short Library survey    (23/06/11)  [View]

Important message for train travellers    (17/06/11)  [View]

Brief outages Thurs 16 June 4am to 5am     (17/06/11)  [View]

No AHM on campus today 15th June 2011    (16/06/11)  [View]

Are you ready for your exams    (11/06/11)  [View]

Take a UI opportunity    (10/06/11)  [View]

Academic Integrity survey    (09/06/11)  [View]

SOLS outage access elearning here     (08/06/11)  [View]

SOLS Unavail Tues 7 Jun 8-9am    (08/06/11)  [View]

LAST CHANCE for SEQ 2011    (03/06/11)  [View]

LAST CHANCE for SEQ 2011    (03/06/11)  [View]

Take a UI opportunity    (10/06/11)  [View]

Are you ready for Exams    (11/06/11)  [View]

Student Experience Questionnaire    (02/06/11)  [View]

Register now for the GQEST challenge    (28/05/11)  [View]

Student Free Time at URAC    (28/05/11)  [View]

ahm on campus support    (07/05/11)  [View]

Tell us and Travel - WIN a Holiday    (26/05/11)  [View]

Student Free time    (28/05/11)  [View]

Register now for the GQEST challenge    (28/05/11)  [View]

Chancellor Awards Voluntary Contribution    (25/05/11)  [View]

Kick start your community project    (04/05/11)  [View]

Kick start your community project    (04/06/11)  [View]

Law Week    (14/05/11)  [View]

Student Internet Problem Resolved    (17/05/11)  [View]

LAST DAY TO APPLY for July Graduation    (14/05/11)  [View]

Personal Pursuit    (13/05/11)  [View]

Looking for a casual job on campus    (13/05/11)  [View]

APPLY BY THIS FRIDAY for July Graduation    (13/05/11)  [View]

Subject Evaluation Surveys - Autumn 2011    (12/05/11)  [View]

Student Internet Problem Resolved    (15/05/11)  [View]

Education Careers Fair    (11/05/11)  [View]

Email Scam alert    (10/05/11)  [View]

July Graduation APPLY NOW    (13/05/11)  [View]

Chance to Win Coles Myer Voucher    (04/05/11)  [View]

AHM Consultation times Autm 2011    (04/05/11)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Sat 23rd April    (24/04/11)  [View]

CareerStart workshops    (22/04/11)  [View]

Workplace Mentoring opportunity     (22/04/11)  [View]

The big book and DVD swap    (20/04/11)  [View]

Learning Carnivale invitation    (14/04/11)  [View]

AHM at Student Central 12 to 2pm today    (14/04/11)  [View]

Chance to Win Coles Myer Voucher    (13/04/11)  [View]

URAC Adult Learn to Swim     (22/04/11)  [View]

URAC Beach Bootcamp     (10/04/11)  [View]

AIME Mentor Training    (06/04/11)  [View]

International Exchange Fair Mon 4 April    (05/04/11)  [View]

First Year Student Experience    (30/03/11)  [View]

Cycling to Uni is now even better    (30/03/11)  [View]

Close the Gap    (25/03/11)  [View]

AHM Student Forum    (24/03/11)  [View]

Flood effected area in the Illawarra     (23/03/11)  [View]

JULY GRADUATION – APPLY NOW    (13/05/11)  [View]

Measles is about – are you protected    (25/03/11)  [View]

eLearning Unavail Sat 19 Mar 6am to 8am    (20/03/11)  [View]

Do you have a Provisional enrolment    (18/03/11)  [View]

PASS begins in week 2    (18/03/11)  [View]

Internet Quota now 1GB    (16/03/11)  [View]

Campus Watch Alert - Gwynneville area    (13/03/11)  [View]

Ydrive    (12/03/11)  [View]

Big Fish Leadership Program    (12/03/11)  [View]

Paid job inspiring school students    (11/03/11)  [View]

From Your Suburb    (10/03/11)  [View]

SOLS logon - Google Chrome    (04/03/11)  [View]

Driving to UOW    (04/03/11)  [View]

In2Uni Mentors needed    (04/03/11)  [View]

Want to travel with a purpose    (04/03/11)  [View]

Y drive - Shuttles back to full services    (04/03/11)  [View]

Alumni Bookshop Opens for 2011    (02/03/11)  [View]

Forgot your SOLS password - Read on    (28/02/11)  [View]

Free household ware and furniture    (26/02/11)  [View]

Welcome to Wollongong festival    (25/02/11)  [View]

Receive Student Rates at Crown St Mall    (18/02/11)  [View]

Global Communicators wanted    (18/02/11)  [View]

Attention International Students    (15/02/11)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Saturday 12th February    (13/02/11)  [View]

Inspire school students to study at UOW    (09/02/11)  [View]

Ring road closed Mon and Tue    (09/02/11)  [View]

Ring Road Upgrade works    (07/02/11)  [View]

UOWmail Disruption    (05/02/11)  [View]

Uni road works    (09/02/11)  [View]

Enhance your career prospects    (01/02/11)  [View]

Feedback - Do you have any    (31/01/11)  [View]

2011 Rail Concessions Now Available    (23/01/11)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Sat 15th January    (16/01/11)  [View]

Parking News    (10/01/11)  [View]

Student Central Opening Hours    (05/01/11)  [View]

Do you have feedback    (31/12/10)  [View]

Free student discount cards    (27/11/11)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Saturday 18 December    (19/12/10)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Saturday 4 December    (05/12/10)  [View]

Can not see your results    (03/12/10)  [View]

McKinnon Landscape Upgrade Stage 1 Works    (27/11/10)  [View]

Free Seminar for students    (25/11/10)  [View]

Chancellor Robert Hope Memorial Prize    (17/11/10)  [View]

Free cycling courses    (12/11/10)  [View]

Temporary relocation of Careers Central    (14/10/10)  [View]

Library end of session info for students    (04/11/10)  [View]

October is feedback month for students    (30/10/10)  [View]

Donate blood 26 to 29 October at UOW    (29/10/10)  [View]

Campus Watch TAFE Cycleway    (29/10/10)  [View]

UOWMail has arrived    (05/10/10)  [View]

UOWMail Live launch in 1 week    (25/10/10)  [View]

Design front cover 2011 student diary    (22/10/10)  [View]

Careers Central can help    (22/10/10)  [View]

Free Lecture    (22/10/10)  [View]

Do you use the shuttles    (21/10/10)  [View]

Chancellor Robert Hope Memorial Prize    (20/10/10)  [View]


Senate Student Elections    (18/10/10)  [View]

Campus Watch Alert - TAFE Cycleway    (17/10/10)  [View]

Free printing and copying credit    (15/10/10)  [View]

December Grad Applications CLOSING    (15/10/10)  [View]

Exam Timetables released    (14/10/10)  [View]

Study Abroad and Exchange Farewell     (14/10/10)  [View]

October is feedback month for students    (22/10/10)  [View]

Ride to UOW 13 October    (13/10/10)  [View]

Mental Health Expo    (12/10/10)  [View]

New timetable for Trains and North Gong     (12/10/10)  [View]

New UOWmail email service for students     (06/10/10)  [View]

Univative Illawarra Information Session    (06/10/10)  [View]

Design front cover of 2011 student diary    (04/10/10)  [View]

Cityrail trackwork and timetable changes    (25/09/10)  [View]

Ewaste Event Cancelled - 24 Sept    (25/09/10)  [View]

Transfer to a C Arts program for 2011    (24/09/10)  [View]

Chancellor Robert Hope Prize    (24/09/10)  [View]

Last chance to win Library survey    (24/09/10)  [View]

Caution Magpies swooping eastern entry    (24/09/10)  [View]

NSW Bike Week     (23/09/10)  [View]

Free cycling and road safety courses    (22/09/10)  [View]

Coffee For A Cause    (18/09/10)  [View]

S4S Conference    (17/09/10)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Wed 15th 5-7pm    (16/09/10)  [View]

Building 11 Food Outlets Are Open     (15/09/10)  [View]

SOLS Coming Soon- Address update changes    (14/09/10)  [View]

Nominate a good teacher for an OCTAL Awa    (10/09/10)  [View]

Welcome to Wollongong Coordinator wanted    (05/09/10)  [View]

S4S Conference    (04/09/10)  [View]

Free Breakfast and Prizes to be won    (01/09/10)  [View]

Free printing and copying credit    (30/08/10)  [View]

Arts First Year Workshop    (27/08/10)  [View]

Amazing Travel Opportunity    (26/08/10)  [View]

Education Careers Fair    (19/08/10)  [View]

Speaker Spotlight Session UOW Cares    (19/08/10)  [View]

Red Cross Blood Bank at URAC    (19/08/10)  [View]

Young women and alcohol survey    (18/08/10)  [View]

UOW Girls Only Boot Camp    (17/08/10)  [View]

Healthy men needed for training study    (11/08/10)  [View]

Chance to Win 300 dollar voucher    (11/08/10)  [View]

UniCentre Board of Directors Nominations    (04/08/10)  [View]

Tree Planting and Walk 3 August    (04/08/10)  [View]

Will you make it home survey    (02/08/10)  [View]

Traffic congestion at start of session    (02/08/10)  [View]

Illegitimate loading of cars    (02/08/10)  [View]

Spring Careers Fair    (01/08/10)  [View]

Community Engagement Grants Scheme    (31/07/10)  [View]

GK Shuttle a great success     (29/07/10)  [View]

Campbelltown Bus service now improved    (29/07/10)  [View]

Nominate Your Teacher for an Award    (25/07/10)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Saturday 24 July    (25/07/10)  [View]

Careers Central Survey    (16/07/10)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Saturday 10 July    (11/07/10)  [View]

Global Communicators Wanted    (09/07/10)  [View]

Autumn Session Results now available    (06/07/10)  [View]

Global Communicators wanted    (09/07/10)  [View]

Temp changes to bus terminal on Saturday    (27/06/10)  [View]

Ovals Carpark P7 Revised parking    (24/06/10)  [View]

AHM Reduced Hours at Student Central    (21/06/10)  [View]

Environment Plan Draft Download    (15/06/10)  [View]

Ovals Carpark P7 – Revised Parking    (24/06/10)  [View]

Register early for City to Surf    (10/06/10)  [View]

Final exams are less than 2 weeks away    (04/06/10)  [View]

Free lunch for World Environment Day    (03/06/10)  [View]

Tell us and WIN a holiday     (28/05/10)  [View]

Mobile Blood Unit on Campus 24 to 27 May    (28/05/10)  [View]

Bulli homes to be evacuated    (28/05/10)  [View]

Accommodation for Graduation    (26/05/10)  [View]

Are you from Campbelltown    (25/05/10)  [View]

URAC City 2 Surf Training Squad    (03/05/10)  [View]

Environment Plan Survey    (24/05/10)  [View]

Environment Plan Focus Group     (24/05/10)  [View]

New Parking Guidance Web Page    (23/05/10)  [View]

Student Discount at URAC    (23/05/10)  [View]

EMP Survey    (25/05/10)  [View]

All Canada Day     (19/05/10)  [View]

Lunch Survey with over 70 prizes to win    (17/05/10)  [View]



Campus Watch Security Alert     (14/05/10)  [View]

Travel and Volunteer this Summer    (14/05/10)  [View]

FREE Credit for Printing and Copying    (17/05/10)  [View]

July Graduation - APPLY NOW     (16/05/10)  [View]

Provisional exam timetable released    (26/04/10)  [View]

Bus and Train Fares just got cheaper    (24/04/10)  [View]

International Exchange Fair    (21/04/10)  [View]

Want to chat about Youth Allowance    (17/04/10)  [View]

Centrelink - Youth Allowance is Changing    (17/04/10)  [View]

Next week is Diversity Week    (16/04/10)  [View]

Do you travel from the Campbelltown     (07/04/10)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Saturday 3 April    (04/04/10)  [View]

More free cycle training     (02/04/10)  [View]

Are you graduating this year    (02/04/10)  [View]

Finalise your Autumn session fees    (01/04/10)  [View]

Do you want better cycle routes    (31/03/10)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Saturday 3 April    (04/04/10)  [View]

eLearning outage Tues 30 March    (31/03/10)  [View]

More Gong Shuttles     (30/03/10)  [View]

eLearning outage Tues 30 March    (31/03/10)  [View]

Finalise your Autumn session fees    (01/04/10)  [View]

Fundraising casual work    (29/03/10)  [View]

Help make an impact for Earth Hour    (27/03/10)  [View]

Girls Only Bootcamp    (28/03/10)  [View]

Career Ahead - Speed Interviewing    (20/03/10)  [View]

Careers Central - Autumn Careers Fair    (19/03/10)  [View]

Parking Guidance System    (17/03/10)  [View]

Robsons Road – an easy way out    (17/03/10)  [View]

Free cycle training    (15/03/10)  [View]

Student leadership program    (12/03/10)  [View]

Looking for someone to carpool with    (12/03/10)  [View]

Want to avoid the traffic hassles     (07/03/10)  [View]

Travel and Volunteer Abroad this Summer    (04/03/10)  [View]

Donate Blood on UOW Campus    (03/03/10)  [View]

Temporary closure of freeway footbridge    (28/02/10)  [View]

Welcome to Wollongong    (27/02/10)  [View]

Job Search Program for Int Students    (21/02/10)  [View]

AHM Service Hours     (18/02/10)  [View]

SOLS System Outage     (07/02/10)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Saturday 6th February    (07/02/10)  [View]

Interruption to Printing Services    (06/02/10)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Saturday 16th January     (17/01/10)  [View]

URAC Bootcamp for girls    (15/01/10)  [View]

Student Central Xmas Operating Hours    (04/01/10)  [View]

International Students Xmas Party    (24/12/09)  [View]

Chance to Win 300 dollars    (11/01/09)  [View]

2010 re-enrolments now open    (13/12/09)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Saturday 12th Dec    (13/12/09)  [View]

Apply for an EdStart grant in 2010    (11/12/09)  [View]

Relocation of UOW Security    (10/12/09)  [View]

SAVE AT REBEL SPORT VIP SALE DAY    (04/12/09)  [View]

Spring Sessions Results Now Available    (01/12/09)  [View]

eLearning Outage 21-23 November     (23/11/09)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Saturday 21 November    (22/11/09)  [View]

Robert Hope Prize-nominations close soon    (20/11/09)  [View]

Donate Blood 26th Oct 2009    (27/10/09)  [View]

Feeling Snappy    (23/10/09)  [View]

Early Opening of Summer Session Enrolmen    (19/10/09)  [View]

URAC Bootcamp for girls    (18/10/09)  [View]

NEW secure undercover bicycle storage    (18/10/09)  [View]



RIDE 2 UOW DAY 14 OCT    (14/10/09)  [View]

Donate Blood 12th Oct 2009    (13/10/09)  [View]

2 WEEKS LEFT - APPLY December Graduation    (16/10/09)  [View]

Dubai Study Program    (12/10/09)  [View]

Deadline -Transfers to Creative Arts    (16/10/09)  [View]

All Canada Day     (08/10/09)  [View]

Tree Planting On Campus    (07/10/09)  [View]

December Graduation - APPLY NOW     (31/11/09)  [View]

Fresh new look UOW Website    (30/09/09)  [View]

SOLS Interruptions - Fri 25 to Sat 26    (27/09/09)  [View]

Student 4 Student Leadership Conference    (26/09/09)  [View]

NSW Premier Nathan Rees guest lecture    (26/09/09)  [View]


Premiers guest lecture    (25/09/09)  [View]

Senate WUSA and Council Elections    (22/09/09)  [View]

LAST DAYS Nominate a good teacher TODAY    (19/09/09)  [View]

International Students Info Session    (17/09/09)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Tues 15th 5-6pm    (16/09/09)  [View]

Free facility use at URAC    (18/09/09)  [View]

COFFEE WEEK - 7-11 September    (12/09/09)  [View]

Do you want to do Creative Arts in 2010    (11/09/09)  [View]

Nominate Your Teacher for an Award    (10/09/09)  [View]

December Graduation - APPLY NOW    (29/11/09)  [View]

December Graduation - APPLICATIONS NOW    (16/11/09)  [View]

December Graduation - APPLY NOW    (30/11/09)  [View]

December Graduation - APPLICATIONS OPEN    (16/10/09)  [View]

Invitation to the mental health forum    (01/09/09)  [View]

Student Representative Forum     (28/08/09)  [View]

Whats on in Wk 5 International Week    (28/08/09)  [View]

Travel and Volunteer Opportunities    (26/08/09)  [View]

Do Something Special and Donate Blood    (25/08/09)  [View]

Education Careers Fair    (19/08/09)  [View]

Design the Cover of 2010 Diary to WIN    (13/08/09)  [View]

Vacation Work Careers Fair     (11/08/09)  [View]

Cultural Impact Survey    (10/08/09)  [View]

Help a community and get 8 credit points    (08/08/09)  [View]

Big Fish - Student Program    (07/08/09)  [View]

Contribute to enviro priorities for UOW    (06/08/09)  [View]

National Tree Day - Come for a Walk    (02/08/09)  [View]

AHM only available til 12pm Wed 29 Jul    (30/07/09)  [View]

Health Sciences Careers Fair    (29/07/09)  [View]

Do Something Special and Donate Blood    (27/07/09)  [View]

Mid O-Week Festival    (25/07/09)  [View]

Hoax SMS message    (20/07/09)  [View]

2009 Tax Office Debt Statements    (19/07/09)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Sat 18th July    (19/07/09)  [View]

Autumn Session Results Released    (10/07/09)  [View]

New Exam Venue    (30/07/09)  [View]

Autumn Session Exam Timetable     (30/07/09)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Saturday 4th July    (05/07/09)  [View]

Gain More Confidence On Your Bike    (29/06/09)  [View]

Tax Office – Debt Statements 2009    (19/07/09)  [View]

No Trains - South Coast Lines 20-21 June    (22/06/09)  [View]

UOW Environment site Active    (15/06/09)  [View]

Study in Japan for next to nothing    (12/06/09)  [View]

Do Something Special and Donate Blood    (06/06/09)  [View]

UniCentre Customer Satisfaction Survey    (05/06/09)  [View]

Environment Unit Launch and Lunch    (05/06/09)  [View]

FREE Bicycle Training    (29/06/09)  [View]

Additional Changes to New Look SOLS    (04/06/09)  [View]

Economics workshop    (03/06/09)  [View]

VOLUNTEER and TRAVEL this summer    (29/05/09)  [View]

Access eLearning during the SOLS Outage    (27/05/09)  [View]

SOLS Outage Tues 26th May 5pm to 7pm    (27/05/09)  [View]

Illawarra Innovation Showcase    (26/05/09)  [View]

CLOSING TODAY - July Grad Applications    (17/05/09)  [View]

LAST WEEK- Apply NOW for July Graduation    (18/05/09)  [View]

Car-Pooler Survey - Results and Winners     (15/05/09)  [View]

ONLY 2 WEEKS LEFT - JULY GRADUATION    (18/05/09)  [View]

UniCentre Annual Report AGM Notification    (11/05/09)  [View]

eLearning Unavailable Sun 6am-8am    (11/05/09)  [View]

Bicycle Users - Want to improve things    (09/05/09)  [View]

Drug Driving Ad Testing Students Needed    (14/05/09)  [View]

Get Connected    (31/04/09)  [View]

eLearning Unavailable 30th Apr 6AM- 7AM    (01/05/09)  [View]

UniCentre Annual Report AGM Notification    (29/04/09)  [View]

ONLY 3 WEEKS LEFT - JULY GRADUATION    (17/05/09)  [View]

Economic and Social Issues Forum    (26/04/09)  [View]

International Students Info Session    (24/04/09)  [View]

APPLY TO GRADUATE NOW    (31/04/09)  [View]

Get 10 percent off at URAC in April    (21/04/09)  [View]

FREE Bike Training for UOW Students    (17/04/09)  [View]

5:30 traffic - Try alternative route    (14/04/09)  [View]

Student Central hours over Easter week    (14/04/09)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Saturday 11th April     (12/04/09)  [View]

5000 dollars for community project    (10/04/09)  [View]

elearning unavailable Sunday 6am-8am    (06/04/09)  [View]

elearning unavaible this Sunday 6am-8am    (06/04/09)  [View]

eLearning temporarily unavailable Sunday    (06/04/09)  [View]

Campus Watch Message – Rental Scams    (20/04/09)  [View]

Campus Watch Message – Rental Scams    (30/04/09)  [View]

XLR8 YOUR CAREER - 31st MARCH    (31/03/09)  [View]

More Assaults Near Wollongong Campus    (31/03/09)  [View]

e-Learning unavailable 29 March 6AM-8AM    (30/03/09)  [View]

ECO Minds Youth Forum New Zealand    (29/03/09)  [View]

Earth Hour - What are UOW doing    (29/03/09)  [View]

Carpool Parking Locations    (06/04/09)  [View]

JOIN US FOR DIVERSITY WEEK    (23/03/09)  [View]

Phone Lines into UoW down    (22/03/09)  [View]

Register now for Speed Interviewing    (23/03/09)  [View]

Attend the International Exchange Fair    (18/03/09)  [View]

Help make cycling easier - Lunch meeting    (12/03/09)  [View]

Register now for Speed Interviewing prog    (23/03/09)  [View]

Job search for International Students    (08/03/09)  [View]

Need help with your tutorials    (06/03/09)  [View]

Jump-in Carpooling Launch     (06/03/09)  [View]

Further Assaults between Wollongong Camp    (31/03/09)  [View]

Assaults Near Wollongong Campus    (09/03/09)  [View]

Need help with your OS Health Cover    (05/03/09)  [View]

UOW’s Carpooling initiatives - including    (07/03/09)  [View]

Free bike training for UoW students    (10/03/09)  [View]

Free 7 Day URAC Membership    (01/03/09)  [View]

Charity cricket match - Cancelled    (19/02/09)  [View]

Staff v Students charity cricket match    (18/02/09)  [View]

Free Bike training for UOW students    (19/02/09)  [View]

FREE Bike Training for UOW Students    (19/02/09)  [View]

Would You Like to Win A Travel Voucher    (31/02/09)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Saturday 7th February    (08/02/09)  [View]

Last Week to Apply for Edstart Grant    (07/02/09)  [View]

Are You Re-enrolling for 2009    (01/02/09)  [View]

TEST    (29/01/08)  [View]

test    (29/02/08)  [View]

Test    (29/01/09)  [View]

test    (20/01/09)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Saturday 20th December    (21/12/08)  [View]

Edstart 2009 - Applications now open    (12/12/08)  [View]

Edstart 2009 - Applications opening soon    (10/12/08)  [View]

Re-enrolling in 2009    (06/12/08)  [View]

Spring Session results now available    (05/12/08)  [View]

Edstart 2009    (10/12/08)  [View]


University Call Centre Lines down    (28/11/08)  [View]

Re-enrolments for Autumn session 2009    (24/11/08)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Saturday 22nd November    (23/11/08)  [View]

eLearning scheduled outage 16-21 Nov    (22/11/08)  [View]

Nominations - Robert Hope Memorial Prize    (15/11/08)  [View]

Nominations due for Robert Hope Memorial    (07/11/08)  [View]

Re-enrolments for Autumn session 2009    (15/11/08)  [View]

Info session on Job Opps in Hong Kong    (30/10/08)  [View]

Nominations - Robert Hope Memorial Prize    (24/10/08)  [View]

Info Session on Job Opp in Hong Kong    (30/10/08)  [View]

Commerce Student Staff Assoc Meeting    (23/10/08)  [View]

2008 Student Experience Questionnaire    (21/10/08)  [View]

2009 Commonwealth Scholarhips Apply Now    (17/10/08)  [View]

Spring final exam timetable released    (17/10/08)  [View]

National ride to work day    (15/10/08)  [View]

Nominate Now for Robert Hope Memorial Pr    (17/10/08)  [View]




2009 Commonwealth Scholarship CLOSING     (17/10/08)  [View]

S4S National Leadership Conference UOW    (26/09/08)  [View]

Pathways to permanent residency by DIAC    (26/09/08)  [View]

IT Services Outage Sat 20th September    (21/12/08)  [View]

December 2008 Graduation - APPLY NOW    (10/10/08)  [View]

1234567891123456789012345678901234567890    (24/09/08)  [View]

UOW false Spam email    (23/09/08)  [View]

Provisional Exam Tirmetable released    (20/09/08)  [View]

S4S National Leadership Conference Open    (27/09/08)  [View]

Provisional Exam timetables released    (20/09/08)  [View]

eLearning Vista experiencing delays    (13/09/08)  [View]

3 month Student membership at URAC    (12/09/08)  [View]

Coffee for a cause    (12/09/08)  [View]

Results of the UniCentre Elections    (10/09/08)  [View]

Are you graduating in December 2008    (10/10/08)  [View]

3 Month URAC Membership – Students Onl    (12/09/08)  [View]

Nominate your teacher for an award    (08/09/08)  [View]

Periodic Account Update    (07/09/08)  [View]

Global Highway Cultural Event    (05/09/08)  [View]

Become an Orientation Host in 2009    (04/09/08)  [View]

Apply now - 09 Commonwealth Scholarships    (05/09/08)  [View]

UOW Spring 08 Orientation Survey Winner    (31/08/08)  [View]

Latest Computer Virus on Campus    (31/08/08)  [View]

Graduation Applications - NOW OPEN    (15/09/08)  [View]

eLearning Blackboard Vista Outage change    (24/08/08)  [View]

Nominate your teacher for an award    (22/08/08)  [View]

How UOW can help you stay on track    (21/08/08)  [View]

Optometry Service Now on Campus    (01/09/08)  [View]

2009 Commonwealth Scholarship - APPLY NO    (28/08/08)  [View]

2009 Orientation Hosts Needed    (20/08/08)  [View]

Education Fair 2008    (18/08/08)  [View]

Want to Study in Canada    (15/08/08)  [View]

Chance to win a great UniCentre voucher    (14/08/08)  [View]

Quick Healthy Dinners Seminar    (13/08/08)  [View]

Student Free Time at URAC    (24/10/08)  [View]

Student Special Membership at URAC    (07/08/08)  [View]

Health Sciences Career Fair     (24/07/08)  [View]

World Youth Day July08 -Plan Your Travel    (31/07/08)  [View]

Are You Graduating This July    (30/08/08)  [View]

Student Internet Quota    (19/07/08)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Saturday 12th July     (13/07/08)  [View]

Autumn Session Results Now Available    (06/07/08)  [View]

New Employment Program at Sydney Busines    (05/07/08)  [View]

Autumn Session Results Now Available     (05/07/08)  [View]

Studying Indonesian in Spring    (31/06/08)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Sat 28th June    (29/06/08)  [View]

Autumn final exam timetable released    (20/06/08)  [View]

Do not miss out on receiving your key    (20/06/08)  [View]

Travel Concessions    (20/06/08)  [View]

Don’t miss out on receiving your key    (20/06/08)  [View]

Don’t miss out on receiving your key    (20/06/08)  [View]

RBA Economics Essay Competition    (31/05/08)  [View]

Paper Rock Magazine out Wednesday    (28/05/08)  [View]

Your Student Visa and You    (22/05/08)  [View]

Rebel Sport VIP Sale Day    (16/05/08)  [View]

GDLP Information Session    (14/05/08)  [View]

Autumn final exam timetable released    (09/06/08)  [View]


Provisional Exam Timetable Released    (10/05/08)  [View]


APPLY TO GRADUATE - ONE WEEK LEFT    (10/05/08)  [View]

World Youth Day July08 Plan Your Travel    (31/07/08)  [View]

Get a competitive edge in the job market    (30/05/08)  [View]

Illawarra Graduate Careers Fair 2008    (08/05/08)  [View]

Crown St Mall Student Discount Card    (10/05/08)  [View]

APPLY TO GRADUATE NOW    (09/05/08)  [View]

elearning outage tonight 11pm to 1am    (02/05/08)  [View]

Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 Offer    (08/05/08)  [View]

Dementia Education Online Resource    (30/04/08)  [View]

National Careers Fair 2008    (17/04/08)  [View]

World Youth Day July 08 Plan Your Travel    (31/07/08)  [View]

World Youth Day July08 Plan Your Travel     (31/07/08)  [View]

World Youth Day July 08 Plan Your Travel    (31/07/08)  [View]

Autumn Orientation Survey Winner    (10/05/08)  [View]

Do we need a pharmacy on campus    (17/04/08)  [View]

Dietitian Excercise Physiologist at UOW    (19/04/08)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Friday 11th April    (12/04/08)  [View]

Dementia Education Online Resource    (17/04/08)  [View]

SOLS Minor Interruption Tues 8th April    (09/04/08)  [View]

Learn Auslan sign language today    (04/04/08)  [View]

Have you checked your SOLS mail lately    (01/04/08)  [View]

eLearning unavailable tonight from 930p    (01/04/08)  [View]

Commerce Students - work based learning    (29/03/08)  [View]

Change to Grad Dip Ed entry requirements    (01/04/08)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Sat 22nd March 2008    (23/03/08)  [View]

Orientation Survey Chance to Win Voucher    (20/03/08)  [View]

2008 Parking Wollongong Campus    (30/04/08)  [View]

International Students Ready for Work    (03/03/08)  [View]

Gallipoli Scholarships     (02/03/08)  [View]

International Student Welcome Festival    (30/02/08)  [View]

1st Year Student Leadership Program     (01/03/08)  [View]

Welcome to Wollongong     (30/02/08)  [View]

Commerce Students - work based learning    (01/04/08)  [View]

Commerce Students work-based learning    (10/03/08)  [View]

Graduation Survey Winner    (21/02/08)  [View]

Meet studyabroad students     (12/02/08)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Sat 9th February    (10/02/08)  [View]

Re-enrol NOW for 2008    (27/01/08)  [View]

Graduation Testamur collection    (12/01/08)  [View]

Student Central Opening Hours    (04/01/08)  [View]

Student Cental Opening Hours    (04/01/08)  [View]

Summer Session Census date 17 December    (22/12/07)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Saturday 15th December    (16/12/07)  [View]

Meet studyabroad students    (31/11/07)  [View]

Library After Hours Return Chute    (10/12/07)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Friday 7th December    (08/12/07)  [View]

Edstart Apps Open Wed 28 November    (07/12/07)  [View]

California closes Nov 30    (01/12/07)  [View]

Spring Session Results now available     (30/11/07)  [View]

Release of Results Thurs 29 November    (30/11/07)  [View]

Chance to win Travel Voucher to anywhere    (21/11/07)  [View]

Release of Results    (30/11/07)  [View]

Thought about Edstart for 2008    (01/12/07)  [View]

Edstart Applications Open Soon    (30/11/07)  [View]

Group Leaders Orientation Autumn 2008    (31/01/07)  [View]

Group Leaders Orientation Autumn 2008    (24/12/07)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Saturday 24th November    (25/11/07)  [View]

LIBRARY NEWS    (23/11/07)  [View]

e-Learning Outage Sat 10th Nov 4-5pm    (11/11/07)  [View]

Prestigious Student Prize closes Friday    (10/11/07)  [View]

Robert Hope Prize Nominations close soon    (09/11/07)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Sunday 4th Nov 8-9am    (05/11/07)  [View]

Univative Illawarra Summer 2008     (03/11/07)  [View]

2008 Careers Service Internship    (02/11/07)  [View]

2008 Study in California    (01/11/07)  [View]

Study Business at Indiana    (01/11/07)  [View]

Nominate for Robert Hope Memorial Prize    (22/10/07)  [View]

Enrol for Summer Session Now    (20/10/07)  [View]

Spring final exam timetable released    (19/10/07)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Friday 12th October    (13/10/07)  [View]

International Week Evaluation    (10/10/07)  [View]

Summer Session Enrolments Open Soon    (07/10/07)  [View]

Nominate your teacher for OCTAL Award    (05/10/07)  [View]

Employability Challenge extended    (05/10/07)  [View]

Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist    (30/09/07)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Sat 29th Sept    (30/09/07)  [View]

Today final exam timetable changes    (22/09/07)  [View]

Tomorrow final exam timetable changes    (21/09/07)  [View]

Spring Provisional Exam Timetable    (22/09/07)  [View]

URAC Newsflash Basketball Season Passes    (30/09/07)  [View]

Get involved 2007 Leadership Conference    (19/09/07)  [View]

WUSA Elections 2007    (18/09/07)  [View]

University Council and Senate Elections    (18/09/07)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Friday 14th September    (15/09/07)  [View]

Summer Session Enrolments Open Soon    (05/10/07)  [View]


Fresh new look UOW Homepage    (07/09/07)  [View]

STOP THE PRESS Paper Rock IS HERE    (07/09/07)  [View]

Go Overseas in 2008    (03/09/07)  [View]

Have you finalised your Spring subjects    (03/09/07)  [View]

Fees are due Friday 31 August 2007    (03/09/07)  [View]

New Student Orientation Enrolment Survey    (31/08/07)  [View]

Services at Commerce Central    (31/08/07)  [View]

Italian Cinema and Literature Seminars    (13/10/07)  [View]

Have you finalised your Spring subjects    (01/09/07)  [View]

Fees are due 31 August 2007    (03/09/07)  [View]

Have you finalised your Spring subjects    (01/08/07)  [View]

SMP Outage Access e-learning here    (19/08/07)  [View]

SOLS unavailable Access e-learning here    (19/07/07)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable from 9:00PM tonight    (18/08/07)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Fri 17 and Sat 18 Aug    (19/08/07)  [View]

Graduation Survey WINNER    (17/08/07)  [View]

DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS    (17/08/07)  [View]

International Week 2007 Pick your events    (17/08/07)  [View]

ATTENTION ARTS STUDENTS    (16/08/07)  [View]

Education Fair 2007    (15/08/07)  [View]

Microsoft Office 2007    (17/08/07)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Friday 10th August    (11/08/07)  [View]


Travel to Canada and USA    (10/08/07)  [View]

Last chance to WIN great prizes    (04/08/07)  [View]

ICIS Ski Trip this weekend    (04/08/07)  [View]

International Students Info Sessions    (03/08/07)  [View]

Participants needed for focus group    (01/08/07)  [View]

Microsoft Office 2007    (31/07/07)  [View]


Email problem resolved    (30/07/07)  [View]

Email Problems    (30/07/07)  [View]

Attention Commerce Students    (27/07/07)  [View]

Health Sciences Careers Fair 2007    (26/07/07)  [View]

University And Beyond Survey    (10/08/07)  [View]

URAC presents an AUSSIE EXTRAVAGANZA     (21/07/07)  [View]

SOLS link to Vista    (20/07/07)  [View]

Attention Graduating Students    (20/07/07)  [View]

Information Session on Bach of HS Degree    (17/07/07)  [View]

Attention Commerce Students     (27/07/07)  [View]

Career Planning Lunch    (17/07/07)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Friday 13th July     (14/07/07)  [View]

Forms now available on SOLS    (30/06/07)  [View]

Forms now available on SOLS    (30/07/07)  [View]

Autumn Session Results    (14/07/07)  [View]

Take The Employability Challenge    (26/07/07)  [View]

Join the 2007 City to Surf UOW Team    (31/07/07)  [View]

Are you Sick Of The Rain    (10/07/07)  [View]

UOW Undergrad Students Association    (10/06/07)  [View]

Orientation Group Leaders Wanted    (09/07/07)  [View]

Your Feedback Online    (20/07/07)  [View]

SOLS and eLearning Space unavailable    (25/06/07)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Saturday 23rd June    (24/06/07)  [View]

Exam access information and enquiries    (21/06/07)  [View]

Autumn Final Exam Timetable Released    (22/06/07)  [View]

UPDATE: Trojan Computer Virus     (09/06/07)  [View]

Are you studying Arts Commerce or Law    (06/06/07)  [View]

ITS Notification: Trojan Computer Virus     (15/06/07)  [View]

Scheduled IT Outage: Friday 1 June 2007    (02/06/07)  [View]


International Week - Student Positions     (21/05/07)  [View]

Mental Health Symposium    (19/05/07)  [View]

Autumn Prov Exam Timetable Released    (22/06/07)  [View]


Illawarra Graduate Careers Fair 2007    (11/05/07)  [View]

Grad Dip in Legal Practice Info Session    (11/05/07)  [View]


APPLICATIONS CLOSE THIS FRIDAY -Grad    (11/05/07)  [View]


SOLS Unavailable Friday 4th May    (05/05/07)  [View]

Apply to Graduate Now    (11/05/07)  [View]

UOW Email services back approx 6pm    (30/04/07)  [View]

Email Outage this Sunday 2pm - 5pm    (30/04/07)  [View]

Apply for Funding - Community Engagement    (28/04/07)  [View]

UniCentre 2006 Annual Report and AGM    (27/04/07)  [View]

Security Message    (22/04/07)  [View]

Adventure Leadership Opportunity    (27/04/07)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Fri 13th April    (14/04/07)  [View]

Intake A Final Exam Timetable Released    (06/04/07)  [View]

Fees are due 31 March 2007    (06/04/07)  [View]

Start the Graduate Jobsearch    (05/04/07)  [View]

National Careers Fair 2007    (05/04/07)  [View]

International Exchange Fair    (28/03/07)  [View]

Feedback on Student Conduct Rules     (28/03/07)  [View]

Autumn session census date is 31 March    (06/04/07)  [View]

Orientation survey    (23/03/07)  [View]

elearning space Vista unavailable 11pm    (22/03/07)  [View]

APPLY TO GRADUATE NOW    (11/05/07)  [View]

DIETITIAN NOW ON CAMPUS    (31/03/07)  [View]


Student Conduct Rules WORKSHOP    (22/03/07)  [View]

AUTUMN 2007 ORIENTATION SURVEY    (17/03/07)  [View]

APPLY NOW TO GRADUATE    (11/05/07)  [View]

Leadership Program Last Call    (10/03/07)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Fri 9th March    (10/03/07)  [View]

2007 Parking    (03/03/07)  [View]

ORIENTATION WEEK 2007    (02/03/07)  [View]

Intake A Exams PROVISIONAL Timetable     (01/03/07)  [View]

CCS Subject Code Prefix change to MACS    (23/02/07)  [View]

Change of Venue for Int Orientation     (23/02/07)  [View]

Apply for Black Opal program    (23/02/07)  [View]

UniCentre O-Week Festival 21 and 22 Feb    (23/02/07)  [View]

VISTA - WebCT Outage From Fri 16th Feb    (19/02/07)  [View]


SOLS Unavailable Sat 10th February    (11/02/07)  [View]

Upgraded WebMail Interface    (07/02/07)  [View]

International Exchange Program Deadlines    (01/02/07)  [View]



EdStart Application Forms Now Available    (26/01/07)  [View]

Black Opal Coordinators Needed    (27/01/07)  [View]

UniCentre O-Week Festival 21 to 22 Feb    (23/02/07)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Sat 20th January    (21/01/07)  [View]


RE-ENROLMENT OPEN NOV 27 to JAN 28    (29/01/07)  [View]

Tell us about your Student Experience    (31/12/06)  [View]

CCS Subject Code Prefix change to MACS    (31/12/06)  [View]

New SPAM mechanism: Junk Mail Manager    (25/12/06)  [View]

SUMMER SESSION FEES DUE MON DEC 18     (19/12/06)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Sat 16th December    (17/12/06)  [View]


SOLS Unavailable Thurs 7th December    (08/12/06)  [View]

Online Learning Access difficulties    (08/12/06)  [View]


Online Learning Access Difficulties    (06/12/06)  [View]

WebCT Vista Outage - 29Nov to 2Dec    (03/12/06)  [View]

SUMMER SESSION STARTS SOON    (08/12/06)  [View]

Spring Results now available on SOLS    (30/11/06)  [View]

External internet connection down    (29/11/06)  [View]


Summer Session enrolments open 7 October    (04/12/06)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Sat 18th November    (19/11/06)  [View]

Vista Unavailable 18 Nov to 21 Nov    (23/11/06)  [View]


Subject Evaluation Survey    (10/11/06)  [View]

Nominations due for Robert Hope Prize    (10/11/06)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Thurs 2nd November    (03/11/06)  [View]

Chancellor Robert Hope Prize    (10/11/06)  [View]

Nominate Your Teacher For An Award    (16/10/06)  [View]

Grad Dip in Legal Practice Info Session    (12/10/06)  [View]


SOLS Unavailable Thurs 5th Oct    (06/10/06)  [View]



LAST DAY TO APPLY TO GRADUATE    (30/09/06)  [View]


APPLY TO GRADUATE NOW    (29/09/06)  [View]

Subject Evaluation Survey    (10/10/06)  [View]

Student Academic Consideration Policy    (27/09/06)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Sat 23rd September    (24/09/06)  [View]

Chancellor Robert Hope Memorial Prize    (10/11/06)  [View]

Green team project at UOW    (15/09/06)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Thurs 7th September    (08/09/06)  [View]

Student Academic Consideration Draft    (27/09/06)  [View]

Postgraduate Information Evening    (06/09/06)  [View]



UniCentre Poetry Competition    (05/09/06)  [View]

FEES DEADLINE THURSDAY 31 AUGUST     (05/09/06)  [View]

Suicide awareness workshop    (01/09/06)  [View]

Creative Arts Lunchtime Info Session    (31/08/06)  [View]

UniCentre Elections now open    (30/08/06)  [View]

Education Fair 2006 - 23 August    (24/08/06)  [View]

UniCentre Elections now open    (26/08/06)  [View]

UniCentre Board of Directors Election    (20/08/06)  [View]

Spring session census date is 31 August    (02/09/06)  [View]

Subject Evaluation Survey winners    (15/08/06)  [View]

Subject Evaluation Survey winners    (15/09/06)  [View]

Subject Evaluation Survey Winners    (15/09/06)  [View]

Year 12 Information Evenings    (14/08/06)  [View]

International Week    (13/08/06)  [View]

International Exchange Fair-August 9th    (10/08/06)  [View]

Interface 2006 Photography Competition    (05/08/06)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Thurs 3rd August    (04/08/06)  [View]

New International Student Webpage    (15/08/06)  [View]

Ask Me Day    (03/08/06)  [View]

Interface 2006 Photography Competition    (01/08/06)  [View]

Online Forms    (28/07/06)  [View]

Gift Voucher Winners    (28/07/06)  [View]

Health Sciences Careers Fair    (27/07/06)  [View]

Graduate Attributes Challenge    (17/07/06)  [View]

AUSSIE EXTRAVAGANZA    (15/07/06)  [View]

Applied Learning for Commerce Students    (14/07/06)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Thurs 6th July    (07/07/06)  [View]

Subject Evaluation Survey    (03/07/06)  [View]

Latest WebCT Vista Service Pack applied    (01/07/06)  [View]

Study Overseas -International Exchange    (30/06/06)  [View]

Autumn session results are now available    (30/06/06)  [View]

Postgraduate Group Leaders Needed    (30/06/06)  [View]

New International Student Webpage    (30/07/06)  [View]

Gain Work Experience- Career Services    (26/06/06)  [View]

Group Leaders-Orientation Spring 06    (23/06/06)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Sat 17th June    (18/06/06)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Thurs 1st June    (02/06/06)  [View]

WebCT access during IT Scheduled Outage    (02/06/06)  [View]

Overseas Study -International Exchange    (30/06/06)  [View]

JULY GRAD - APPS CLOSE FRI 12 MAY     (13/05/06)  [View]

Applied Learning for Commerce Students    (12/05/06)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable Thurs 11th May    (12/05/06)  [View]

JULY GRAD - APPS CLOSE FRI MAY 12    (13/05/06)  [View]


Applied Learning for Commerce Students    (11/05/06)  [View]

JULY GRAD - ONLINE APPS DUE FRI MAY 12    (13/05/06)  [View]

Ju    (13/05/06)  [View]

JULY GRAD - ONLINE APPS DUE FRI MAY 12    (13/05/06)  [View]

Illawarra Graduate Careers Fair    (27/04/06)  [View]

In Your Final Session- Apply to Graduate    (10/05/06)  [View]


SOLS Unavailable Thurs 6th April    (07/04/06)  [View]

Autumn Tuition Fees Due 31 March 2006    (04/04/06)  [View]

Get more involved in fun activities    (24/03/06)  [View]

Tuition Fees Due 31 March 2006    (04/04/06)  [View]

National Careers Fairs - 22nd March 2006    (22/03/06)  [View]

Autumn session census date is 31 March    (04/04/06)  [View]

Get more involved in fun activities    (20/03/06)  [View]

STUDENT CENTRAL - NEW LOCATION    (15/03/06)  [View]

FREE CD FOR STUDENTS    (11/03/06)  [View]

Ask Me Days    (10/03/06)  [View]

Planned System Outage 9th March    (10/03/06)  [View]

Gift voucher winners    (08/03/06)  [View]

Amazing Student Leadership Opportunity    (03/03/06)  [View]

Compulsory Serv Charges due Mon 27 Feb    (01/03/06)  [View]

UniCentre Membership Changes affect all     (27/02/06)  [View]

2006 Handbook now available    (23/02/06)  [View]

DIMIA Information session THURS FEB 16th    (16/02/06)  [View]

Intake A census date is 13 February 2006    (14/02/06)  [View]

STUDENT CENTRAL - NEW LOCATION    (15/03/06)  [View]

Sat 11-2-2006 SOLS Unavailable    (12/02/06)  [View]

STUDENT CENTRAL - NEW LOCATION     (15/03/06)  [View]

First Year Leadership Program- Apply Now    (10/02/06)  [View]



RE-ENROLMENT DEC 5 - JAN 29    (29/01/06)  [View]

Education group Leaders required    (23/01/06)  [View]

NETWORK OUTAGE THURS 6 pm to 10 pm     (12/01/06)  [View]

UNIVERSITY CLOSED Dec 26 to Jan 2    (03/01/06)  [View]

Latest edition of Student Matters    (23/12/05)  [View]

SOLS unavailable 17-12-2005 9am to 5pm    (18/12/05)  [View]

Black Opal Facilitators Wanted for 2006    (17/12/05)  [View]

Graduation - Ceremony Dates    (17/12/05)  [View]

Group Leaders - Orientation Autumn 06    (14/01/06)  [View]

Summer Session Census date 12 December    (13/12/05)  [View]

Summer session census date is 12 Decembe    (13/12/05)  [View]


IT services maintenance - 26 November 05    (27/11/05)  [View]


Spring Session Results Released    (25/11/05)  [View]

Join SIFE    (19/11/05)  [View]

Honours Scholarships    (16/11/05)  [View]

Nominations open for Robert Hope Medal    (12/11/05)  [View]

Share your opinion - WIN an Apple iPod    (12/11/05)  [View]

Subject Evaluation Surveys    (11/11/05)  [View]

ARE YOU IN BREACH OF IT POLICIES    (01/12/05)  [View]

University Council Elections    (01/11/05)  [View]

MENINGOCOCCAL ALERT     (14/11/05)  [View]


Student Matters - September 2005 issue    (30/11/05)  [View]

Scheduled System Outage - 14 October 05    (15/10/05)  [View]

Scheduled System Outage - 14 October 05    (15/10/05)  [View]

Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice    (13/10/05)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable today from 17:00-17:15    (12/10/05)  [View]

IT services maintenance - 14 October 05    (15/10/05)  [View]

Nominate your teacher for an award    (07/10/05)  [View]


Apply NOW to Graduate Via SOLS    (01/10/05)  [View]

New CityRail Timetable    (01/10/05)  [View]

IT services maintenance -24 September 05    (25/09/05)  [View]

IT services maintenance-24 September 05    (25/09/05)  [View]

IT services maintenance-24 September 05    (25/09/05)  [View]

Elections for WUSA and Academic Senate    (23/09/05)  [View]

NSW Bike Week    (23/09/05)  [View]

Student Matters - July 2005 Newsletter    (20/09/05)  [View]

Faculty of Arts - Thinking of honours    (15/09/05)  [View]

International Week - 5-9 September 2005    (09/09/05)  [View]

INTERNATIONAL WEEK SEPT 5 - 9     (09/09/05)  [View]

Interested in the Rhodes Scholarship     (07/09/05)  [View]

Creative Arts PG and Hons Info Session    (01/09/05)  [View]

SPRING TUITION FEES DUE WED AUG 31    (01/09/05)  [View]

Postgraduate Information Evening    (31/08/05)  [View]

SPRING FEES DEADLINES - WED AUG 31    (01/09/05)  [View]

UniCentre Board of Directors Election    (27/08/05)  [View]

UOW - Ranked No 1 in Teaching     (02/09/05)  [View]

Education Fair 2005    (25/08/05)  [View]

INTL WEEK PHOTO COMPETITION     (25/08/05)  [View]

UOW - Ranked No 1 in Teaching     (02/09/05)  [View]

International Week - 5-9 September 2005    (10/09/05)  [View]

UniCentre Annual Dinner - 16 September    (17/09/05)  [View]

Creative Arts PG and Hons Info Session    (02/09/05)  [View]

Interested in the Rhodes Scholarship    (01/09/05)  [View]

Student Matters - July issue    (20/08/05)  [View]

ANOTHER FIVE - STAR RATING FOR UOW    (15/08/05)  [View]

GradDipEd in 2006    (13/08/05)  [View]

Ask Me - Day    (04/08/05)  [View]

Healthy living forum    (02/08/05)  [View]

Western Carpark - Changes to Access    (30/07/05)  [View]

Interview Employers and WIN Prizes    (19/07/05)  [View]


Group Leaders- commerce informatics     (06/07/05)  [View]

Exam Results Now Available on SOLS    (02/06/05)  [View]

Look out - Meningococcal is about    (30/06/05)  [View]

School of Accounting and Finance    (13/08/05)  [View]

IT services maintenance- 25 June 2005    (26/06/05)  [View]

Centrelink Payment Information    (24/06/05)  [View]

Group Leaders Urgently Needed    (05/07/05)  [View]

Campus Watch Alert - Incident Botanical     (17/06/05)  [View]

SOLSMail and Subject Review Survey    (04/06/05)  [View]

Student Matters - April 2005 newsletter    (04/06/05)  [View]

Alternative WebCT Access during Outage    (29/05/05)  [View]

SOLS Outage 28th May between 9am and 1pm    (29/05/05)  [View]

Robert Hope Prize - 2005    (28/05/05)  [View]

Alternative WebCT Access during Outage    (29/05/05)  [View]

SOLS Outage 16th May from 17:15 to 18:00    (17/05/05)  [View]

Spring Session 2005 Permit Reservation    (27/06/05)  [View]

GradDipEd in 2006    (14/05/05)  [View]

ITS - urgent maintenance    (11/05/05)  [View]

SOLS - Urgent System maintenance    (11/05/05)  [View]

Positive Parenting Forum    (11/05/05)  [View]

Apply to Graduate NOW for July 2005    (07/05/05)  [View]

IT Services -scheduled maintenance 6 May    (07/05/05)  [View]

Postgraduate applications for spring 05    (06/05/05)  [View]

Changes to Minimum Rate of Progress    (06/05/05)  [View]

Are you in breach of UOW IT policies    (31/04/05)  [View]

GradDipEd in 2006    (29/04/05)  [View]

UOW - Exchange Week    (16/04/05)  [View]

ITS test again please ignore    (14/04/05)  [View]

ITS test please ignore    (14/04/05)  [View]

Graduate Options in the Illawarra    (13/04/05)  [View]

Congratulations and Thank You    (14/04/05)  [View]

Student Matters    (22/04/05)  [View]

Project Challenge Adventure Expedition    (29/04/05)  [View]

SOLS Unavailable 1st April 17:00-21:00    (02/04/05)  [View]

IT Scheduled Maintenance Fri 1st April    (02/04/05)  [View]

Over 50 Employers at Careers Fair 24-3    (26/03/05)  [View]

WIN the last MISSY HIGGINS tickets    (18/03/05)  [View]

WebCT is currently unavailable    (11/03/05)  [View]

Free Lecture on the Indonesian Tsunami    (22/04/05)  [View]

Final Year - grad jobs close soon    (29/04/05)  [View]

Ask Me - Days    (11/03/05)  [View]

Internet Payments currently unavailable    (16/02/05)  [View]

Internet payments unavailable tonight    (16/02/05)  [View]

IT services scheduled outage Sat 19 Feb    (20/02/05)  [View]

Revised Rules for Student Conduct    (28/02/05)  [View]

Leadership Program for First Yr Students    (28/02/07)  [View]

Extended hours for Student Enquiries    (05/03/05)  [View]

Complete the Student Survey and WIN    (28/02/05)  [View]

Alcohol and your personal safety    (28/02/05)  [View]

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