Clinical experience - paid employment

Paid employment of students within Host Organisation, in which the student has or is undertaking clinical experience

  1. Unless an Authorised Officer^ of the University consents, students on student professional experience programs should not be offered or accept any paid employment within the Host Organisation in which the student has or is undertaking clinical experience
  2. Applications must be in writing, giving details of the tenure and directed to the Chair of the relevant Phase Committee

^ Authorised Officer – Chair of the relevant Phase Committee


The above is an extract from the draft University of Wollongong Code of Conduct Professional Experience, to be implemented in 2010.

The process for GSM students will be:

  • If you are employed in an Organisation in which you have/are doing clinical placement, email the Chair of the Phase you are currently in with the details.
  • The Phase Chair will respond to your email and a copy of this will be placed in your student file.
  • You only need to complete this process once, not each year, unless your employment situation changes to a different role or a different Host Organisation.
  • We acknowledge that many GSM students work in Host Organisations. We envisage that it will only be in exceptional circumstances that GSM may advise against or prohibit employment. In line with University policy should such a situation arise students have the right to appeal the decision.