Our research students are fundamental to the success of the Sustainable Buildings Research Centre. We welcome applications from prospective research students wanting to undertake a PhD or Masters by Research in the area of sustainability and innovation. For further information on academic opportunities or guidance about possible project areas and supervisors please contact us.

Current Research Students

Steven Beltrame Thermal and Ventilation Performance of Existing and New-Build Mid-Rise Apartment Buildings Paul CooperZhenjun Ma 2016-2019
Clayton McDowell Development of Evaluation Methods for the Effectiveness of Retrotits in Residential Buildings Georgios KokogiannakisPaul Cooper 2014-2019
Yeganeh Baghi Delivering innovation in engineering as part of the Solar Decathlon. Duane RobinsonZhenjun Ma 2017-2020
Brendan Banfield  Optimal Energy Management and Demand Response Strategies for Net Zero Energy Homes and Precincts Duane RobinsonAshish Agalgaonkar 2017-2020
Ahmed Al-Bdoor Development and optimisation of an enthalpy recovery ventilation system Zhenjun MaPaul Cooper 2016-2020
Jacqueline Thim Thermal behavior of the “Desert Rose House 2018” in a defined climatic zone depending on varied wall and roof constructions Tim McCarthy, Paul CooperEmma Heffernan 2017-2020
Anneleise Carratt Develop Building Energy Modelling Techniques to Optimise Energy Retrofit Measures in Residential Buildings Georgios KokogiannakisDaniel Daly 2018-2021
Jingjing Liu Membrane-based desiccant cooling and dehumidification Zhenjun MaFaisal Hai 2018-2022
Muhammad Bilal Awan Smart Energy System Modelling for Commercial and Residential Buildings Zhenjun Ma, Zhixiong Li 2019-2022
Vivian Pham Moisture in vulnerable households: an interdisciplinary approach Paul Cooper 2017-2020
Herath Jayawardana Optimised and Cost Effective Operation of Microgrids Duane Robinson, MF  
Edward Smith Cooperative Strategies for Improving Power Quality, Utilisation and Resilience in Operation and Control of Microgrids Duane Robinson 2016-
Darmawardana, Dilini High Frequency Harmonics in Distribution Networks Duane Robinson  
Dissawe Mudiyanselage, Lasanthika Collaborative Operation of Solar Photovoltaic and Wind Generation in Virtual Power Plant Environment by Improving Predictability. Duane Robinson 2016-
Tuan Vu Harmonic Allocation to Major Loads in Transmission Systems Duane RobinsonSarath Perera 2012-
Raed Abdelqader Modelling of Power Quality Disturbances for Improved Mitigation Techniques Duane Robinson 2015-
Samadhi Korale Liyanage Development of high Fidelity models for large scale solar energy generating systems Duane Robinson 2018-2021
Nicholas Franklin Comparison and assessment of Cold-Formed Steel construction methods for Australian mid-rise apartment structures through the use of Building information Modelling Tim McCarthyLip TehEmma Heffernan 2016-2019
Kehua Li Evaluation of university buildings energy performance using data mining techniques Zhenjun MaDuane Robinson 2016-2020
Haoshan Ren A Solar Assisted Internally Heated Regenerator for Liquid Desiccant Dehumidification Systems Zhenjun MaWeihua Li 2016-2020

There is a range of Higher Degree Research (HDR) scholarships and awards available for eligible full-time HDR research students at UOW.