Shoalhaven Campus

About Shoalhaven Campus

Students studying medicine at UOW will receive a broad based education with a focus on rural medicine, with the skills and ability to practice in any geographic setting. You will also have the choice to study either at the Wollongong campus or at UOW’s Shoalhaven Campus.

At the Shoalhaven Campus of the GM there is equivalence of educational resources, availability of teachers and placements with local doctors and the Shoalhaven District Hospital.

Utilising state of the art video conferencing facilities the GM is able to provide a highly interactive learning environment for its students. This environment allows for two way communication between students and lecturers at either campus and combined with a cutting edge clinical skills laboratory and other educational delivery methods allows for a media rich learning experience.

The curriculum of the University of Wollongong's Graduate Medicine has a regional, rural and remote theme and that's part of the feeling you get when you come to Nowra to visit the Shoalhaven Campus.

UOW’s Shoalhaven Campus is located at Nowra, approximately 60 minutes drive south of Wollongong. Nowra is the main rural centre in the Shoalhaven, an area famous for its beautiful coastline and beaches, rivers, lakes and rolling green farmland. We would be happy to show you around and answer your questions. In addition, look around the Shoalhaven at the natural beauty of the river, Jervis Bay and the National Parks.

The Shoalhaven Campus may well be more of what you are looking for. Contact Lyndal Parker-Newlyn at or Leanne Betts at 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When will I have to make the decision to go to Shoalhaven or Wollongong?

    If you receive an invitation for interview, you will be sent a campus allocation form. This form shows us your decision about where you wish to study. This form must be completed and returned on the day of your interview.

  2. Won't the opportunities and training be better at the Wollongong campus?

    No, the course has been carefully planned to allocate resources and teaching equally across both campuses. But there are differences; Wollongong is a much bigger campus in a much bigger city, Shoalhaven is a smaller, more personal place in a country town, possibly not unlike your home town. But for all the differences, you will still be studying the same MD degree at the Graduate Medicine, University of Wollongong.

  3. Once the choice is made, can I change my mind?

    No, only in exceptional cases can students be considered for transfer, so think about it carefully.

  4. What library facilities are available at Shoalhaven?

    The library will stock the same text books and other medical literature as at the Wollongong campus.

  5. What about student accommodation?

    There is none on campus but there is a student accommodation service to help you track down flats and rooms to rent in and around Nowra. A single room with a family can be found for $130 pw, a 2 or 3 bedroom house costs $300-450 pw.

  6. Getting about, do I need a car?

    The campus is on the edge of town, the hospital is in town and most of the doctors where you will do “placements” are in town. A bike would work, as would a car-pool but our guess is that most students will own a car.

  7. Does the Shoalhaven have more than one cinema?

    Yes….a deli and cafes? Yes….pubs? Yes….rowing club on the river? Yes…, beaches, swimming, bike riding, good schools and great lifestyle? Yes!….and traffic and pollution? Less than most!