HDR opportunities in SMAH

Currently advertised HDR opportunities in SMAH

School of Chemistry and Molecular Bioscience

Bionformatics in Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma Phd Scholarship

Our group is working to decipher the driver mutations and molecular pathways that promote metastasis in cSCC using a multi-Omics (whole genome/transcriptome/methylome) approach. This information will also be used to facilitate the stratification of potential clinically important genes (biomarkers) as predictors of metastatic potential in primary cSCC and identify potential new therapeutic targets. This PhD project will provide the opportunity for a student to work on the integration and analysis of the multi-omics dataset being generated by the group. The student will join a collaborative team of clinicians and molecular and bioinformatics scientists exploring cSCC from the Sydney Head Neck Cancer Institute and at the National Cancer Centre Singapore.

Closing deadline: open until filled

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Defining the early-life stress psychiatric subtype at single-cell resolution

Students are invited to apply for a Doctor of Philosophy Scholarship in Neuroscience (neurogenetics, molecular neurobiology and cellular neuroscience) in the project “Defining the early-life stress psychiatric subtype at single-cell resolution”.

The specific aims of the project are to uncover the lasting changes in brain cellular architecture following early life stress, to define the molecular changes caused by early life stress and their spatial distribution, and to identify cell-types and sub-anatomical brain areas impacted by early life stress. While we focus on postmortem brain tissues, there is the possibility to integrate other approaches through our many collaborators. From a methods perspective, the project is unique in that it combines sequencing and bioinformatics approaches, combined with traditional histological methods.

Closing deadline: Open until the position is filled, however we will be aiming to fill the position to commence in Session 1, 2022.