Pregnancy and Early Infancy

Pregnancy and early infancy are critical times for physical, cognitive, social and emotional health for both women and infants. Although a range of policies, programs, services and models of care are in place to make sure that the right health services are available for women and their babies, women with premature or sick babies, diabetes, mental health issues and high BMIs continue to face poor health outcomes.  For example, 96% of Australian women initiate breastfeeding as the best food for their infants; however, less than half of them continue any breastfeeding up to six months after birth. These numbers are much lower for women and infants with high risk factors. This is partially due to lack of accessibility to reliable and continuous education and support which is specifically tailored for women and infants with special conditions.

Providing sensitive health care that is tailored for women and their infants with different needs remains crucially important. Researchers in this theme focus on infant feeding, promotion of breastfeeding, and improving maternal health during pregnancy.

Theme Leader

Dr Shahla Meedya (SON)

Theme members

Research students:

  • Ms Linda Days (PhD)
  • Ms Leanne Cummings (PhD)
  • Ms Alaa Almutabgi (PhD)
  • Ms Salam Alahmed (PhD)
  • Ms Marie Martino (BN Hons)
  • Ms Elena Regan (BND Hons)
  • Ms Georgia Stewart (MND)
  • Ms Hannah Christie (PhD)
  • Mrs Beenu Bastian (PhD)
  • Ms Abby Cicognani (BND Hons)

External partners

  • Khin Win (EIS)