Solar UV/Vis

Solar UV/Vis Capabilities

We make spectrally resolved measurements of both global and direct beam irradiance in the visible and UV, as well as MAX-DOAS scattered light measurements.

Contact: A/Prof Stephen Wilson

Global UV measurements based on a scanning monochromator system located at Cape Grim have been operating since 2000. This system is being replaced by systems based on a small diode array spectrometer and filters developed primarily by the Bureau of Meteorology.

Global UV measurements

Direct beam measurements include fixed wavelength sunphotometers for measuring Aerosol Optical Depth (in conjunction with the network operated by the Bureau of Meteorology). We also have spectrally resolved measurements which are used for atmospheric trace gas measurements.

Direct Beam AOD measurements

MAX-DOAS measurements, which measure scattered sun light to determine the vertical distribution of trace gases are currently operating in both Cape Grim, Tasmania and at the University of Wollongong. One system will also be available for campaign work when needed.

MAX DOAS measurements