Culturally and linguistically diverse communities

Australia is a vibrant, multicultural society with 29.7 % of the population born overseas as at June 2019 (ABS, 2020).  People from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds often experience numerous barriers in accessing and utilising the health care system, including language barriers, cultural differences in health care expectations, misunderstanding of the Australian health care system and care services that are available.  Providing culturally sensitive health care to improve the health of CALD communities requires research to better understand cultural differences in approaches to health care service, the role of ethnicity or migration experience in disease risk, and attitudes towards care of CALD populations.  HIRC researchers in this theme come from a wide range of disciplines and address issues related to heart disease, cancer, dementia, other chronic diseases and health service utilisation among CALD communities.

Theme leader: Professor Ritin Fernandez (School of Nursing)


External collaborators/partners

  • Dr Alabara Alomari (Western Sydney University)
  • Ms Heidi Lord (St. George hospital)
  • Ms Seeham Gergis (St.George hospital)