Medical and Exercise Sciences

Medical and Health Sciences, and Exercise Science & Rehabilitation are associated with health professions within the medical research and clinical health fields. Medical and health scientists play an important role within the medical research and clinical health fields in both private industry and hospital settings. Using the scientific bases of human structure, function and health, medical and health scientists are involved in unravelling the causes of disease, as well as the development of diagnostic tools, development of therapies, treatments and health services. 

Exercise scientists look at the effect of exercise on human performance. They design, implement and evaluate exercise and physical activity for a wide variety of people, from athletes to the general community and elderly. They provide programs for improving general health, the prevention of chronic diseases, health promotion and enhanced sports performance. Exercise rehabilitation (Exercise Physiologists) is specifically concerned with restoring good health and physical capability to people after illness or injury, or improving quality of life and managing physical function in people with chronic disease and physical disabilities. Accredited exercise physiologists are allied health professionals who specialise in the delivery of exercise for the prevention and management of chronic diseases and injuries. 

Football breast injuries taking a toll but available protection is often unsuitable

Associate Professor Deirdre McGhee from the University of Wollongong specialises in breast health and biomechanics and recently finished a four-year study into breast injuries in women's sport.

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