Student Academic Consideration

Student Academic Consideration

Applying for Academic Consideration in Graduate School of Medicine (GSM)

The purpose of the Student Academic Consideration Policy is to enable student requests for academic consideration for specific assessment tasks, examinations, or academic progress in a subject relevant to their course of study to be evaluated in a fair, reasonable, timely and consistent manner throughout the University.

Academic consideration is only granted in serious or extenuating circumstances, most of which are beyond a student’s control and which significantly impair a student’s ability to complete an assessment task on or by the due date as stipulated in the Subject Outline or to progress academically in a subject relevant to their course of study.

Academic consideration is not intended to excuse students from meeting their responsibilities as outlined in the Student Charter, or to accommodate those common occurrences which interfere with daily life. Students who need assistance with study skills, essay writing or time management should contact Student Services.

In GSM, students must use SOLS to apply for Academic Consideration (AC) when it is related to an assessment task and academic progress (e.g. assignments, examinations, clinical competency, clinical placement):

Reasons may include:

  • Medical
  • Compassionate
  • Extenuating circumstances (carers, religious, legal, accidents, elite sporting)

This should be done in advance of due date (unless exceptional, e.g. in hospital) through SOLS with the addition of supporting documentation (processed either through UOW or Shoalhaven campus).

For a detailed explanation of the process in applying for Academic Consideration in each Phase, please read the relevant policy:

When Academic Consideration involves absence from classes, clearly outline the time away from class, and a plan of how these tasks can be completed in a timely manner. This should be discussed with the relevant academic contact. Should the absence involve missing Clinical Experience, please read “Making up missed clinical experience” in conjunction with the appropriate Phase policy (see Policies and Procedures @ GSM).

Academic consideration requests will be assessed by:

  • Phases 1, 2, 3 & 4: Head of Students Graduate School of Medicine - Dr. Darryl McAndrew (in consultation with Phase Chairs and relevant staff)

Absence requests outside the scope of the AC Policy (i.e. presentation at a medical conference or significant clinical education experience) will be considered on an individual basis and will only be approved in exceptional circumstances. If students have a strong / exceptional case for absence (which falls outside the UOW SAC Policy), e-mail the relevant person above with details of your request.

Students MUST make up required activities at a time convenient to GSM.

Further information on the University's policy and processes for applying for Academic consideration can be found at: Student Academic Consideration - Policy Directory @ UOW